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One of my best friends, Eilidh said that (BTW if haven’t read my last blog post click this link – Look what I made!)   anyway Eilidh said that the girl I drew (no name yet) should be going to an audition! I loved it soo….

Before you say anything, I drew another one
because she hates it when I draw her with her glasses on, so I drew her 10 years later on the red carpet with contacts in. The first ones her at school, I kiinda rushed it so that’s why its a bit dodgey. I really like the 2nd one though!! 🙂
While I’m here I may as well talk about Larbert. I went to Larbert high school yesterday.   IM SOO EXCITED!! I was just walking round looking at classes I saw Physics, Humanities, P.E, Art, Drama, English, table tennis and the hub. It is MEGA ULTRA SUPER GIGANTOR!!!  Well I don’t feel well. I’m done for the day Cya peepz xx

Look what I made!!

Look what I made!! what did I name her again? I forgot 😀 Well someone else can choose, I know someone can comment a name if I like that name and I will draw them and put it on (I know we’re not aloud to put photos on so I’ll make it a little different) and by on I mean on here

I wonder where she’s in line to go. You just gonna have to make that up your self.

It didn’t take that long about 1 hour but that includes colouring in, background, awkward hands and mouth.

What do you think of her clothes, I think she’s slightly too short, maybe I shoudn’t have put that flower in. Oh so many regrets :D!

I’d love some feedback so I could work on that in the future. So feedback pleeeease!!

Well bye peoples!!! XXX

No New News

No new news with me,  just an average couple of weeks.

Got a new lap top that I am writing this very blog post on.

I drew this picture on paint tool sai on my new laptop 🙂


Hiya pplz!! I finally have something to write about YAY!! Okay let’s start with the orthodontist. He said my top jaw was fully grown but my bottom jaw wasn’t so I’ll need a plate then ill need train track braces then I had six pictures taken and I had to put these awkward things in my mouth also I’m sick I’ve got the cold so I’m in bed watching cartoons anyway gtg maybe updte you tomorrow on how im feeling

Ha Ha! I have an excuse!

The reason I did not do a post yesterday was 1) Because I couldn’t get on the computer       2) my computer doesn’t work    3) I tried to log in to glow on my dad’s iphone 4 but it said the safari can not blah blah blah!   Anyway it wasn’t anything special just a normal first and 2nd day! 🙂 I’ll update you if I can  pry my dad or little brother off of the computer.


Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!! Anyway i’ll start doing the blog post-a-day thing again! Actually i’ll do two! I’ll do one for the 1st week back at school and one of the month of September. I really want to stay on top of my blog so once they are over, I’ll do a post a week. Woop Woop! Soo.. Well i haven’t done anything at all over the summer. Just drawing, drawing on the computer, eating and sleeping 😀 Well im going to P7 except I dont feel like a P7 more like a P4 😀  Oh I forgot I’ve painted my room! It used to be dull cream pink now its proud peacock and purple pout 😀 .Well see you when I start school again! Bye! xx 😉


Okay hello im back My cousin is done not done much but travel tod


Im sorry sorry sorry sorry!! I caught a virus so I stopped writng but I will start up again in July anyway Im in my hometown Im stayin in my auntie hazel and my cousin kia’ house. Im writing this on her laptop listening well i’ll finish later because mycousin needs the laptop I promise I will update before I go home!

Day 2! (Of Blog Post-A-Day)

Hello again! Its Day 2 of blog post-a-day. Um Im not to sure what to write about.Oh I forgot to tell you yesterday but from July 18th-July 24 im going to my hometown Burley England, so they only way I can post is off my phone but they might just be sentences because if youre not in a Wi-Fi area you have to pay for internet. so didnt do much today went to park with Robyn, Robbie, Lewis, Alyson Garry and Dylan came and left Then Ryan came then I left…So yeah.. And just a reminder im doing this until the 29th of July. When i’m in England we are going to blackpool and i’ll hopefully be big enough to go on everything I could’ve went on everything when I went last year except the Pepsi Max Big one. I didnt go on valhalla (because you get wet apparently and because of that i thought I’d go on it at the end of the day but didnt get round to it) and the Tango ice blast (because of que is that how you spell it?) So that was today’s blog post.

Bye peepz!



