Welcome to the History Department

History opens up the world of the past for learners. History provides learners with insights into their own lives and the society and the wider world in which they live.

By examining the past, learners can better understand their own communities, their country and the wider world. Through an understanding of the concept of continuity, they can better appreciate change and its significance, both in their own times and in the past.

The skills developed through the study of History:
• Organising and planning; processing information; selecting evidence
• Comparing opinions; forming opinions; informing opinions
• Decision making and problem solving
• Source analysis
• Individual work; paired work; teamwork
• Extended writing

Courses offered:

• S1- S3: Broad General Education.
Pupils will develop skills that will enable them to access the courses in the Senior Phase.
• National 4 and 5
• Higher
• Advanced Higher

Description of each course:

S1 History:

• What is History?
• Industrial Children
• Romans and Celts

S2 History:

• Braes Anatomy
• The Slave Trade

S3 History:

• The First World War
• The Rise of Hitler
• Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

National 4/5 History:

• Changing Britain, 1760 – 1914
• Patterns of Migration, 1830 – 1939
• Russia, 1894 – 1921

Higher History:

• Britain, 1851–1951
• Patterns of Migration, 1830 – 1939
• Russia, 1894 – 1921 OR Germany, 1815 – 1939

Advanced Higher History:

• Germany: From Democracy to Dictatorship, 1918–1939

Staff Members

Ms F Malcolm
Miss M Norris

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