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Apprenticeship opportunities and job vacancies in Fife

Our partners Skills Development Scotland produce a weekly list detailing the apprenticeship opportunities and job vacancies within Fife.  Keep up to date with newly released vacancies and apprenticeships via Facebook @SDSFife.

Also, check out the school’s Employability Twitter feed to find further opportunities and information about work experience, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Modern Apprenticeship opportunities

Job vacancies

Updated on 13th May, 2019.

The GrubHub – youth information drop-in

Cupar Youth Café will be running a youth information drop-in on Tuesday’s, 3.30pm – 5.30pm.  The GrubHub will:

  • host workshops,
  • themed sessions,
  • youth information,
  • and provide a space to let young people chat to Youth Work staff.

Young people will get a free hot meal after the session, with school bus vouchers also available on request.  Please speak to the Youth Café’s staff about your travel arrangements.

Please get in touch with Cupar Youth Café for further information: see poster.

The GrubHub poster

Masterclasses w.b. 13th May

The following Masterclasses are running this week:

Monday, 13th May
All levels Physics, P1 – P7 (Physics rooms)
Higher Design & Manufacture, P1 & P2 (Room 101)
National 5 French, P3 & P4 (Room 318)

Tuesday, 14th May
All levels Physics, P1 – P6 (Physics rooms)
Higher Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 100)
Advanced H Design & Manufacture, P3 & P4 (Room 101)
National 5 Design & Manufacture, P5 & P6 (Room 109)

Wednesday, 15th May
All levels Business Management, all day (Room 200)
National 5 Accounting, P1 & P2 (Room 205)

Thursday, 16th May
Higher Accounting, P1 & P2 (Room 205)
Higher Media, all day (Room 204)

Friday, 17th May
National 5 Dance, P3 & P4 (PE)
Higher Dance, P5 & P6 (PE)
National 5 Media, all day (Room 301)
Higher Philosophy, P1 – P4 (Room 416)
National Philosophy, P1 – P4 (Room 416)

Meet more of the “Darien” cast!

We would like to introduce you to Murdo McFarlane’s wife, Elspeth, and some of her fellow travellers.  The women will be heading into the unknown as they accompany the men to the Darien Gap.

It looks like the journey and new life will bring its own challenges for all of the settlers.

Tickets are now on sale from The Byre Theatre.

Book tickets

Photograph credit: Lifetime Photography