“All my sons” Dundee Rep visit

A very happy coachload of 50 S3-S6 Drama and English pupils returned from the theatre this week night buzzing about the great production of the classic Arthur Miller play “All my sons”.

It’s a play with huge themes and even though there were some confused faces at times, everyone agreed that the performances were extremely powerful, the design was original and effective and the climax was so powerful – the whole audience were in total silence until the applause erupted.

The post war atmosphere was cleverly created through neutral colours which looked like a sepia photograph, the threat of a prison sentence was suggested through fencing and bare trees and there was even a real rainstorm!

It was beautifully acted and directed and so all the pupils could see how a text can really come to life on stage.  I am sure there are now some new fans of Arthur Miller and Dundee Rep Company!

Ms K. McGladdery
[CL Tier 2, Expressive Arts]