I like dogs that are
Big ,tuff ,playful ,stupid
I like feeding my dogs logs


I like assassins that are
stealthy, sneaky, healthy, peaky ,
I like crashin’

Spiders !!


I hate spiders that are
hairy,scary,big and bold
I have been told there very good hiders
Spiders !!



I like art that is

fun, creative, cute, nice

I like art better than Bart



I like art that is,

Creative, Bright, Colourful, New,

Today I drew a pink love heart,




I like chinchillas that are

Cute, fuzzy,sweet,soft

I like them better than gorillas,


Visit to the climbing wall

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

On Wednesday the 29th of February P4-7 walked down to Carnegie to do rock wall climbing it was fun the p6-7 went first. While they were doing that the p4-5 got a tour round Carnegie. Then we went back to the rock wall. We had to put special shoes on. We played a game called twister. Twister was when we had to run around and the man shouted out a colour and we had to be touching that colour of rock but our feet had to be off the ground. We never had any harnesses because it was really soft floor and that was our day at the rock wall climbing.

By Leah P5

Primary 4-7 class walked down to Carnegie to do the climbing wall on Wednesday. p4&5 had the first tour of Carnegie. p6&7   went on the wall first and then they had the tour last. Then we came back to school at 3:00pm and then it was home time for school. I thought it was amazing. After having a tour of Carnegie. We had fun on the climbing wall and we had to put special shoes on and then you get to go on the wall.  We got to see the training pool and the real pool. We got to see the squash courts we got to see the badminton, tennis and the basketball courts. The tour was a good tour. It was fun and games we played twister and ben won the game. And he was the lucky one a lot of the times.

By Callum C P5

On Wednesday we went down to the climbing wall . we walked down it was tiring . When we got there p6-p7 got on first . We went on a look all around we saw a squash  court, the gym, the swimming pool and the play area .When we got back we got a shot on the wall I never fell off the first time . I went very high it was fun we went back to school we had to walk it was even harder .

By Chloe P4

Story bird

For world book day Mrs Wexelstein has signed us up for story bird. Story bird is a web site you have to sign up for and you make and book on the computer, it is a really fun website. Yesterday at school we went in partners and then one of us got our username and password. Then after we had logged in we changed our profile picture. After we changed our picture we went on and started our story bird, first we looked at the pictures that were on it then we picked a type of, picture then we started our story bird and after the teacher checked them all we got to publish them.

Here are some links to our stories:


Leah and Blaine


Aimee and Nicola

Paul and Ellie

Rachel and Kayleigh

Callum W and Deveron

Callum C and Cameron

Chloe and Josh

Danny and Lewis

Outdoor learning – nature sculptures

This week for outdoor learning we made nature sculptures.  Before we went outside we looked at art work created by environmental artists Andy Goldsworthy and Chris Drury.  We paired up with our talk partners and chose a space in the woodland area where we do our outdoor learning.  We discussed what shape we wanted to make for our scupture and set off to find some materials.  We had great fun looking for different types of twigs and branches.  Here are the scuptures we made.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]


This week as part of our Fairtrade topic we have been finding out all about chocolate.  We used Google Search and Google Images to do our research and recorded what we found on a prezi. See links below.

Kayleigh and Josh

Aimee and Cameron

Nicola and Callum C

Jamie and Danny

Chloe and Callum W

Deveron and Rachel

Ben and Lewis

Ellie and Blaine

Alex and Leah

Then we create a google map to show where the countries that are the largest exporters of cocoa are.  We also used the line tool to calculate the number of food miles that the cocoa has to travel.

Kayleigh, Josh and Kai’s Map

Ellie and Blaine’s Map

Deveron and Rachel’s Map

Ben and Lewis’s Map

Nicola and Callum C’s Map

Aimee and Cameron’s Map

Alex and Leah Map

Callum W and Chloe’s Map

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