Outstanding Academic Achievement

A number of pupils received Colours yesterday, Tuesday, in recognition of their outstanding academic success in National and Higher exams. New S5 pupils were awarded full colours having gained six ‘A’ grades at National 5, while new S6 pupils were awarded a Colours Tie in recognition of being awarded five ‘A’ grades at Higher. These are outstanding results for our pupils.

6 ‘A’s at National 5
Srutokirti Basak, Charley Clark, Bethany Dow, Lewis Draper, Esme Finnie, Sam Jeffrey, Isabel Jimenez, Beth Lindsay, Kit McCarthy, Lorna MacKenzie, Siobhan Mitchell, Angus Mitchinson, Charlotte Moffatt, James Strachan, Max Wardle, Rebecca Watson and Emma Webster.

5 ‘A’s at Higher
Hannah Braidwood, Aaron Burgess, Elizabeth Dagless, Cameron Drummond, Ruaridh Griffin, Alastair Kendall, Phoebe O’Toole, Holly Painter, Holly Roberts, Julia Savaniu, Ben Sneddon and Nicholas Van Rensburg.