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my precious things

my most precious things are my playstaion 3 and my football goals black ops  modern warfaer and my tv my ps3 is my fav becuse i play it every day and its a good game.my football goals are my second fav becuse.Love to play football and it will help me imporve on my football.My tv third is my fav becuse when i get grounded i can watch the tv and i love to watch it.Black ops is my fourth fav thing becuse my couzing gave me it for my christmas but it came early and i nevere she him beacuse he works in afghan.Modern warfare is my fith fav game becuse i like it and i know cheats and i can get in challenge lobby

celtic v ABEERDEEN

On satarday i went to the celtic game with my mum and celtic one 1-0. antony stokes scored the only goal of  the game.the goal weas scored in slow motoin well it looked like it was in slow motion .after the game i meet some of the players i meet antony stokes ,paddy moucort,forster,lumberg,mastojvic,kayal,and izzugeri.my fav players are kayal hooper but i didint get to meet him but i still had a awesome time    PPPPPPLLLLLLZZZ LEAVE comments plz PLZ

                                                                                         THE END




game ratings

1.call of duty black ops 10/10

2.fifa11 9/10

3.mw2 10/10

4. call of duty modern warfare 0/10

5.medal of  honour 6/10

6.world at war 10/10

7.acb 7/10

carronshore football team

On the  3rd of november we had football tornoument with the primary 7s  and 6. We got there in a mini bus we won our first game we won 1-0 thanks to sean and ryan set it up.we were second in the league  with wallectone on top of the league on points. our next game we one but we got beat 2-1 ryan scored our goal.We had to wait for 15 mins till the start of the next game we came sceond over all  we lost three nill in the final sorry could not finsh the story

                                          by ryan and sean

my one true media

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.onetruemedia.com/share_view_player?p=c2074b2a317944aa543f70" width="408" height="382" allowfullscreen="true" /]

my fav football game

My fav football game was celtic vs rangers when we were on our way to celtic park  i watched up it was BOARING.  We got there  we went into the stiadium the game started rangers have the ball its a great run down the wing  it good defence celtic cleer  the midfeild have the ball its a great ball trough but the rangers defence cleer this is going to be a great game.   As rangers are on the ataak it a great  shot  its a easy save from the keeper  he rolls it out to the celtic defence  its a pass to the wing its a run down  the wing from the winger its across its a header over the bar  its rolled to the defence of rangers it a good pass to the  midfeild  celtic won the ball its on the wing its out for a corrner its took its a volley to the back of the net celtic have the led. the crowed go wiled im so happy but not for long mins later rangers are level the ball gets played through it taped in to the net celtic didint keep the lead for long ten mins to half time  its on the rangers wing its tourough an kleerd but is forword its a goal celtic are 2-1 up at half time the second half startes celtic midfeild have the ball  celtic are passing the ball about really well oh thats a teriblle tackle its a free kick out side the box its a easy save from the goal keeper. Its kiked up into the ayr  its headerd down rangers take a shot i think that was just hit and hopes becuse its wide bye miles rangers defence are passing the ball about sudnley the celtic strike has the ball he misses. the crowed go nuts i cant beleive he missed with 20 mins to go rangers on the atak its a terrible tackle its a yellow card its well over the barr.The celtic goal keeper kick’s the ball into the ayr its volley any were its a thorwing to  the dark side rangers have the ball celtic win it  with a bad tackel it will be a yellow card thats a shame rangers make the most of the free kick but got no were so far so good for celtic. with mins to go rangers going forword its a bad toch  its a goal kick there is ten seconds to go the crowd go daft 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 full time celtic have won

