2019 Disability Sport Fife Track & Field Championships

Our DAS pupils took part in the recent Fife Disability Track & Field Championships held at Dunfermline last Wednesday.  This is a competition  where we try to involve all of the pupils within the faculty and encourage them to participate in a minimum of two events.

The pupils produced some amazing results and won medals as follows:

Arran Howe (3 Gold – Javelin, Shot and 100m)
Sophie Coughlin (3 Gold – 50m, 100m, and 200m)
Billy Soutar (2 Gold and 1 Silver – Shot, Discus and Javelin)
Joshua Hynd-Roger (2 Gold and 1 Silver – 100m Walk, 400m Walk and Softball throw)
Thomas Quigg (2 Gold and 1 Bronze – 100m, 800m and Long jump)
Christopher Gallagher (2 Gold – 50m and Shot)
Jack Hanly (1 Gold and 2 Silver – Javelin, 800m and Shot)
Eilidh Lennox (1 Gold and 1 Silver – 50m and Softball throw)
Aaliyah Black (1 Gold – Long jump)
Kian Mallord (1 Gold – 50m)
Brendan Gordon (2 Silver and 1 Bronze – 50m 100m and Softball throw)
David Norry (1 Bronze – 50m)
Ian Fowler (4th – Softball throw)

Well done to everyone for getting involved with the event.

Thank you to all of the staff who came along to support the pupils at the competition.

Mrs F. Stewart