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Online mini CLPL Tools in School


This CLPL is on Tools in School. Below is the video for the course and links to access resources.

The idea is to set out what would be required to start using tools in school and demonstrate how easy it could be to achieve some simple projects.  The projects all contain the vital life skill of attaching things with screws.

You may have seen the pupil from Carronshore Primary School tweeting his success making a planter from the @littlelessons20 twitter tutorial

or the pupils from Victoria Primary School screw fixing objects to a fence to make a busy board.

Perfect examples of what can be achieved with these skills and how these learners are being inspired to have an interest in STEM.

To participate in this CLPL, watch the video, have a look at the twitter links above and have a look at the ‘tools in school’ resources here.

As part of the PSDO network across Scotland we have produced these tool guides.  These have been approved by SSERC.  The guides give you basic teaching points for each tool, images for tool use instructions and H and S to use with pupils and QR codes which lead to videos of using these tools.  These guides can be used to provide basic training or checklists for practitioners or could be used with pupils in class.  When we return to school and it is possible I would be more than willing to run staff training on tools so please get in touch about this.


Falkirk Early Years team have also been providing tools training for their practitioners.  They provide info on how to get started and where to buy tools.  They have also been working with Pete Moorhouse and he has provided some free resources for Falkirk too.  This can all be found on the EY Frobel blog here.

We would appreciate your feedback on this CLPL.  Please complete the microsoft form here: