Ben Nevis expedition

Tremanna provide a nurturing and safe environment for five young people supported by an experienced and committed care team.

During early April we held our annual development day during which young people and staff lay out their hopes and shared goals for the coming year. One of the goals shared by a young person was to climb Mount Everest, when we asked more questions as a group around this it became clear that this was about overcoming challenges and personal achievement. While ascending the highest mountain in the world was beyond our grasp we decided to explore what we could achieve along similar lines.

This discussion prompted further conversations in the weeks afterwards and a plan was made to submit an application to the Life Changes Trust to fund an ascent of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain.
We were over the moon when our funding was approved and over the months that followed we put our plan into action. Training climbs of Ben Ledi, Ben Ann and Dumyat were completed in the expected mix of Scottish weathers. We were accompanied on our climbs by Dave and Scott from Strangeboat who were capturing our journey on film the purpose being the young people would have a video keepsake of their achievement.
On the 20th August three young people and two staff members left Tremanna heading for Fort William and settled for the night in readiness for what lay ahead. At 8.30am the following morning after meeting our guide we began our ascent, steep twisting paths, swarms of midgies and ankle breaking boulders lay in our way but despite these challenges a very sweaty and tiring 4 hours later we summited the highest point in Great Britain.

We stayed on the top enjoying our achievement for 45 minutes before beginning our march back to sea level. A further 3 and a half hours later, and by now completely exhausted , we returned to the minibus having completed our goal safely.

The whole team celebrated that night with gallons of fizzy juice and a fantastic 3 course meal in Fort William town centre. The talk round the table was of aching legs, shared memories and aspirations achieved.
We are incredibly proud of the grit and determination showed by our young people to complete the safe ascent and decent of Ben Nevis, it just goes to show that when you combine aspiration with effort and teamwork you can achieve some amazing things.

Our thanks go out to the Life Changes trust for funding our adventure, Falkirk Council for going along with our crazy plan and Strangeboat for capturing our journey on film.

Next stop Everest!