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Quick runners
Like eating grass
Good at trotting poles
What is their favourite food?

By aimee and nicola

Pancake Pyramid Poem

So tasty
Fluffy flat Flavour
So sweet and EPIC!
Have you tried one yet?

Story bird

For world book day Mrs Wexelstein has signed us up for story bird. Story bird is a web site you have to sign up for and you make and book on the computer, it is a really fun website. Yesterday at school we went in partners and then one of us got our username and password. Then after we had logged in we changed our profile picture. After we changed our picture we went on and started our story bird, first we looked at the pictures that were on it then we picked a type of, picture then we started our story bird and after the teacher checked them all we got to publish them.

Here are some links to our stories:


Leah and Blaine


Aimee and Nicola

Paul and Ellie

Rachel and Kayleigh

Callum W and Deveron

Callum C and Cameron

Chloe and Josh

Danny and Lewis

Fairtrade research

This week we started our new topic on Fairtrade.  Most of us didn’t know what Fairtrade was so we were given a list of questions that we had to research using the internet.  With a partner we created a presentation using to show all the information we found.  We are going to plan an sharing assembly for our mums and dads to show everything we find out during our project.  You can see some of the prezi’s we made by clicking on the links below.

Ellie and Rachel

Alex and Kayleigh

Jamie and Danny

Callum W and Cameron

Paul and CallumC


I prefer the book to the film they did not look any thing like the one’s in the book.
Gill birtley bought me two books because i was brilliant and they were called the do it your self book & the last straw.
My favourite person is Rodrik & holly hills

Kung Fu Panda

Well, well, this film has surprised me. I thought the first movie was going to be better, but what a surprise I got when the movie started. Jennifer Yuh, you’ve done an amazing job with this film and I’m glad she directed the film, Well! Done!

The voices chosen could not be better, but Jack Black voicing Po (main star)
is monumentally brilliant! He’s a born actor, comedian and has one of the best voices
ever! With Jackie Chan, Angelina Julie and many other great voices you cant beat this selection.

I really enjoyed listening along with the plot, I was uneasy and on the edge of my seat at certain bits, other times I was containing my laughter for the sake of the audience. I was even about to cry at one point. I love this classic plot with a high-paced kung fu twist.

This is a perfect movie to sit down with the family and watch a great animation I love it! As a family animation it provides enough kung fu action for even the most hardcore Bruce Lee fans and enough hilarity for the best comedian.

The only flaw in the movie is the song choice, it was very hard to notice the main song especially for the younger audience.

This movie takes what the first one had and adds more spills, frills and cool kung fu butt kicking action. I’d recommend it to anyone. A top notch animation that will capture the hearts of anyone who watches it!

The hounted house

One night Kayleigh went to bed. A ghost called Deveron came in. Kayleigh went for a drink she stood on a wobbly bit of floor Deveron the ghost pushed her down the hole and ran away laughing at Kayleigh she was stuck Deveron came back after a week and filed the hole with smelly mud and then ran away. after when he came back the house had fell down and Kayleigh was dead and Deveron keped the house’s all to himself .

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda Two is an action-packed film featuring the voices of Jack Black as Po, Jackie Chan as Monkey, Lucy Lui as Viper, Angelina Jolie as Tigress and David Cross as Mantis and Dustin Hoffman as Crane. These are the most talented voice actors I’ve heard. The expression they used was fantastic.
A new main character named Shen is a peacock played by Gary Oldman and with a new super-weapon can he finally take over China and get revenge?
The plot in this story is very easy to pick up and understand from the beginning and I think director, Jennifer Yue has done a great job, especially with casting.
I found this film very interesting. It had a good back story when it comes to Po and should be very popular with children of all ages. It would be a great idea for a family outing. For most kids I think it will be very exciting.
Although there was something I found that was unclear. I could not recognize a single soundtrack throughout the whole movie! Perhaps it was thought of as unnecessary but I was a little disappointed as I would expect a recognizable song somewhere.
Overall I really enjoyed this film. I loved the quality of the animation because the artwork was so beautifully drawn. I would rate this movie four stars out of five.

Rachel Louise Wallace.

