Archaeological dig opportunity

The school has been invited to undertake a supervised archaeological excavation on the shoulder of East Lomond on Thursday, 30th May.  The Falkland Centre for Stewardship have uncovered previously unknown and unrecorded building remains together with evidence of high status activity from the post Roman and Pictish periods – metal working and horsemanship.

This opportunity is open to 12 pupils who will be excavating in a trench from 10am – 2.30pm.  All equipment is provided, plus one of the onsite team will be available to train and jointly supervise the group.

If your child is interested in the above event, please contact me via email – – and I will send the necessary documentation to you to complete.  Replies of interest should be sent to me by Monday, 13th May.

Please check out the presentation below for further information.

East Lomond archaeological dig

Mrs S. Barbour
[CL, Tier 2, Social Studies & Citizenship]