                                                          celtic are awesome awesome plz  leave comments

champions league latest

inter millan 4-0 werder bremen

spurs 4-1 fc twenty

hapo tel viv 1-3 lyon

shalce 2-0 benfica

rangers 1-0 bursaspor

man u 1-0 valencia

rubin kazan 1-1 barca 

panitinikos 0-2 fc copenagen

my first goal for grangemouth

my first goal was agenst bonny brige it was a easy game but before i start  i n eed to thank tommy for seting me up  i only scored about ten goals that season last season i scored 26 goals but ryan scored 33 and  congratulations to tommy for getting player of the year twice in a row

my first football game

My first football game was Celtic vs Hearts.Me and my mum were sitting at Celtic park wating for the game to start.  With another 60,000 people the game started. The ball got played to the defence of  celtic celtic have possesion intill  they losse the ball the harts striker is one on one with the goal keeper  its a awesome save that was luky it was a cornner to harts  the corrner was taken good hands from the goal keeper the ball is played to the right mid  the winger drives it a good cross  its volled over the bar  harts are doing well to have a draw with about  5 mins to half time  harts  down the wing hes crossed it its a GOAL harts have the lead the ref blows for half time no celtic are behind i was so sad  the scond half started i was just hoping we got a draw harts were on the atak  no way they had penalty  i could not look it was a great save from the goal keeper the celtic defence was a disgrace  the harts goal keeper was board he had to be  but before we new celtic were on the aatak its of the post yess the crowd was cheering then they notist it hit the post then we said no that was close  there is about ten mins to go  celtic with a great ball it a awesome shot  forword  sadly he mist harts are away its three on two its great defence there is one min of added time and celtic are going foword  celtic are away he has been been tackeld its a bad tackle its a penalty to celtic  he sends the  goal keeper the wrong way its a  GOAL with seconds to go hearts take center the whistle went its full time im so happy we didint lose on the way home i got a hot dog with chips my mouth started to water  it was a awesome game

my fav footballplayers

my fav football player  is f.torres  s.gerrard  l. messi  kayal  kaka

my learnig log

i have chose to do my learnig log on astralin animals  kangaroos can jump over a 8 foot wall  they can also run about 35 miles per hour they can leap 25 to 30 feet  an carryes its baby in it pouch


koala bears  lives in trees and eats eucalipitus leavs

my football

on satarday we have  to play our rivals sangenta

wee one three nill one satarday  hope we win plz

leave coments !!!!!:)

my friends

my best friend is jordan 2. ryan r 3 ryan l            

4 robbie  5. lewis c  6. lewis m  7 . kian  8. dylan

9. mason 10. garry 

sorry jay ur 11th !!!

sorry cammy l  ur 12th !!!

sorry jack d ur in 13th

max in the middle

on  the 24th of  sepetmber we had max in the middle it was great  on the monday it was meeting monday we played the zombie chicken game  it  sounded boaring but it was very good  we also had to do dancing on the monday afternoon

on the tuesday  it was tastey tusueday  we had to make  cheese on ota cakes  the other groupes had to make salmon boates they were the best  and yhe other group had to make  frutiy  crumble tuble if thats what it is we had to do our dancing  on the tuseday


wednesday was work out wednesday  on wednesday we started our second dance it was a very fast dance  it was hard to stay with the music but we all were able to keep up with the music  the second dance was my favirout dance  i cant remember what else we done


thursday was thinking thursday we finshed the dancing   an then played a game  then we put evrething toghether  was very hard but we got it at the end it was nearly the end of max in the middle or us eny way nex it is the next door class there so exited fannaly friday  we had to  peform it in front of  our buddys and parents  we were nerves it was time to peform  we walked into the hall we sat in our posseisons it was a awesome week that was max in the middle over we were so upset to go back to doing text book work


the last day for us toady was it

on saturday

on saturday me,ryan,tommy and murry in p7 had a game of  foot ball  we one 7-3 greg with 3 goals and me with 2 goals and murry with 1 goal it was a great game i dont no how was man of the match  but my man of the match had to be tommy my runner up was camy not camy in our class  plz leave comments -3   goal  scorears were ryan with 1 goal



my favourite teams are celtic liverpool and

grangemouth  i like celtic the most  every onenoes that

my hobbies

are playing football and tennis i play with a football team called grangemouth boys club under 11s in my team are ryan , tommy and more    i got the pic below from image chef 

my first cube

hi this is my first cube with my friends on it hope u like it rember to leave comments  😀

hi im awesome

   hi people of earth  i am sean and i am awesome  as lot of  people will no im toatal awesome bye for now plz leave comments  😛

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