Welcome to the Design Engineering & Technology (DET) Department

Courses offered:

Design & Manufacture – Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher
Graphic Communication – Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher; Advanced Higher
Engineering Science – Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher
Practical Woodworking – Nat 5

Description of each course:

Design & Manufacture

The course is “hands on” and “brains on”. It is delivered through a range of project tasks. Through these tasks the pupils will be asked to think about the design and manufacturing tensions that exist between factors such as aesthetics, function and the environment. Creativity and “reasoned thinking” is at the heart of this course, pupils will be asked to consider solutions to real design briefs, giving a reasoned argument for their chosen solution.

Engineering Science

This course examines both the theoretical and practical aspects of technology allowing pupils to explore many of the concepts and considerations made by engineers in modern industry. Engineering science covers areas such as applied electronics, energy, control systems, structures and materials as they would be dealt with by engineers as well as encouraging pupils to consider the social, economic and environmental implications of these technologies. Pupils will learn to apply these concepts towards the solution of practical problems.

Graphic Communication

Through the completion of a series of integrated “Open Briefs”, covering both 2D and 3D graphic techniques, the pupils will learn how to create a range of preliminary, production and promotion graphics. These will vary in terms of graphical techniques, ranging from the more traditional manual “technical drawings” to the use of computer software.

Practical Woodworking

The Course is largely workshop-based, providing a broad introduction to practical woodworking. Pupils will develop skills in reading drawings and diagrams, measuring and marking out, as well as cutting, shaping and finishing materials. Pupils will complete a series of practical activities which involves producing finished products in wood to a high standard.

Staff Members

Mr T Mckinlay [Faculty Head]
Mr B. Jack
Mrs D. Paterson
Mrs E. Reid

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Design and Manufacture
Graphic Communication
Engineering Science
Practical Woodworking