Exploring Sustainable Practices

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The projects and resources below could all be used to teach Learning for Sustainability (LfS) in a Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) context.  You may already know of these or participate in these projects.  The idea of this resource is to highlight the opportunities offered by these projects to cover curricular Es and Os and LfS entitlements in a well resourced and engaging way.  Click on the tiles below to explore your options.


Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Project Science Resource

Opening a Can of Worms Resource

Pondering Pondlife Toolkit

Eco Schools

For more information on Eco Schools please see here.

Jacob’s Engineering

For more information on the Butterfly Effect Project (this is a free project) please email Rachael.Cassidy@jacobs.com.

Royal Highland Education Trust-RHET

For more information on this click here.

Royal Society of Chemistry


For resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry related to LfS and COP26 please see here.

RSPB Wild Challenge

For more information on the RSPB Wild Challenge see here.

Young Enterprise Scotland, Circular Economy Challenge

Find all resources for this project here.