Let’s Work Together

This is a little bit  more like what I would listen to in my time off.  There are also those who knew me in my younger (college) days who would recognise some of the fashion and hair choices also but I think we should draw a veil over that……

The sentiment here is a clear one – if we wan the best for all of our children we have to work  together and keep them at the centre of our thoughts and plans.  I have met an enormous amount of people in a range of roles over the last few months who are intent on improving outcomes for children. Every day the whole of our school staff show amazing commitment to the children.  They are skilled and knowledgeable people who know the children well and always put their needs first.  This ethos is no accident though and it is clear that as well as everyone who works in the school now is following an ethos that has been developed over many years and one we will continue to focus on over the coming years.

Our families are so incredibly supportive of the work of the school; the Parent Council do a sterling job and have been essential in developing my understanding of the school and individual families have been very generous in supporting our understanding of their children.

Beyond the school we work with a range of other services and partners including social work, family support, educational psychologists, health colleagues, facilities and property maintenance teams, health and safety teams, financial and HR support plus numerous others including all the support received from education services within the council.

It is an intricate balancing act to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time to ensure our children are supported as effectively as possible and one to the central ways of finding this balance is through the School Improvement Plan.  Have a look at ours below.

We are also in the process of developing a display at the school entrance which will develop over time to show the main points of this development plan and how we are working together to address them.  Keep your eye on it as you visit us throughout the year and see if there is anything on it that you feel you would like to be involved in and let us know.