Learning for Sustainability and STEM

With Scotland hosting the COP26 Climate conference, held in Glasgow this year there is a renewed momentum behind Learning for Sustainability (LfS) as part of our CfE curriculum.

With this in mind we have been working hard to support our practitioners with this.  Below is a summary of the offers we have for practitioners to engage in.

For all updates on LfS in Falkirk please see the LfS blog.

  • We have a LfS resources page on our blog here which also contains a self directed learning CLPL on climate change for those practitioners who would like to brush up on the terminology and concepts.
  • We have new STEM through Stories planners for LfS. These are for Early, First and Second Level.
  • We have been lucky in Falkirk to secure the training and resources to be able to run 12 Pondering Pondlife microorganisms workshops with schools. The training and equipment for this has been provided by EBSOC.  For more detail on this please see our June newsletter here.  To sign up please email gw14hanningbarbara@glow.sch.uk
  • We have put together several videos on our blog to outline possible projects or resources you could engage with to cover LfS and STEM.  These are linked to the 5 Falkirk LfS bundles. Exploring Sustainable Practices, Global Citizenship, Culture and Heritage, Exploring Values and Attitudes and Exercising Postive Activism.  We are hosting live Q and A sessions for these over the coming weeks.  Sign up on CPD manager using the links below.

Exploring Sustainable Practices: Session 1, 7th September, 4-5pm via teams, sign up here.

Featuring: Jacobs Engineering, Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre, Royal Society of Chemistry, Zero Waste Scotland and RHET

Global Citizenship: Session 2, 9th September, 4-5pm via teams, sign up here.

Featuring: Little Lighthouse-Laura Robinson Larbert Village Primary School, Lego League- Sarah Myles St Margarets Primary School, John Muir Award-Liam Mason and William Quirke Falkirk High School, RSPB Wild Challenge.

Connecting with Culture and Heritage: Session 3, 14th September, 4-5pm via teams, sign up here.

Featuring: The Engine Shed, Seagull Trust, Great Place Falkirk.

Exploring Values and Attitudes Session 4, 15th September, 4-5pm via teams, sign up here.

Featuring: Fiona Shaw Ed Scot IGBE, Jayne Quoiani Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre.

Exercising Positive Activism Session 5, 21st September, 4-5pm via teams, sign up here.

Featuring: Eco Schools-Bantaskin Primary, Enterprise Scotland, Young STEM Leader

If you would like any further information on any of these opportunities please just get in touch.  gw14hanningbarbara@glow.sch.uk

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