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The Olympics

This week we started our project on the Olympics.  Our teacher split us into 4 teams and we each had to choose a country we wanted to represent.  The countries chosen were USA, Jamaica, Japan and Brazil.  So far this week we have been competing against one other team on Mario and Sonic at London 2012 on our class wii.

The other task our teacher set us was to research the country we had chosen and create a display in our own area. Below are the pictures of what we’ve done so far.

Fairtrade research

This week we started our new topic on Fairtrade.  Most of us didn’t know what Fairtrade was so we were given a list of questions that we had to research using the internet.  With a partner we created a presentation using to show all the information we found.  We are going to plan an sharing assembly for our mums and dads to show everything we find out during our project.  You can see some of the prezi’s we made by clicking on the links below.

Ellie and Rachel

Alex and Kayleigh

Jamie and Danny

Callum W and Cameron

Paul and CallumC

Sponsored Walk



Today we did our sponsored walk to raise money to adopt an endangered animal.  We planned the route, wrote a letter for the parents and did a risk assessment.  Here are the laps that everyone did:

Jamie 7, Kayleigh 6, Callum C 3, Aimee 7, Lewis 8, Kai 8, Ellie 6, Chloe 8, Deveron 7, Nicola 7, Danny 8, Rachel 7, Callum W 8, Josh 8, Kira 6

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the adults who came to man the route.

We will let you know in a future blog what animal we choose to adopt.



I think you’re kind

She always plays fair in a team

You are really kind and awesome

I like you because you are nice

Leah is very kind

You are kind

Kind, smart, lovable

Leah is very kind.




You’re good at football

You’re good at helping everyone

You are nice and funny

You’re funny and a good reader

You always share and encourage people

You are polite

You have a good personality

I like your personality


I love your personality

You are cool

You are kind

You try very hard

You are very kind


You help me with my reading and it’s really helpful. Thank you.

Smart, kind, funny

You are really helpful

You’re easy to have a laugh with

You’re cool and funny

I like Josh, he is funny




You are kind

I think you are nice

I like to play with you

You are kind

Kai is funny

Kai is kind

He is very kind


You have kind blue eyes

Smart, kind, funny

I think you are kind

Cameron is a very good friend

I like you because you are a good friend

You are really kind

I like you because you have a good personality.

Callum W



You’re awesome because you are really nice

You are very kind

You’re nice

You’re good a writing

Callum is a good laugher

You are very smart and kind

You are good at maths

Callum is awesome

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