Incredibles 2 More Incredible than The Incredibles

The announcement of Incredibles 2 has been very exciting for animation fans all over the world. Is it time to look back at the first adventure for the Incredible family?

In the original Incredibles movie I find that as great as the character and background design is, that it’s slightly weak compared to the character design in the sequel. Here’s why:

  • In the first movie although head and body shapes differ all the characters looked very much human. In the second film the designers use sharp edges mixed with curves to make the characters stand out and look slightly alien too.
  • In the first film the Incredibles’ outfits are quite dark but in the second film the outfits are so much brighter and more saturated.
  • The backgrounds are so much more detailed alive.
  • The animators manage to produce really good shadow and shine effects and manage to create shadows a lot more effectively than they did in the first film.
  • All the other characters even the background characters wear very bright colours.

These are only a few reasons and many of these are just down to how animation has evolved over the years. This development makes the second film just so much better for me.

Move over boys the women are here! Unlike the first Incredibles film the villain and main hero are both girls and the boy I guess just aren’t as important. The Incredibles 2 is full of feminist moments and we all love it so much. The film splits into an A and B plot. In plot A we see how Elastigirl is getting on with her new job and in plot B we see Mr. Incredible take care of the kids in various funny clips. Literally ALL of the big plot twists or events take part in plot A with Elastigirl and it really just shows how strong and independent she is. One thing that annoys me is that all the trailers just show scene after scene of Jack-Jack and his powers when not many of his scenes are at all important. I mean even half the characters say that Elastigirl is overlooked.

The Incredibles 2 has some really funny jokes particularly in plot B but one thing I noticed is that in the sequel they convey emotions so much better. Even just a simple Jack-Jack cry is so animated and just instantly tells you what he is feeling. It’s not a major difference from the first film but it makes a difference if you notice it.

There is one minor issue that bugs me a lot. In the last scenes of the first film Jack-Jack is revealed to have powers. These powers include the ability to have fire skin, become metal and become a monster. In the second film he is shown to have many powers but being metal isn’t one of them. Where did this power go? Also according to the internet the second film’s first scene happens three months after the first film’s last scene. Why did Jack-Jacks powers not appear in this three month gap as they make an appearance in just about every day during the second film. Another thing is that if two out of three of their kids have powers should they not expect Jack-Jack to have too?





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