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Primary 1 2017/18

Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to start teaching you in August. This is our class blog. On this main page we will post photographs, videos and blogs about our learning. You can show your family what we have been up to at home.

On the other pages of this blog there are videos to use in class and at home. I hope you will enjoy using it. It makes me very happy when your parents  write comments under our posts. Feedback is a gift.

Mrs Jalland

Inspiring our children – Help, we need you!

armyPlease read on – our future workforce is depending on us! We can:

• Inspire children to have high aspirations from a young age.
• Enlighten children to a wide range of possible careers.
• Help children to understand that they have choices in regard to their future.
• Enable children to make links in their learning to certain jobs.
• Show children that there is a purpose to learning a wide range of skills.

To engage young children we must find a way of capturing their interests. I am trying to embed career education into my daily practice, helping the children to make links between the skills they develop in class and how these are used in the world of work. To do this I have been sending our class elephant toys on work experience. A wide range of professionals have embraced our elephants and tweeted from their workplaces.

Ellie’s CV so far…
Scientific Researcher, Doctor, Nurse, Soldier, Pilot, Hairdresser, Communications Officer, Chief Executive of Falkirk Council, Truck Driver, MSP Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, A Waitress, Police Officer.

The children find this exciting and it has already inspired them to aspire to a wider range of careers. This is reflected in their role play and in their attitude to learning. Blue Ellie’s Ebola fighting adventures has had the biggest impact so far and has inspired many children to dream of being a scientist. We need more wonderful people to take our Ellie’s on work experience. Please contact me via this blog or on Twitter if you would like to be involved.

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Blue Ellie, Ebola and Primary 1 – Elephant Adventures

Our class elephant (Ellie) has been a highlight of many a pupils early experiences at school. Both children and their parents have enthusiastically taken her on weekend adventures and have written in her diary to be shared on Ellie’s return to class. Three years ago we extended this onto Twitter. The impact has been strengthened links between home and school as this has opened up more ways of communication.
High aspirations and a growth mindset will play a part in children’s attitudes to learning so I want to set the tone early on. I want my pupils to aim high, but to do this they need to be exposed to potential possibilities. I want my pupils to know that they can make a difference. Our school motto ‘We can be great, we will be great’ is central to our ethos. I want them to be aware of what’s out there in the world, and to think beyond our locality. I wondered how we could ‘hook them in’ to the world of work at this early stage in their school careers. This is where Blue Ellie came in.

Dr Janet Scott from the University of Liverpool kindly agreed to take Blue Ellie to work with her. Dr Scott tweeted from the university hospital before taking Blue Ellie to Germany to do some important medical research about a disease called schistosomiasis which is prevalent in some parts of Africa. The children were immediately in awe and fascinated. They were able to locate the countries on the globe.
I paused at the thought of our elephant going to Sierra Leone and Liberia to fight Ebola as this is a truly frightening issue. Would it be too difficult for young children to understand? But then I considered the potential value. This would open up the children’s eyes to the plights of others around the world. It would show them that individual people truly can make a difference. It would show them the value of scientific research and working in the medical profession. So we went for it, and I’m so glad we did.
Through following Blue Ellie and Dr Scott the children learnt about infection control, they were inspired by some truly heroic people in the medical profession and in the army working tirelessly to fight Ebola. The children showed remarkable maturity, understanding and empathy.

Additionally we built up a Twitter network of health workers and scientists internationally who interacted superbly with the children. They gave feedback and encouragement on the children’s science reports and re-tweeted the children at work. As a result children threw themselves wholeheartedly into science. They truly love science and many aspire to go into the science profession. We were thrilled to become #whywedoresearch ambassadors.

Since then Blue Ellie and our other 2 class elephants have continued on work experience adventures in nursing, hairdressing, aviation and even politics. This is making a huge impact on the children. They can’t wait to see Ellie’s adventures and a whole new world of future career possiblities has been opened up to them.

In terms of learning the children participated in science, geography, global citizenship, RME, ICT and literacy. Most importantly they became engaged, enthusiastic learners excited about what their future holds.
Watch our #whywedoresearch assembly here.

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Essential Life Skills – saving lives through hands only CPR

The Save a Life Scotland campaign has a goal to save 1000 lives in Scotland by 2020 through training the everyday public to do CPR. The British Heart Foundation adverts on hands only CPR have already made an impact as lives have been saved by bystanders who administered CPR following the instructions given on the advert. I thought it would be a good idea to train children in this too. It may be true that they wouldn’t have the strength to do this on an adult but I felt that by training children, then at least they could instruct adults in times of an emergency. Our class’s YouTube videos get a lot of views so we decided to make our own instructional video as a way of making people aware. If four and five year old children can remember what to do then surely anyone can. Maybe we as a class could be responsible for saving a life. An amazing thought.

Our links with the medical profession through being #whywedoresearch ambassadors has inspired our children to dream big. Our school motto is Possumus Superati – We can be great, we will be great. We want our pupils to embrace this and truly believe they can make a difference. What better way to make a difference than saving lives.

Who ate the porridge? Engaging children through imaginative play.

As part of our food for thought initiative we have been learning about Scottish food. One of our planned activities was to make porridge. The children made links to traditional stories about porridge such as Goldilocks, so it was a good opportunity for interdisciplinary learning.

We made some porridge for Ellie Elephant (our class toy), but it was too hot so the children went for a walk and returned a few minutes later. The children were shocked to find the porridge had been eaten!

This event meant that the children got much so more out of their learning. They investigated the case, questioned witnesses, wrote reports, wrote stories, made wanted posters, made instant porridge and traditional porridge, experimented with flavours and dramatised their theories about what happened.This covered multiple learning experiences and engaged them fully. Watch our news report below.

Impact – memorable, enjoyable learning, engaged children.