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Courses offered:

Broad General Education
S3 Elective Literature Course
National 4 English
National 5 English
Higher English
Advanced Higher English
Literacy Leadership Award

Description of each course:


The English Broad General Education supports pupils in developing their key communication skills; reading, writing, talking and listening.  Pupils will also be challenged to study a variety of texts both critically and analytically.

National 4

Pupils will continue to develop their communication skills and will be asked to complete assessments in each of the four areas – reading, writing, talking and listening.  Pupils will complete an Added Value Unit to achieve their National 4 which asks pupils to compare two texts in a critical manner.

National 5 and Higher

Both these courses challenge pupils to engage with literature in both a critical and analytical manner.  Pupils will study texts from a variety of genres such as prose, drama, poetry, non-fiction and film.  The courses will develop critical essay writing skills and pupils’ ability to read and understand texts before answering questions.  Both courses also involve a writing folio which is submitted to the SQA where pupils are asked to write in a variety of styles – creative, personal reflective, persuasive, discursive – and develop their own craft as writers.

Component Marks

Reading for UAE – 30%
Critical Reading – 40%
Folio – 30%

Advanced Higher

The Advanced Higher English course prepares senior pupils for the challenge, rigor and independence of university courses.  Pupils will continue to study literature but at an advanced and in-depth level of critical analysis.  Pupils will also produce a dissertation on the literature of their choosing and continue to develop their craft as writers by producing a folio, both of which are submitted to the SQA.

Component Marks

Dissertation – 30%
Folio – 30%
Literary Study Exam – 20%
Textual Analysis Exam – 20%


Staff Members

Mr C. Gilmour – Faculty Head English and Drama
Mrs F. Orrock
Mr M. Rooney
Mrs M. Rae
Mrs E. Horne
Mrs L. Rooney
Miss H. Stevenson
Mrs J. Shaw – Depute Head
Mr D. Ironside – Depute Head

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