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trial 2

My story

One stormy day a boy called Mark. Was playing outside with his friends called Jamie and Ryan. They were playing right next to a grumpy old man’s house they wanted to play football. As well as playing football they kicked it right into the old man’s garden. They started to get worried so they went into Mark’s house. Very scared they walked up the stairs, once they got into Mark’s bedroom he started looking for his telescope. They could not find it. So they went to ask Mark’s mum,”Were is my telescope mum?””Check under you’re bed.”They looked under Mark’s bed and it was right at the back of his bed, Mark said “eventually!”So they looked through Mark’s telescope to see what would happen to Mark’s football, Then the house came to life , so they told Mark’s mum. “Mum, the old man’s house across the street has came to life!””Stop imaginingthings Mark,””But I’m not imagining things.”So they went to the old man’s house ,Mark said “We’ll all go in,”Jamie said” I’m not so sure,” Ryan said ” I agree with Jamie.”So then they all went in. When theygot sucked in, Mark ,Jamie and Ryan  walked all the way around the house, then they went up stairs and went into the old man’s room and saw him in his bed they thought that he was sleeping but was not, he got out his bed and seen the children and said “Get out !”and then he took a heart attack and died. 🙁 If the old man dies then the house dies, So then they had nothing to worryabout, and happily and his mum came out and said “what have you been up to?Playing football,then they all had a party and  a sleepover at Mark’s house . after a while it was bed time . but they stayed up all night playing the xbox 360,they played fifa 11 and callof duty black ops. then at 1 am mark , jamie and ryan turned the xbox off and went to sleep.

 Then few months later Mark moved house,and toa a different school he mist all his friends . As soon as he saw his new house  he said “thats well better than his old house but aswell as the house being big and he likes it better than his old house, he loved is back garden it was even better as well but the day he went to school it was just not the same, and he came home and said to his mum”school was just not the same,” “what do you mean its just not the same”its not the same as my old school.I will move you back to your old school with all your favouite friends, like Ryan and Jamie thankyou.”please can you Ryan and Jamie come over to play at our house” “I will talk to Ryan and Jamie’s mum after school. At the end of school  they went to Mark’s house and they played  happilly. (the end )


Iam moving into P7R  and my new teacher is Mrs Roberts .and Ihope to have a good time.


Italian  football

some teams  

Ac milan

Inter milan





                  the food

The Italian word for food is cuisine.

Italian cusine has developed through the centuries.Italian cusine itself takes heavy influeses

from ancient greek, jewish and aribic cusines.

they are also famous for pizza.

               Italian cars




alfa romeo

and there is some more.


more than 43.2million tourists a year,go to Italy. the fourth highest country in the world is italy for tourisim .people have visited Italy for century’s,yet the first actual tourist to come to italy were the aristocrats during the grand tour, beginning in the 17th century and flourishing in the 18th century.

               the religion

roman catholic make up 87 percent of the population the other 13 percent are made up of other religis denominsions. The pope who is the leader of the catholic church lives in the Vatican city witch is in Italy.


this is one of Italys most famous cities. Known as the city of canals the best form of transport is a boat, lots of people visit venice as it is romantic.

                     thank you !!



my ambitions are

 to be a football player

have a red lambroughini

have a huge manchin

play with rangers

my football tournament in craig tara

I had a football tournament in Craig Tara.On friday we got there,when we unpacked. We went to the club to play and win tickets.On saturday we had 5 games and we won them all , and scored 20 and conceded 0 and i scored 2.

On sunday we won one and drew one and bet twice.Then after the football we went to the presintasion and we got to meeta retired football player he was staurt mcCall i got him to sing my grange mouth top he wrote best wishes staurt mcCall.The end.

money week

this week is money week. we had to get in to groups of 2,3,4 at the most i am with me,ryan t and lewis   we have to compare phones.

football training

I have played with a team for four years. I am going to start telling you about my football training. we are under 12’s, but i am only ten years old, because every team in our league moves up half way through the season.

