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Madras College’s Careers Convention

Madras College’s annual careers convention takes place on:

Date: Tuesday, 30th January
Time: from 1700 to 1830.
Target: All pupils in S5/6 are invited to attend.  Parents are also welcome.
Format: Drop-in sessions
Venue: Madras College, South Street, St Andrews KY16 9EJ

Most of the Scottish universities along with local FE colleges, Skills Development Scotland, employers and training providers will be present and able to provide information and advice for pupils and parents regarding next steps.

The careers convention is a very valuable event for pupils looking to ask important questions about their future.  Please do not hesitate to contact Mr N. Duncan, Principal Teacher Employability, should you have any queries.

Summative Assessment – Pupil Information

A Groupcall message has been sent out to the parents/carers of all S4-S6 pupils today regarding the protocols in place for the Summative Assessments: see below.

Protocols for pupils:

  • Ensure that you know the location and time of each assessment: Summative Assessment timetable, Session 2017-18.
  • Make sure you arrive in good time for each assessment (at least 10 minutes before the start of the exam).
  • Ensure bags are left in designated areas: Chief Invigilator will provide this information.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off and left in bags.
  • Pupils must sit in assigned seat if this has been allocated to you.  Please note, some subjects will allocate you a seat on arrival.
  • You will be required to remain in the hall for the full duration of the assessment unless the Chief Invigilator authorises otherwise.
  • Please bring appropriate equipment to the examination venue, e.g. black or blue pen (erasable pens must not be used),  ruler, calculator, dictionary (where permitted).
  • Listen carefully to any special instructions issued by the invigilator.
  • Complete all rough working on examination booklet or paper provided for the purpose.
  • Pupils must return to their normal timetabled class after each assessment.
  • No assessment materials i.e. question booklets or answer booklets should be removed from the exam venue.

Younger pupils will be expected to move around the school quietly to ensure that they do not disrupt exams with excessive noise.

Finally, ‘good luck’ to everyone sitting exams over the next three to four weeks.