Modern Studies

Welcome to the The Modern Studies Department

Modern studies is the study of local, national and international issues from a social, political and economic perspective. Pupils will examine current issues and evaluate their impact and relevance in society today.

The skills developed through the study of Modern Studies:
• Organising and planning; processing information; selecting evidence
• Comparing opinions; forming opinions; informing opinions
• Decision making and problem solving
• Source analysis
• Individual work; paired work; teamwork
• Extended writing

Courses offered:

• S1- S3: Broad General Education.
Pupils will develop skills that will enable them to access the courses in the Senior Phase.
• National 4 and 5
• Higher

Description of each course:

S1 Modern Studies:

• What is Modern Studies?
• Citizenship Today
• Introduction to Enquiry Skills

S2 Modern Studies:

• An Unequal World
• Conflict

S3 Modern Studies:

• China
• Pressure Groups
• Child Soldiers
• Exam Skills

National 4/5 Modern Studies:

• Democracy in Scotland
• Crime and Law
• Terrorism

Higher Modern Studies:

• Democracy in the UK
• Social Inequalities
• South Africa

Staff Members

Miss J Binnie
Mrs S Dunsmore
Miss C Newman

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