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When i went on HOLIDAY

When I went on HOLIDAY. I went
Then I went to Blackpool to ribby hall. the pleasure beach the first ride I went on was the big one also known as the Pepsi max, irn bru,avalanche,the sponge bob water shooter & the big dipper.

my easter holidays

On the first week in the holidays I just lay in my bed with a cup of tea for like every single day of the week and with 100 chocolate bars with my new laptop on facebook. On Easter Sunday I got over ten easter eggs so I grabed all of them and hobbled into my bed. On Monday I was jumping a cross contry race at ground egals after that I couldn’t walk I was so sore.on tusday I couldn’t get up because if the pain on Wednesday I helped my dad build a shed (NEVER AGIEN) on Thursday I went out with leah and chloe me and leah fell in a mud puddle chasing lewis on Friday I went to dancing it was so funny.on Saturday I did more riding and then on Sunday I baked cakes and on Sunday I went to school 


I like the Cullens

I dont like Buffy

I like when they act sullen

I dont like when they are huffy

I like Jacob too….

I dont like the Voultouri

I like ghosts that go boo….


Big fins
They eat people
They’re just big fish
Have you been bitten before?


Colourful creativity
Happily drawing pictures
In my cool bedroom
What should l draw next?


Taste nice
They’re my favourite
They       are     the      best
Have you eaten some today?



I love dogs that
bark, growl, jump, run,
I like dogs that jump in bogs


I like dogs that are
Big ,tuff ,playful ,stupid
I like feeding my dogs logs


I like assassins that are
stealthy, sneaky, healthy, peaky ,
I like crashin’

Spiders !!


I hate spiders that are
hairy,scary,big and bold
I have been told there very good hiders
Spiders !!

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