Boot Camp


 Chapter 1  

I still prefer this to Military school, having the chance to actually shoot people instead of dummies. Even thought that was my favourite subject. I laughed quietly to myself. “What’s so funny?” Charlie asked. He laughed, echoing me. Charlie was like my big brother. Well. Sometimes, it depended what mood he was in. Charlie has been here since he was eighteen. Hmm… If I joined when I was younger does that make me more experienced? “You know kiddo; your mind wanders a lot more than an average sixteen years olds.” I made a funny huff under my breath. “Shut up Charlie” I said sharply. I suppose if he’s 24 that mean he’s been here for 6 years but what about me? I can’t remember when I joined.

      I walked over to my tent that I shared with my campmates. I say mates but Charlie was the only ‘mate’ I had here.

      I shared the compact space with three older girls. But honestly I don’t think you would notice them as girls unless you saw them this often. The first was Bobby. She joined a few days after I did and I still despise her for it. She has long black hair that she ties back with a rubber band and insists she doesn’t need to wash but her size tells a different story. She is really, really big. Not in height but in width and the reason she’s here must embarrass her because she never talks about it. In fact she never talks at all. Her fist’s do enough of that. I call her blobby but after she found out she sort of got me back for it. I still call her blobby but only behind her back. I don’t even dare to say it under my breath after my broken wrist. I always wander how she can fit into her uniform.

         Shauna is quite short and so is her hair. I envied her. Her bright pink hair stuck up in spikes and looked awesome. I once sat up one night making plans on how I could take in from her and stick it on my own head with permanent glue. She was quick and light fingered. Shauna was outgoing and loud. Her look really reflects her personality. She’s friends with everyone. I suppose I did get along Shauna But that only raised my friend count to two.

        The other girl I didn’t know much about but I didn’t want to. Her head was always in a book so I never got a good look at her face. I think her name was Maggie or Megan or something like that. I thought of her as bookworm. Her medium mousey brown hair lay on her bony shoulders and flowed down past he elbow then stopped. Her round brown spectacles sat on her long nose and were a sight to see. They reminded me of a teacher from the world war. I don’t know why she’s here. She surely can’t have done anything wrong being such a goody two shoes.

     Shauna was brought here a few months ago for robbing several banks around the country and she wouldn’t stay in prison, although she very rarely got caught.

     Blobby was accused of suffocating her little brother by sitting on his head when he was sleeping. She had only been here a few weeks.

     Bookworm has been here since I arrived but I never met her properly. What could she have done to end up in place like this and for so long? I was lost in my train of thought when someone sat beside me. This was new because Charlie was the only person I liked and even Shauna didn’t dare sit close to me in front of blobby. I cocked my head to the side and it was Maggie or Moggie or Megan whatever.

     “H-hi” She stuttered. Was she afraid of me or something? I chuckled. She wouldn’t give up although I was clearly uninterested in her small talk. “I’m Samantha” Wow. I was way off. Does ‘Samantha’ even have a G in it? “’Sup” I murmured sourly. She looked at me curiously. Clearly she didn’t know what sup meant. I tried a different approach. “I’m Joe” I never used my full name. Joanna has never suited me. When he’s winding me up Charlie calls me that but he knows I can’t stand it.

     No one knows my last name from what I gathered ease dropping on staff meeting’s I was left on their door step when I was a baby. A man called Arthur looked after me and I remember him bouncing me on his knee but then the accident happened. I shook my head trying to get rid of the memory.

     She tapped my shoulder cautiously. I didn’t blame her I fought s hard as I could not to give her a piece of my mind. It reminded me of those cartoons. I felt like steam was coming out of my ears. I was about to stand up but I stubbed my toe. “Ouch” I regretted saying that word all the time. It was a sign of weakness Bookworm looked up. She asked me if I was okay but I ignored her.

