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Hear is a  list of every thing I have done to day … so far …

1. I woke-up late

2. made my breakfast fast  (rice crispies in hot chocolate milk, with raisins ) … (yummy)

3. got dressed into dance stuff

4. got to danceing found out it wasn’t on

5. wrote this post

At last NO.2

OMG …… Sorry about not putting a post on my blog (it wasn’t working again) 🙁 🙁

HAPPY NEW YEAR sorry it’s a bit late but still

”Oh no the world is going to end in 2012 .”    news flash it’s 2012  in fact its friday the 24 of February 2012

At last

Sup world this is my first blog post in 2011. Today’s date is the 8th of Oct 2011.Well at least I got my blog up and running hope you will enjoy my blog posts in 2011.


R.N.D (Red Nose Day)

HI WORLD   gess what its red nose day ; ) ; ) ; )  so please put your red nose on … yes  im talking to you who ever you are mine is  funny with a capital F  so go and do some thing funny for money  so get of your tooshie ( I love that word ) and bake some cookies and bring me some becase I love cookies ; ) ; ) ; ) ; ) ; )


classs trip

Hi world  gess what my class went to calander  house and it was awesome first we had to get into 3 groups the red, black and green. Our group  was the red group and we are AWESOME. the the buss was hear but my dad forgot my pack luch so my lunch wes almost  sherbet but finaly my I got my pack lunch.

                                                                          the bus

Bad Dad

hi world  guess what my Dad is soooooooooo  clumsy because when we were on holiday my Dad fell 2 times,  one was on the beach and one was by the hotel.

No.1 The first fail was on the beach,my dad was sitting on his chair while I was digging to Australia ,and my dads chair collapsed so he fell and his beer fell all over him!

No.2 The second one was by the hotel, me,Jack,Dad + Robbie were having a piggy back race, I was with Jack, and Robbie was with Dad, and just as dad  got through the gate, he fell over and Robbie fell with him, and every one burst out laughing !

my treasured posesions

hi world, this post is is all about my treasured posesions so hear i go

 first  is my teddy freddy,

i got it when i was 6 days old,and my mum got it for me…

this is a pix of me and my grandad who died at the start of the year so thats why  i would never throw it out

 this is the necklis my grandad gave me and you know why i couldn’t throw it away

toilet scare

 hi world today i gave  LUCY K  the biggest fright of her life becase when i was in the toilet getting changed for gym and me and lucy were the last people in the toilets,lucy said to wait on her but i thought i would give her a fright,so i pretended to leave,by opening the door and closing it agein,then i hid in the toilet next to her and i axadently banged my head on the toilet wall,and lucy screamed to death (not literaly!) and got a shock! she had a little peek  round the door and sacreamed agein (my face cant be that ugly!) bacause she never knew it was me and we burst out laughing and went to the gym hall! 😀 LOL,C U l8er!

what happend to of the moon

 hi gess what  my mum ran into my room and told me that thear was an eclipce of the moon and she was rite I could see it from her roomTotal+Solar+Eclipse+1+Aug+2008this is what it looked like i was so gobsmaked and so was my bother robbie so we got yo eat our brekfast up-stairs so i could watch it  and it was AWESOME   I think its true that the moon go’s red when it covers the sun got to go bye 😉

snow sick

hi molly hear with some shocking  snow news .Snow can have its ups and down’s

Bad News

gess what at the weekend and  i had a sleep over at my grandmas but sad  thining was that iwas sick  and i had an asma atack to.:(:(:( boo hoo

big bumer

Since i was sick i had to stay in for most of the day but the good news was that i only had to stay in for 2 days just like on holiday in turky.( i had a infected toe  so i had to get an ingechon and it was painfull , i wasn’t alould to swimm for 2 days)

getting better

Every day i was getting better whitch was good news so i got to play more  whitch was gr8.

I’M  BETTER ;););)

The cute factor

Pug+on+a+Swing%21 This dog is so cute!, don’t U agree

hush shush

Hello everybody molly hear this morning we had to sit so quite you could hear a pin drop gota go c ya

short thing

hello peapol of earth this is a short thing from me my brothers are so loud there are no    speakers as loud as them  c ya later told you it was short

jade s

Jade is my bff she has a blog like me and it’s awesome click HEAR to see it.She has let me come to her awesome sleepover she has it all pland she has so much pland it cant remember eneything c ya.

band shopping

If you think shopping snores vill then you  feel the same way i do if not your a FHASHON GEEK eneyway  leave a coment on my blog to say if shoping shoud be BAND  or NOT    just say if it should be band becase I think it should be  BAND if you agree your AWESOME ;););):):):)

my minted voki

[kml_flashembed movie="http://vhss-d.oddcast.com/vhss_editors/voki_player.swf?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fvhss-d.oddcast.com%2Fphp%2Fvhss_editors%2Fgetvoki%2Fchsm%3D3b08ae41c240ee7ddf789eef70549697%26sc%3D2829882" width="200" height="267" allowfullscreen="true" /]

My Brother !!!

My little brother is called Robbie , and he’s a pain.He is 8 and he is in primary 4, his teacher is clled Miss L.His favourite thing is Ben Ten.His best friend is called Ben, he’s 8 aswell.Robbie is realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy ANNOYING !!! Everyone in the family calls him Bob. 🙂

Toy story 3

Hi   gess  what  i  went  to see toy story 3 in  3d    and  i  recomend   to  everyone  who likes toy story  its  awesome

cup stacking

On my big brothers birthday I learned how to do cup stacking and im a master at it according to my grandma. And man is it fun!I do it every day in my spare time it is awesome I had a competition to see who was the best against two of the teenagers and I won twice in a row. And I beat my grandma as well ( Im on fire)Im so good my grandma said I should go on britains got talent im that good at it. Hope you enjoy my next post c-ya!

my church

At my church at the end of every year the kids get a book and I have two,my little angel was my first book and my little book of  prayers was my second . hear is one of  the prayers  Little deeds of kindness ,little  words of love,help to make earth happy, like the heaven above.

My Life

Hi my name is Molly and hear is some facts about ME!;).My hobbiesareswimming  and dancing.My faverote color is gold.My best friendis Jade,lucy+more.I hope you know a little more about me;):)

Welcome To My World!!!!;)

Hi welcome to my new blog!!!!!!!!

PLEASE EXPECT RANDOM STUFF FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) 😉

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