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Today we did our sponsored walk to raise money to adopt an endangered animal.  We planned the route, wrote a letter for the parents and did a risk assessment.  Here are the laps that everyone did:

Jamie 7, Kayleigh 6, Callum C 3, Aimee 7, Lewis 8, Kai 8, Ellie 6, Chloe 8, Deveron 7, Nicola 7, Danny 8, Rachel 7, Callum W 8, Josh 8, Kira 6

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the adults who came to man the route.

We will let you know in a future blog what animal we choose to adopt.

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  • This sounds like fun! I would love to know what animal you adopted. It would have been good if you told us were you went and how far you walked. I love animals and would like to adopt one myself. I liked the photo you added. Well done, I would like to read your next comment!

  • Wow. The sponsored walk sounded very fun. Well done, everybody did very well. Please may you keep us posted on which animal you adopt!

  • Wow it’s sounds good about the sponsored walk to raises money for endangered animal.I love animals what’s your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a dog! I hoped you had fun! :)

  • Well done on your sponsored walk, it sounded like so much. As I said before well done!

  • You must be so proud of yourselves for doing a sposered run to save an endangered animal. I am really proud of you all. What you could of said in your blog why you chose to save an endangered animal and what made you think of it. Also I am looking forward to find out what animal you saved. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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