Hello world! I have not done a blog post in absaloutly AGES!!! Well we’re in our school holidays! I thought that For a month I’d do a blog post a day since I have nothing to do so until the 29th of July im going to do a blog post a-day I’ll update this update wehn im finished tidying my room (I started earlier so ive got to finish) I might update this update tomorrow though! Peace out 😀 xxx

Burns Recap :(

We lost. 🙁 and I accidently broke my silver medal. My mum and dad dont know. The man said they were 3 points in it. Mrs L (our head teacher) said if we win then dont jump up aand be rude and to clap for carron BUT when carron had won they went mad like  |o/         <- this was them. Robyn said it’s not about winning its about playing the game. Anyway they’re was an all round trophy that went to this girl called emma something she did the same poem as me except REALLY posh. She was in p7. Carron also have a p6V, about 4 girls from they’re class did a comedy sketch. Carron’s hall (thats where we were performing) i think is smaller than ours because thers are like squares but ours in more rectanguler. I sat next to andrew and catriona for the first half but half way through I went to the toilet and when I came back lewis was sitting next to andrew so i just sat inbetween them. They showed us a girl from their school doing highland dancing but she was not well o she could only do 1 dance. Then some country dancing. That went on for quite long. So yeah.

Peace out.

Burn’s night

I know burns night was like TWO WHOLE months ago but out school are only having the competition now. Anyway me, Andrew and Robyn are the finalist’s for p6 for carroshore primary school. I’m quite nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I did a little pretend competition in front of my Teddie’s and i was fine so yeah! Andrew told me he was SO nervous he threw up last night because of it! I’m sure I’m not THAT nervous!! I’m doing my hearts in the highlands. The competition is in Carron and I’ve never been there before so that’s something! I hope we win and i have several reasons why.

1)I want to! (lol)

2) Its Mrs G (our deputy head) second to last day at our school and I want it to be a good one!

3) I want to be able to not be scared to go up to an audience (BTW I’m not afraid of the audience if anything more confident!) and do something NOT modern like, poetry!

I’ve made a video of me doing my poem look!

I’m sorry it will not let me upload my poem it said “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.” it does that every time i try to upload a movie!! GRR. I think its because i don’t put it through a video site like YouTube, one true media or vimeo but i have reasons not to use them!

Youtube- We usually read blog post’s out in class but the teachers (I think) blocked YouTube and anything from it (I think) so i couldn’t use that.


One true media- I’m pretty sure that’s just like tons of pictures done into a movie

SO YEAH! Wish me luck with poetry thing.

I hope i dont forget the words!! URR

Peace out!

Prized Possessions

My three prized possessions are my doll, Dolly, my teddy dog, Benjy and my photo of me when I was little.

Benjy:  Benjy is my teddy dog and i got him in spain, Torrimelinez, Costa del sol He was in a toy shop for 6 euro’s I can’t sleep with out him. 

His birthday is the 8th of june (yes he has a birthday) He’ll be 4 this year!!

He ALWAYS cheers me up when im upset. He has a brother called Freddy whose at home.

 Now my doll, Dolly

My doll Dolly has always been there. She was with me since I lived in England.

You can tell she’s pretty old because of hair, clothes and loss of feet because it’s a bratz doll you can take their feet of to swap the shoes I how-ever lost all my shoes.

I like to braid her hair round her head.

Photo of me

This is a photo of me when I was round about 3 I LOVED  playing with dolls. If you see the man with the gold boots. Yeah now his legs have fallen off 🙁

If you look closley you can see i am watching bear in the big blue house. I loved watching videos and there’s tons there on my shelf. There’s also a tweenie foot in the corners because I LOVED them aswell!

Drama Club

I just thought i’d tell you about the drama club that a talked about the post earlier.

Well we’ve decided to do …drum roll please!!!!!!!! DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM!!

Wizard Of Oz!!! I would LOVE to be Dorothy!!! See it’s mine, Anna’s, Alyson’s and Lucy K’s but they promised they wouldn’t vote me dorothy just because im their friends. I want to be fair. but i would LOVE the part!!!lol I’ll tell you who else is going for the part:





so yeah!! We’ve decided that it’s on twice a week at lunch time oh gotta go bye!!

Update!!!! Of Stuff!!!

Update of stuff!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!! well it’s been a while since i did quite a long post so ill try an do one…. Anyway listening one step at a time anyway!!! I’ll do it in sections.


I got a flat screen TV for my Christmas and my dad mounted it on the wall it has free view built in so i can watch telly in bed WOOHOO! I also got a camcorder and a graphics tablet (that doesn’t work….) and a sequin art that i almost finished until i stood on one of the pins it hurt!!! I got a Simpson’s and Horrible Histories DVD i got 11 selection boxes and a big box of maltesers (saving them for last…so tempting…:P) I got cherry crush (Cathy Cassidy book now Ive read em all looking forward to vanilla Skye the next one!!) i got diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules and the ugly truth read them both in a day! I got….  SPONGEBOB PJAMAS!!!! I got the Michael Jackson Experience i got a panda pillow!!! or thats what i call it!  i got Simpson’s, girls and horrible histories annuals! I LIKE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!

