Welcome to the Music Department

Courses offered:

National 3 Music
National 4 Music
National 5 Music
Higher Music
Advanced Higher Music
Music Technology  : N4 – Higher

Description of each course:

Music Performing

The course is divided into three areas: Understanding Music (listening & theory), Performing and Composing. In Understanding Music, pupils will broaden their knowledge of music by listening to and analysing music from a wide range of styles, including those from other cultures. They will apply this learning in Composing where they will complete a series of short projects to create original pieces of music using a variety of approaches. In Performing, pupils will learn two instruments (or one instrument and voice) and they will participate in classroom performances throughout the year.

Music Technology

The course is divided into three areas: Music Technology Skills, Understanding 20th and 21st Century Music and Music Technology in Context.    In the Music Technology Skills unit, pupils will develop a range of practical skills and techniques relating to music technology, music software and equipment, and creative use of sound.  In the Understanding Music unit, pupils will develop an understanding of 20th and 21st century music as well as how music technology has influenced (and been influenced) by this music, including a basic understanding of the music industry and copyright.  In the Music Technology in Context unit, pupils will use their skills in a range of contexts creatively, which could include live sound, recording, sound design for film or games, radio, electronic music and podcasting.  There is also an added value unit which includes a written paper and a practical folio of work

Staff Members

Mr Morris (Head of Faculty)
Mrs Clarke
Miss Gibb

Instrumental Music Tutors
Miss J Anderson (Piano)
Miss L Anderson (Voice)
Mr Blackwood (Drum Kit)
Mr Boulter (Brass)
Mrs Hamilton (Upper Strings)
Mrs Luke (Cello)
Mr McLaren (woodwind)
Mr Robbie (Bass/Electric Guitar)
Mr Shedden (Pipes)
Mr Sutherland (Double Bass)

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National 4 Music
National 5 Music
Higher Music
Advanced Higher Music
National 4 Music Technology
National 5 Music Technology
Higher Music Technology