Study Leave Masterclasses – Deadline @ 5pm on Tuesday, 16th April

Just a reminder that S4-S6 pupils only have until 5pm on Tuesday, 16th April to register their attendance for a Study Leave Masterclass – just over 24 hours to go!  Register for the Masterclasses using the link below.

The Masterclasses aim to support pupils in S4-S6 prior to the final National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams.  Pupils must sign up in advance to attend a Masterclass to allow the school to allocate the appropriate number of staff to support each session.

Please note, the Masterclass for National 5 English will now run on the 2nd May, with the sessions for National 5 and Higher Dance now having their individual slots.  Philosophy are also running a National 5 and Higher session as part of the programme.

Masterclasses – by faculty

Masterclasses – calendar format

Masterclasses – Sign up link