Drama Club

There’s a drama club at school but only two people showed up So they’re saying we don’t have enough people to have a drama club SO I and Hayley and Brooke (for a bit) and Alyson and Anna (for a bit) went around the class and got 25 out of 30!!! Only some boys and a Lucy N who wouldn’t. So at 2:45 we went to our head teachers office. and she said “this will definitely help” I hope it does!! I wonder if she tell’s us tomorrow. Hope so!

Brooke’s Sleepover

Brooke came over for a sleepover a few days ago ill do what we did…IN ORDER!!!

(1)We played picturicka. (2)We drew pictures!! (3)then we had dinner. (4)then we played a game. (5)Next we watched telly. (6)Then we went to bed. (7)then we woke up. (8)we had breakfast (9)we space hopped (10) We played ANOTHER game (11)Then we went on the computer (12) We then went on LBP (Little Big Planet) (13) We then went to the shop (14)then dinner then the shop again? (15)then we read a comic (16) then brooke went home ;(

Now is this post long enough??? LETS SEEE SHALL WEEEEEEE?

100th Comment!!!

WOOOO i got my 100th comment!!! by lucy k!!!! thanks lucy. id like to thank my teacher and lucy and thats that really!!! lol okay im off ill do another post by at latest tomorrow! so look back reguarly! thanks bye!

for eilidh

For Eilidh! Eilidh you asked for an elephant so yeah…..I don’t know much about elephants does anyone know? Hey maybe you could say in the comments!! Yeah good idea me! Why thank you me! okay better stop talking to myself LOL BYEE!

Pets For Friends X3

For Robyn. Monkeys eat bannans!! 😀 Thats about all i know!!

There is a theory that WE evolved from monkeys.  Thats why we’re all afraid of falling because when monkeys were asleep in the tree’s they’d wake up when they were going to fall and get a fright! theres some knowlage for ya! bet ya didnt know that!

Pet For Friends updat update!

This is Brooke’s rubber duck. Even though it’s not even an animal. It’s Brooke’s favourite thing. I did this on paint like the rest of them.  Brooke has 28 rubber ducks All of them have names. I helped name them well 21 of them. 🙂


pet for friends.. UPDATE!

                                                          Here ya go hayley! This is hayleys dolphin. Its her favourite Animal. They make a funny noise *eeek eeek* They eat yucky fish food! You dont just get them in blue you can get pink dolphins, grey dolphins and Black dolphins. You can swim with them and feed them in aquairiams.

Bored Outta My Mind

I am more than just a girl

Iam a bored outta my mind girl!!!

RRRRRRR if ANYONE wants to come to my house just knock! seirously my mum gave me permission i think… she wont mind….SEIRIOUSLY!!!!! UGH. i cant tell you how bored i am!!!! ugh……. seiriosly the highlight of my day was probably mason waving to me THAT HOW BORING TODAY HAS BEEN!!!!! uhh dad’s in. ugh BORED. im gonna go watch TV (not that theres anything on) tell me how to become UN-BORED!!!

Pet For Friends!!!

<——  so just read an enjoy anna if you dont like it just tell me and ill take it off also for other people Brooke make your mind up!

Eilidh  an elephant comnig right up and vail hedgehogs coming your way! BTW i did the right in orange just for anna!! 

P.S pets for friends and EVERYTHING else on my blog is copyright!

P.S.S To read the orange writing click the frog!

Cute Zebra

Cute isnt it!!! I wanted to do a baby animal and thought hey why not a zebra!??! and this is how it turned out i tried to make it as cute as possiblo!! what do you guys think?!?! i want your opinion! I admit it was quite hard!!! (coz i made it on paint!)        Btw ill do other animals and i take requests!

Cold!!! (Not The Snow!)

I’ve got the cold ya know sniffles cough loosing voice, that. (listens to ken by harry hill LOL) That’s why I’m not at school i slept REALLY bad last night. But Ive had some hot chocolate and feel a little better (by the way i’ll be writing in my coughs from now on) (cough) anyway i was (cough) supposed to be  (cough) giving out my prezzies for people today. (cough) but my mums going to walk to school, (cough) at three and give them out she’ll be at the school gate ill draw a map on paint BRB (Be Right Back just (cough) in case you don’t know)


Okay im going to do a wuicko post because i remember i hadnt told you abot it but i want to do some on my mag saywhat (saywhatgossip.wetpaint.com) so anyway they opened with JAM and closed with Black or white and people went mad at smooth criminal BYEZ!!

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