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S1 Excellent Projects

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Our S1 pupils have been working hard on their Excellent Projects for a few months now.  The creative responses to the books read by the pupils have been incredible – there are some really imaginative pieces.

Visitors to the school can view some of the projects in the LRC.

Book amnesty

Do you have a class textbook lurking in your house?  Do you keep meaning to drop books off to your teachers or the LRC?

The subject faculties and LRC are asking all pupils in S4, S5 and S6 to return books belonging to the school.  Staff are preparing resources for the change of timetable in June and need to have all the books – textbooks, class texts, library books etc. –  ready for use with the new classes.

In particular, all books used for National 5 and Higher courses should be returned as a matter of urgency.  Books, class textbooks and LRC books, can be dropped off to the LRC or English Faculty during the Induction Day on Friday, 31st May.

Many thanks for your support.

Images from Creative Commons.

Novel comes to life!

The Rev. Dr Ken Jeffrey was invited into the school by the English Faculty to talk about his time volunteering in Peru.  The visit was set up to enable S2 pupils to explore the themes and setting of the class novel, “Trash”.

The Rev. Jeffrey was able to talk to the pupils about what it is like for people living on the rubbish dumps and on the streets, and the work being done to find homes for the street children in Peru.

A fascinating talk which really brought the novel to life!

A big ‘thank you’ to the Rev. Jeffrey for coming into the school and sharing his experiences with our pupils.

“All my sons” Dundee Rep visit

A very happy coachload of 50 S3-S6 Drama and English pupils returned from the theatre this week night buzzing about the great production of the classic Arthur Miller play “All my sons”.

It’s a play with huge themes and even though there were some confused faces at times, everyone agreed that the performances were extremely powerful, the design was original and effective and the climax was so powerful – the whole audience were in total silence until the applause erupted.

The post war atmosphere was cleverly created through neutral colours which looked like a sepia photograph, the threat of a prison sentence was suggested through fencing and bare trees and there was even a real rainstorm!

It was beautifully acted and directed and so all the pupils could see how a text can really come to life on stage.  I am sure there are now some new fans of Arthur Miller and Dundee Rep Company!

Ms K. McGladdery
[CL Tier 2, Expressive Arts]

Literacy – S1 Parents’ Evening

On the back of conversations which staff had with parents at the S1 Parents’ Evening, the LRC and English Faculty thought it would be useful to share some of the tips and reading suggestions which were discussed/displayed last night (Thursday).

We would also like to take the opportunity to ‘thank’ everyone who took the time to share their favourite books with us – there will be a display around the school in the new year.

Supporting reading for pleasure
Becoming more confident readers [advice from our pupils]
Encouraging reading for pleasure [advice from our pupils]
Encouraging reading for pleasure [advice from our staff]

Reading suggestions
S1 reading suggestions, 1
S1 reading suggestions, 2

We hope you find the information useful.  You can follow us on Twitter @BBHS_Literacy for more literacy – reading, writing, digital, listening and talking – resources.