Modern Languages

Courses offered:

In the BGE at Braes High the study of a language is compulsory from S1 to S3.

S1 – All pupils study French, their main language from primary school.

S2 – Pupils continue with the study of French but choose a second language of their choice, either German or Spanish.

S3 – Pupils continue with the study of French and German/Spanish and use both languages to work towards the Modern Languages Life and Work Award. This is an SQA qualification and pupils sit at Level 3 or 4.

From S4 onwards the study of a language is optional.

S4-6 – Pupils can study French, German and/or Spanish at a number of levels from Nat 4/5 up to Higher or Advanced Higher if numbers/staffing allows.

Description of each course:

S1 and S2

Building on what our pupils have done at primary school, our aim in S1 and S2 is to:

  • To give pupils the chance to study two languages.
  • To cover a range of topics including personal language, free time, holidays, food and drink and home area.
  • To lay the foundations of grammar.
  • To improve confidence and performance in using the language in Talking and Writing.
  • To improve pupil performance in understanding language in Reading and Listening.
  • Pupils also acquire a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures and people.


In S3 we aim to continue to consolidate and expand on the language and skills already learned in S1 and S2 to prepare pupils for the Modern Languages Life and Work Award. The areas covered are skills for life, skills for work and building your employability skills. Pupils will also be encouraged to understand the importance of learning a language in the world of work.

Nat4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher

Modern Languages SQA qualifications develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of a modern language and cover the contexts of society, learning, employability and culture. These courses provide learners with opportunities to develop their reading, listening, talking and writing skills to help them better understand and use the language they are learning. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on how the language they are learning relates to English and to develop their planning and research skills.


Staff Members

Mrs S Dunn (Principal Teacher)
Mrs L Murray
Miss J Liesse
Miss G McDonald

Further information on each course can be accessed by clicking the relevant link below

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Modern Languages National 5
Modern Languages Higher
Modern Languages Advanced Higher

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