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The Polar Academy, 2020

The next ten months will see our Polar Academy’s twenty strong Leadership and Expedition teams pulling together the 2020 expedition to Greenland.  The teams will be training hard, getting involved with fundraising and having lots of adventures!

We hope that you will be able to support the teams along the way, and we look forward to sharing our journey with you over the coming months.

Leadership Team
Louis Allison Finch, Lara Burdett, Rachel Murray, Robbie Williams, Charlotte Youngson, Stephanie Birrell, Jorja Darlington, Boo Scott, Bryce Tyndall, Kayleigh Yorke and Mr N. Duncan.

Expedition Team
Leah Graham, Emily Birrell, Eve Gill, Molly Turnbull, Molly Poolman, Sophie Blair, Lauren Calley, Ember Davidson, Blair MacDougall, Christian Smurthwaite and Mrs K. Simcock.

The Polar Academy Team

Young Ambassadors appointed

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the pupils who were appointed as Young Ambassadors, with many others now forming part of the Young Leadership Pathway’s team.

Young Ambassadors
Emily Nicolson, Findlay Baillie, James Collins, Kate Mountain, Michael Sanderson, Isla Lorimer, Rosie Jeffrey and Inver Petrie.

Young Leadership Pathway’s team
Ellie Linton, Innes Hegg, Stephanie Laing, Bethan Norton, Corran Thomas, Isla Howie. Finn Goldie, Rory Blake, Samantha Honeyman and Aimee Williamson.

We look forward to the working with both teams next session.

Ms J. Whittet
[Active Schools Coordinator]

Young Leadership Pathway

The school has now opened the application process to appoint Ambassadors and Young Leaders to a number of roles within the school.  Young Leaders and Ambassadors will have the opportunity to:

  • Act as deliverers/coaches,
  • technical officials,
  • event/competition organisers,
  • data collection,
  • decision-makers
  • and/or cluster sport stars.

Please contact Ms J. Whittet, Active Schools Co-ordinator, if you are interested in being considered for the above roles.

Applications must be submitted by Friday, 7th June using the link and form below.

Young Leadership Pathways (presentation)
Leadership Programme application
Leadership Programme application form (paper)