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Career Education CLPL

We have worked with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) to create a suite of Careers Education Training and resources to support Primary and Secondary practitioners.  This training consists of 4 modules:

The Career Education Standard

This session sets out what the Career Education Standard is, its origins and what this means for us as practitioners.

Career Management Skills (CMS)

This session sets out the mandate for teaching Career Management Skills as part of the curriculum.  Gives examples of classroom practice to support teaching CMS and provides resources for this.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

This session explains what Labour Market Information is and why it can be useful for teaching career education.  Examples of how to use this information in classroom practice and resources to support this are provided.


This session explores what we mean by skills and why they form an important part of careers education.  Two case studies on Primary and one Secondary are then highlighted as examples of good practice.