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Eco Committee

We welcomed Jennifer Terris to one of our eco committee meetings. She taught the children about Litter during our Eco Week focus by playing a few fun games with them.

 Jennifer threw a rat soft toy and the children gave an example of a type of litter.

Children took part in a litter race! They jumped on space hoppers to gather all of the litter dropped.

P5/6 Eco Week Clean Up

As part of Eco Week, each class had the responsibility to tidy up an area of the school grounds. P5/6 were responsible for litter picking in the playground and football pitch, and weeding one of the flower beds in the Quiet Area.

We all had a great time helping out with Eco Week!

We know how important it is to keep the school looking tidy and the dangers that litter can cause to wildlife.

P3 Litter Pick

As part of Eco Week Primary 3 went out to litter pick.  We are working towards a new green flag.  We worked in partners to spot and pick up the litter.  Most of the litter was underneath the trees and bushes.  People drop litter and the wind blows here.  Remember to always put your litter in the bin.

Rain Gauges Update

We checked on our rain gauges again today.  In the eco pod there was 300mls of rain in our gauge. 

In the quiet area and outside Miss McAulay’s office there was 200mls of rain. 

We discussed why there was more rain in the eco pod.  We thought it might be because there was less shelter in the eco pod.  The rain here usually falls sideways so it might be hitting the buildings.  We also thought someone might have tipped a little water out.  We are going to ask that nobody touches our rain gauges over the next few weeks.

The great news is that they did have water in them, the pen was still on the side of the bottles and they hadn’t tipped over even though it was really windy at the weekend.

P3 Rain Gauges

We made rain gauges in class.  We go 3 bottles and cut them in half.  We put stones in the bottom so the bottles don’t blow away.  We turned the top around and put inside the bottom, like a funnel.   We made a scale on the side of the bottle using pen and tape.

We put gauges outside, one in the eco pod, one in the quiet area and one outside Miss McAulay’s office.  We are worried the pen might rub off, the bottles might blow away or the rain might over flow.  We will check on our experiment everyday to make everything is ok. 

We checked on our gauges today.  There was no water because it hadn’t rained yet.  We think it might rain at the weekend and we will have some water in our gauges next week. 

P6/7 at Muiravonside

P6/7 went to Muiravonside on Thursday 3rd October.  We took part in four different challenges and made dens using sticks, logs and leaves from the woods.  We had our lunch round a fire and then dismantled each other’s dens.  We worked in three different groups throughout the day.  We did these activities as part of our Highland Clearances topic.  It was very mucky work but it was amazing!

Planting in the inside outside eco pod!

Primary 7 have been digging and planting in the inside outside eco pod.  We have been planting lots of different plants. We planted herbs, heather and lots more. We planted two big bamboo trees too.  We also put in blackboards to draw on we have also have a once upon a time chair and we have little logs to sit on. Mr. Goodsir screwed the mirrors into the setting area and we can look out ourselves.  We go into the eco pod all the time and we really like it!

The Inside Outside Eco Pod

Lately in Primary 7, we have been adding equipment to our Inside outside Eco Pod, like a story telling seat, chalk boards, mirrors, flower boards to write on and we also added raised beds. Before we added all these equipment we had a pond and a seating area.  It all looks really fun and we are looking forward to using it when it stops snowing!

Digging our Pond

A couple of weeks ago Primary 7 were building a pond with Jennifer from Jupiter. She helped us design and build it.  We also had a visit from a lady who works at Dobbies to help us get plants for our Inside Outside Eco Pod. Some of us used trowels and some used shovels but we all had a go at each of them. We have found some wildlife living in it already. It took us about 2 afternoons to dig the pond. Once we dug the pond we had to line it with tar pollen and carpet to make sure the water did not drain away.

The opening of the Inside Outside Eco Pod

On Wednesday 19th September the provost came to the opening of the inside outside eco pod and our one planet picnic.  Jordan from Falkirk High School piped us in with the bagpipes. There was a BBQ for the parents in the quiet area and tasters round on the tarmac. There were smoothies, milkshakes, strawberries and chocolate bananas, potato salad, carrots, pickles, kebabs and pavlova’s . All of the foods were made with local, seasonla or ethically produced foods and were yummy! 

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