Chair – Welcome to Braes High School’s Parent Council

Welcome from the Parent Council

On behalf of the Parent Council, it gives me pleasure to add my welcome to that of Mr Livingstone and the Director of Children’s Services to Braes High School.

Your child is about to take a giant leap into secondary education but everyone at Braes will be aiming to make the transition as smooth as possible. The school has put together some very useful information with this handbook to give your family a helping hand with the process but Braes High also offers information evenings which should give you a good sense of the ethos of the school and the confidence that your child will be looked after and encouraged to develop and thrive during their time here. Please do come along as it is a great way to find out more about the school, not just from teachers but from the pupils who will be your guide for the night.

The school’s motto is “Build Respect and Earn Success – Be Part of It!”: Research has found that parental involvement in schools contributes directly to improved behaviour and has a significant effect on pupil achievement. I would like to invite YOU to become involved in the school! It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, typically an hour or so every five or six weeks through the school year.

There are two main parent groups in the form of the Parent Council and Friends at Braes (FAB) which perform different but complementary roles in supporting the school. More information on them and how to get involved is contained in the handbook and all parents are welcome to join and get involved at any time. Both groups post information on the school website and run email distribution lists which you can join to keep up with what is happening. In addition, we also run a joint Facebook group called “Braes High Parents and Friends” where information on meetings and requests for help and input are posted on a regular basis.

There will also be updates sent directly from the school via regular bulletins, text alerts, specific letters and twitter to help you keep an active interest in the activities of the school. Don’t forget to ask your child if a letter has been sent home, or you might want to check their schoolbag from time to time!

I hope that you can help support the school and that your child gets as much out of their time at Braes as possible.

Kevin Mackay

Chair, Braes High Parent Council