Activity Week 2018

Last week was St. Patrick’s Primary’s Activity Week. It was awesome. We mainly focused on Science, Technology and Health and Well being.


We made slime. To make the slime we used water and cornflour. We also made cloud dough it was a similar recipe but instead of using water we used conditioner. The slime and the dough didn’t smell that nice, but the cloud dough was soft and fluffy. Another thing we did was pop a balloon experiment. We put popping candy into a balloon and then dropped into diet coke. The balloon started to rise a little but we needed to shake it more. As well as that we did nature’s palette, we had to go outside and collect as many natural and unnatural items as we could. When we came inside we created our own picture.

Health and Well beingĀ 

For Health and Well being we went to an all school assembly. We talked about the importance of a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. During the senior assembly we used individual handsets to give our opinion on different scenarios. During Health and Well being we did mindful meditation to calm our bodies if we are stressed or sad. For the human knot, four or more people would be put into groups, then you would grab someone’s hand that wasn’t next to you until you got into a knot then you would communicate with each other to find a way out.


In Technology we learned about algorithms. We wrote our own algorithm for getting to school and created one on a crazy character that our partner had to draw. We also used an app called Green Screen where we chose a picture of a famous place or person and put ourselves in the picture. The community police officers visited too. They talked to us about being safe online and how once we put something ‘out there’ it can never be taken back.