Adverse Weather

Today our school is closed due to the snow.  We hope everyone has the opportunity to get outside and play.  Staff have also created a list of activities parents and children may explore together.

Health and Wellbeing
• Find a healthy recipe e.g. soup. Write out the recipe. If you have the ingredients you could make this.
• Catch a snowflake/snowball. Make up a game where you catch something outside.
• Make up a circuit of activities you could do in the snow.

• Keep a diary of what you have been up to in the snow.
• Write a set of instructions on how to build a snowman.
• Write an imaginary story about a snowman that comes to life in your back garden.
• List as many adjectives as you can to describe the snow and weather.
• Practise your handwriting
• Revisit phonic sounds/spelling words already covered.
• Work on the alphabet/alphabetical order.

Numeracy and Maths
• Design a symmetrical snowman using 2D shapes.
• Hunt for 2D shapes and 3D objects around your house. How many can you find? Make a list of them.
• Practise mental maths – can you improve your speed and accuracy?
• Make a snowman, igloo or something else that is a metre tall! You could draw or take a picture of it and bring it into class.
• Play ‘counting on’ games such as snakes and ladders.

Learning Through Play

One of our pupils has had the opportunity to participate in weekly family play sessions with his brother.  During the photographed session both boys were exploring sensory play.

Deadly 60

This term we are exploring the world’s deadliest animals with Mr Shanks.  Keep your eyes peeled for some fascinating facts and examples of our work.  Today Calvin was researching which features make animals and reptiles dangerous and deadly.  Did you know that boa constrictors can crush a human’s bones by squeezing?

Active Maths

In class we have been exploring the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  ‘I know that a triangle has 3 straight sides and 3 corners.’ – Calvin

Miss Fulton has been sharing some links to games that can help us with our learning.  Why don’t you test your own skills and explore the properties of shapes?

Daily Connections

It’s important for us to make connections throughout our day which support relationships and transitions.  A small part of this is participating in a morning check-in and a reflection at the end of the day.  Our favourite, at the moment, is the morning ‘sock’ reconnection.

Outdoor Education

We are currently taking part in a block of climbing sessions.  Our sessions have taken place at the Lowport Centre in Linlithgow and the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena at Ratho.  These sessions have been lots of fun and we have shown determination and perseverance.

Summer Holidays

All the staff and pupils at Oxgang School would like to wish our friends and community a happy summer holiday. Today we said farewell so some of our members of staff but look forward to meeting our new colleagues soon.