University of Edinburgh update for S6 pupils

In a letter from Edinburgh University’s Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions, the school has been advised of the following information for S6 pupils who currently hold “Unconditional” offers from the university: see below.

“Over the next few months the University of Edinburgh will be contacting any student in S6 who has received unconditional offers to study at the University.  The purpose of this letter is to encourage students to commit fully to their S6 studies in preparation for their move to university, whether at Edinburgh or elsewhere.  Studies undertaken by the University of Edinburgh show that students who have worked hard and done well in S6 make the smoothest transition to university and get better degrees as a result.

Our assessment of an application to study at Edinburgh will have included any S6 studies and predicted grades.  If a student plans to drop any subjects in S6 that were included in their UCAS application we strongly advise them to contact us first.” [Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions]