Who ate the porridge? Engaging children through imaginative play.

As part of our food for thought initiative we have been learning about Scottish food. One of our planned activities was to make porridge. The children made links to traditional stories about porridge such as Goldilocks, so it was a good opportunity for interdisciplinary learning.

We made some porridge for Ellie Elephant (our class toy), but it was too hot so the children went for a walk and returned a few minutes later. The children were shocked to find the porridge had been eaten!

This event meant that the children got much so more out of their learning. They investigated the case, questioned witnesses, wrote reports, wrote stories, made wanted posters, made instant porridge and traditional porridge, experimented with flavours and dramatised their theories about what happened.This covered multiple learning experiences and engaged them fully. Watch our news report below.

Impact – memorable, enjoyable learning, engaged children.

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