Here are the people in my team: me , Aaron, CameronD, CameronS, Murray, Ryan, Sean, Lewis, Greg , Jamie , Jamie, Jake, Conner, Liam and Mark. The  coaches are: Stephen, Gavin and Grant.In training we run like mad .We train on tuesdays and wednesdays i will tell you about football next week.on saturday we had a football match we vs west park navy we won four nothing .

our class trip to callendar park

Our class went to callender park for a school trip.i was in the black group,half of the green group went with the black group.we went to the kitchen first we made somthing to do with the victorians but i can’t remember what it was called.Then we went to see the stuff that the victorianswould use in the kitchen ,then we had to tell them that is a better invension. like the washing maching and the dish washer.and ten we went to the washing roomwe got to wash some cloths  an dthat was the end of the school trip.

my possessions

hi my name is tommy here  is some of my pessessions they are all trophes from my footballhere are some pics of them this one has a big huge ball on the top the second one has a football boot and the third one has a a man on it.


here is a pic of all three

the frog and the monsters toothace

this is a book that i have reid i am going to tell u about the things i know about this book .

monster does not like to go to the dentist.because he has toothace and the frog siad that i am the best at pulling  teeth so he gets a peace of string he tries to pull it out with hand.but then it did not work.So they went out for a walk .so they got out the house and then frog saw a monster truck.so he said i have a great idea. so he went in the car and started it up and then the string was tied to the truck and the monster.so the frog drove the truck and he never new that he was reversing and he ran over monsters foot. to be continuid

my laerning log

I am doing my learning log on australia. all the people most popular australian thing

 in our class is kangaroos and koala bears.




In australia there are deadly sharks , the most

 deadliest shark is the great white

 shark, 2nd would be the lemon shark and 3rd would be the bull  shark  the bull sharks only bite you

 if their  annoyed.




Abirignanes are the are the people that found

 australlia.it was found like 500 years ago and

 it is a continent.


cross country

at cross country we train on thursday and race three times a year we have to work hard and we have to strech before we run or we will pull a musle.

my wickispace

i have graet news i have a wickispace now i am looking foward to stating on it  rember to look at it if you can! you can find it here

my movie

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=c2071fbb86d2e477523e27" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]

my three presintations

my three presentatoins on my first first

presentation I scored eight goals and i got top goal scorer it was a big football it had golden lases and the rest white.



on my second presentation i got player of the year it was my first year getting it I was so exciting my face was beetrot it was silver and grey.


my third presentation  igot player of the twis  year  in a trot it was  amizing this one was like the world  cup  it was black and gold.

max in the middle


monday was called meating monday on meating monday first we played the zombie game . For the zombie game youhad to walkn towords  to a person and the person that you are walking towords has to say sombody`s name three times if the zombie caches you your the zombie.The seconed game we played was funkey chicken. Ash would say let me see your funkey chicken, we would say whats that you say.Then we got a max files.




tuesday was called tasty tuesday on tasty tuesday we made oatcakes salmon boats  and fruity crumble tuble i didn`t like any of them.


Wednesday was called workout wednesday on workout wednesday we done two song that had clowns to the left of me jockers to the right and another one that had everybody dance now they were very hard to learn it all.



Thurday was called thinking thursdayonthinking thursday we had to think of our own dances and fit themin our dance.



friday was called fanaily friday omfanaily friday we had to performe in front of lots of parentsit was scary at the start but that was it.


my skull

this is a picture of a skull 🙂


my freinds

i have three best friends ryan.r sean.m lewis.c but i have lots of friends but this is my three best friends 🙂


my family

In my family i have five people . I have my mum my dad my sister and brother there names are Karen,Stephen,Chantelle,Wallace and my dog  Samson we  are awesome

my first comic

this is my comic.

My dog

I have a dog called samson he is 8 years old he is 56 in dog years

my football top

this is a football top that i disinged

My football team


I play with a team called grangemouthboysclub under11s we have been winning like mad.


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