.    I walked across the camp to the caravan for our daily meal. They were numbered. 1-9. Shauna, Blobby, Bookworm and I shared a caravan with number three. This was Charlie’s group. Our tent is number 6.I sat down beside Charlie at one of four tables. He looked at me as if he was expecting something. “No ‘Hi’? He asked then he sighed. “Just remembered the morning run?” He chuckled. Morning run? What morning run? Was I even there when they discussed it? Although, I did skip training last week and the week before. “Oh…da” I didn’t finish my sentence before the announcer boomed across the camp with her microphone. “All trainee’s to Main Square immediately!” I groaned. I was too tired to walk never mind run and our itchy sheet less mattresses didn’t contribute to comfort.

        Charlie rose and grinned at me. Half the time I don’t think he deserves good luck. He got to do target practice and I loved that but no, I had to run 16 miles around the Square before I could do anything exciting.

        I jogged over to the Main Square because that was the only warm up I could squeeze in. I was already late. When we started it turned into a race. I overlapped blobby and Bookworm easily but Shauna was more difficult. I ran so fast that I didn’t feel my feet touch the ground but I noticed that it wasn’t a good thing. I started to feel lightheaded.

             I tried to stop but my feet obviously never got the message. I kept running and running and although I over took Shauna I never noticed and I tripped. I closed my eyes and fell into an unnatural slumber.

             I woke up in the nurse’s office. I lay on the long white sheets of the hospital trolley. I guessed they had moved me here so I wouldn’t get in the way of the other trainee’s for their morning run. I rolled my eyes. With my luck I knew the face that would greet me and although I didn’t want to go back to sleep I didn’t want to wake up either .  I groaned. When I was little I used to fake being sick but never ever do it here. Not when I had to come here. I mean the nurses face is said to make people sick.

         Bertha is our nurse but we call her death. I know it’s kind of sad but yeah it’s true. If you saw her face you would want to die and I really did believe it I could picture her in a black cloak and a scythe.

          She had a wart on her nose like a witch. Blech…She had an anchor tattoo on her ankle and it looked like and anchor in an ocean of flabby skin it was manky.  I really tried not to open my eyes but they started to sting. I thought of her grey wig and that helped.

          But then my eyes sprung open and I breathed a sigh of relief. She was sick and I hoped she had died in a car accident or something. Okay I’ll stop but I think those things about Beefy Bertha.

           Lisa leant over me and patted my forehead with a damp cloth. “Are you okay sweetie? You took quite a tumble.” She looked worried and none of us minded that she talked to us like four year olds. I t was kind of nice after the treatment we all got from our usual nurse. I still never felt like myself when I was in the nurse’s office. I didn’t really have the confidence I usually had outside. I suppose I had a reason. I laughed to myself quietly again.

To be continued…

By Rachel

Paper Dreams

My sister, Eillie, and I absolutely loathed each other. We became closest when we were kidnapped. This is our story.

Even though I had a blind-fold on I could tell the house was abandoned as it was empty and desolate. I could tell there were cracks in the wall as cold air penetrated from them. I saw a flash of dark blonde from the bottom of my blindfold. “Ellie?” I asked blindly.Ellie pulled my blindfold off. I saw Ellies cornflower eyes. Then Danny’s fist creeping closer. “Now we know she’s alive” said Danny.
Shaking his fist. “Ouch you have a hard head!!!” “Ha-ha” I replied dryly. “Were’s Lewis?” Ellie asked worriedly. “Bathtub” replied Danny. I looked over and there was Lewis, in the bath, fully clothed and a bluish tinge was creeping up hi neck. Small icicles had formed on his lips.” He wasn’t even with us!” I said. I touched Lewis’s wrist the blood had congealed long ago. “Look” said Danny” A fire escape” Ellie was the first to leave.”Ladys first” Danny said with a gesture to the fire escape. I held my ground “go on then” I said crossing my arms. “Ha-ha not funny” said Danny. I walked forward and Ellie pulled me up. Just as I was about out…..I felt a hand on my shoe. I turned planning to give Danny a piece of my mind…but it wasn’t Danny’s hand on my foot it was the kidnapers. He slammed the fire escape shut and started taking his mask off…….

“Kayleigh?” Deveron’s voice pulled me out of my day dream. “How’s the book going?” He asked. “Okay” I said and smiled as I quickly scribbled the words The End. That night lying in my bed I couldn’t help think about how successful my book would be and I fell asleep smiling.

The End

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