Inspiring our children – Help, we need you!

armyPlease read on – our future workforce is depending on us! We can:

• Inspire children to have high aspirations from a young age.
• Enlighten children to a wide range of possible careers.
• Help children to understand that they have choices in regard to their future.
• Enable children to make links in their learning to certain jobs.
• Show children that there is a purpose to learning a wide range of skills.

To engage young children we must find a way of capturing their interests. I am trying to embed career education into my daily practice, helping the children to make links between the skills they develop in class and how these are used in the world of work. To do this I have been sending our class elephant toys on work experience. A wide range of professionals have embraced our elephants and tweeted from their workplaces.

Ellie’s CV so far…
Scientific Researcher, Doctor, Nurse, Soldier, Pilot, Hairdresser, Communications Officer, Chief Executive of Falkirk Council, Truck Driver, MSP Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, A Waitress, Police Officer.

The children find this exciting and it has already inspired them to aspire to a wider range of careers. This is reflected in their role play and in their attitude to learning. Blue Ellie’s Ebola fighting adventures has had the biggest impact so far and has inspired many children to dream of being a scientist. We need more wonderful people to take our Ellie’s on work experience. Please contact me via this blog or on Twitter if you would like to be involved.

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