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February 11th, 2011

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My REAL treasured possesions

June 15th, 2011

Im not very truthful but im going to be…remember my treasured possesions post…well I was late and now im going to tell you real treasured possesions


My PS3 means alot to me because I have lots of games for it and I got it 2009 christmas.I have 2 ps3’s one in Qatar and one in Scotland.I play the one in scotland the most because I have only spent atleast 1 month of my life in Qatar.

iPod Touch

Although I’ve lost it twice my iPod is my biggest treasured possesion because you can do so much on it.If I lost it my dad would kill me and if he didn’t I would probably cry my head off!


I would be really really really really hate it if a family member of mine died and I wouldn’t have the stuff I have if I didnt have my family.

Lego supersonic

June 15th, 2011

Loads of people in my class play lego supersonic.Its a car game and you have to get points by doing tricks in a lego car!Im off to play it.Bye!

Hell’s Attack

May 27th, 2011

Once upon a time,in the cold highlands of scotland,was a forest.But this forest wasn’t a normal forest.It was nothing you could EVER imagine.There is no senctence,word,adjective,noun,verb or anything to describe it.Except one…hell.And inside this forest was a cottage.An abandoned cottage.And in this cottage was a door.A black door,with blood over it.Thick,red blood.But behing this door was a box.And the thing inside the box starts the whole story.It was a green diamond that has been poisened.This posion was so deadly and posiounos it poisoned itself and made it even more posinous.But I didn’t mention that in front of this horrible forest was a house.A huge house.So big you couldn’t see the top.As unrealistic as it sounds its true.And who lived in this house was three very important people.The king,The Queen and there 11 year old son, James.The King,Arthur his name was, wanted his son to be a lawyer.But James had other plans.He had an obbsesion.He loved football.He could kick the ball so high up in the air it landed on the un-see able roof of his castle.He got his servant to climb all 3469 stairs to poke the ball down with a stick.So one day James was playing football outside and his friend Henry,who was eight and killed many of his girlfriends heads off, came over.Henry went in net as they call goals in the royal family and James to a free foot to ball (Free kick).James put it over the net and into the forest.Not just on the edge of the entrance of the forest, but miles into it.He heard a tiny smash like glass breaking.He couldn’t lose his ball.It was signed by messy.Messy is a 20 stone sumo wrestler who is a celtic warrior fan.He told Henry to go home to his mother Elizabeth and his Gran Mrs.Victoria.After that James ran into the forest full pelt.He kept running and running until he could run no more.He stopped and sat on a tree branch.He heard a snap.He looked up and saw a small animal.It was a squirel.It looked at him.”Wait…” he said “I-I-It has one…two…three eyes”.The squirel frowned.James jamp of the branch and ran more.He found a cottage.Yes THE cottage at the start.He saw a door,two windows and a cat flap.One of the windows here smashed.He said to himself “I may aswell knock on the door and ask for a drink” as he was diend for one.He knocked…no answer.He knocked again… again, no answer.So he tried to open the door.Locked!So he desided to carefully climb through the smashed window.He then saw two rooms.One with blood over it and the other said kitchen.He went into the kitchen.There were lots of cupboards.He opened one.It was filled with rat poison.He opened another one.Filled with black fruit and black potato’s in a box.He read the label on the black potato filled box.It said eggs.Best before 2004.Its 2011!He opened one more cupboard.Orange juice.But it was best before May 1st 1942.He ran out of that roome and slowly walked into the other room.He opened the box and touched the green diamond.Then in two seconds flat he fell to the floor shaking then eventually died.Ofcourse the king and queen never new this but by time sent a search party.No one who went in came out except for Dr.Bob Einstien.He got special gloved and took the diamond to his lab.He said “I beilieve there is now way to beat it…its growing…fast!And…and…and on the 17th of november 2012 something terribly wrong will happen…17th of november 2012…Armagedon”

Message from Author

First of all feel free to comment.Secondly this story has bits of Matt Haig’s book Shadow forest and the film 2012.2012 IS NOT ARMAGEDON.I was a little bit bored so I wrote this made up story takind famous historical people’s names and parts of their actions.Example Henry was 8 and killed his girlfriends, Henry the eigth killed most of his wifes.Bob Einstien the scietist,Albert Einstien the scientist.Thanks for reading, by Mason W


except historical names,matt haig’s shadow forest and 2012

Qatar 2

April 17th, 2011

Hi guys I am so sorry I haven’t been blogging I’ve just been so busy.I got a new ipod,I won a camera but yesterday at the beach it was under my towel and my dad knelt on it and cracked the screen!The camera was worth 400 ryal (about 80 pound) but I got it for 6 ryal.I have done lots of stuff and am having a great time with my  brother derrian!His talking is amazing for a 2 year old.Here are some pictures.

