Study Leave Masterclasses

The school will be running a series of Masterclasses, supported study sessions, throughout Study Leave for pupils sitting National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams.  The Masterclasses will be held either one or two days prior to each of the S.Q.A. exams and aim to provide a final opportunity for pupils to receive some supported study from class teachers.

Pupils must sign up to the Masterclasses in advance so that the school can allocate the appropriate number of staff to each session.  Pupils must return their submissions, using the link below, by 5pm on Tuesday, 16th April.

Pupils must remember to wear school uniform when they attend a Masterclass as the normal school day will be in operation.

Please note, the masterclass for National 5 English session will now run on the 2nd May, with the sessions for National 5 and Higher Dance now having their individual slots.  Philosophy are also running a National 5 and Higher session as part of the programme.

Masterclasses – by faculty

Masterclasses – calendar format

Masterclasses – Sign up link