Getting to Qatar

March 31st, 2011

Hi guys!At the moment I am at my dads work in Qatar,as I wanted to come!I am on his computer.I thought I could tell you about getting here.I woke up in the morning at 4am.I had a shower then got changed and had a look in my hand luggage bag.I backed my DS,phone,a simpsons magazine,an app magazine for ipod ,my ipod,my shades and a packet of haribos.I was waiting for my antie elaine and she eventually got to my house.She gave us a tenner each.I had to go to denny with her.My antie Elaine picked up my bag the day before I left and dropped them of at my grans so we had to go to denny for that reason too!At denny we got all the bags and put them in the car.We drove to the airport and took the bags out the car.We said bye to my antie and went in from the car park.We put our bags through then went up stairs into a shop.We topped up our phones with a tenner.My gran got us both a boost and told us to share a bottle of lucozade sport.My grandad got me a roll and bacon.It was crispy,in the good way!We went to a number (I can’t remember what,something like G8) and sat on a couch.I played my ds for about 5 minutes until my Gran said we could go.So we went to the plane and of to Amsterdam!It took us about an hour and a half .I played my DS and talked to my mum on my phone.We landed and went to a bar.I got a cola.Me and mitchell sat at a table and my Gran went into the smoking room with my grandad.played poker on my DS and mitchell played fifa 11 on his.We left the bar and went to a number again.We showed them the boarding passes and they told us the flight had been changed.We thought it wasn’t to bad.We had to go to F8.Once we reached it we were absolutly puffed out.It was on the other side of the airport!!!But we did make it just in time.We got on the plane.I would tell you about it but the smartboard would crash it would be so long!So I’ll skip to Qatar airport.We went in and had to wait in an “other nationality” line.I t was huge!We got through and went to collect the bags.I went to get my grandads golf clubs.We went into a big room and there,standing behind a glass wall was My Dad,My brother Derriand and My step mum Mari.I was so happy to see them.I ran outside and the went outside and I ran to my dad and hugged him.Then I hugged my step mum.Then Derrian,and I also made him laugh by letting him punch me in the face.I pretended to be hurt,but I wasn’t.I will tell you some things I do today later.At the moment it is qauter past 7 in scotland but its qauter past 9 here.I will post to my blog again later,bye!


March 17th, 2011

Hi everyone,Sorry for not being on for a while but I’ve been quite busy!
Somethings have been going on so…have a look!

  • My Laptop Screen cracked.This is one of the reasons I haven’t been on for a while
  • I went to Aviemore and it was great!
  • I am going to Qatar on the 30th of March

Callender House

March 16th, 2011

We had a trip to callender house!We had to wear school clothes though,as it was a half day trip.We got put in groups.I was in the black group.I had to choose partner in my group so I picked Declan.We walked out to the bus and took our seats.This wasn’t a normal bus as it had feet rests, two arm rests and a tv.Sadly, the TV wasn’t on! But I still thought it was awesome!So on the way I talked to tommy.Tommy was next to me (On the other pair of seats next to Jay).We listened to Not Afraid by Eminem.Eminem please don’t sue me for writing your name on my blog!So me,Tommy,Declan and Jay all agreed that on the way back to carronshore primary I could sit beside tommy to listen to music and Jay and Declan could talk about WWE.We finally got of the bus and saw two women come out.Mari and Jennifer,I think their names where.Mari was swedish but lived in scotland.She welcomed us and introduced them selfves.We went to hang our coats up.Walking down,Lewis read a sign.”Please mid the step.What st-” as he fell down the stairs.Luckily there were only three stairs.Boy, I wonder what would happen if there were more than three!Whe turned left,whilst Lewis was getting up, the turned left and entered a door saying STAFF ONLY.Mari opened it and there,in front of our eyes…COAT HANGERS!We hung them up and then got arranged into other groups.The blacks and greens went to the Kitchen, whilst the other two groups went to the Laundry room.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen,with Jennifer as our guide, we saw another lady.I forgot her name.Did I mention Mrs.V was with us…ye…now you know!We were going to make snow cheese!I got to read the instructions,ingredionts and the tools we needed.Of cours, all of them were on the big table we gathered round.This rectangular table was in front of a huge fire, all in a Victorian item filled kitchen.Oh ye,our topic is Victorians and this is homework to write a review on it.A great way to teach us I would say!I should have also said mari and jennifer were dressed as victorian maids.We got to dress up just outside the kitchen,before we went inside.The girls wore the thing you wear round your tummy and a litetle white hat.The boys wore a waist coat and a farmers cap.So this is how you makes snow cheese.

What You Need To Make  Snow Cheese

A large bowl half-filled with cream

1 teaspoon of Rosemary

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

3 biscuits

Half a spoonfull of sugar

Small bowl half-filled with almonds

1 Mortar and pestle

1 Whisk


1. Whisk cream till thick.

2. Crush the almonds  with your mortar and pestle.

3. After that crush the biscuits with mortar and pestle.

4. Pour crushed almonds and biscuits into bowl of cream.

5. Whisk until all the almonds and biscuits crums are mixed in with the cream.

6. Put a teaspoon of rosemary in mixture and whisk.

7. Put a tea spoon of lemon juice in the mixture and whisk

8. Put the sugar in the mixture and whisk then it  again.

My treasured possesions

February 10th, 2011

1.My Blue jacket from next is one of ym treasured possesions as I think it is quite cool!

2.My dog teddy is another one of my treasured possesions because I got it when I was three from boots.

3.My match attax is my last treasured possesion as I spent oads of money on them and I have probably got 200+


1.Floppy is a hot water bottle teddy!

2.I called my teddy dog floppy because he had floppy ears.Then when I was six I discovered that on the label inside it says floppy dog.


I probably spend £50 on my match attax

I got fernando torres man of the match for free of my friend sean


my mum got me it

I got it in 2009 and it still fits me!

Game ratings

January 17th, 2011

Assasins Creed Brother Hood

I am going to give assasins creed brotherhood 9.9/10 because I don’t really understand it because I never was an assasin person.The online features are good though!The story is good to but a bit hard to get used to PS3 controls if you play black ops and all of those kind of things.I’d say you should buy assasins creed BH if you’ve played 1+2.You can buy it if you haven’t but I reccomend you should.

Call of Duty BLACK OPS

Call of Duty Black Ops is great.New Features:I wouldn’t say zombies are newer but it is better than world at war!It also has 2 player online.Great feature!But the graphics on COD 6 are better than Black Ops.Im going to give it 8/10..on graphics!But the game…10/10

Red Dead Redemption

Red dead redemption is a great game!Its sick though!The graphics are 10/10!It is a bit sad though.I would give it 10/10!

Undead Night Mare Feature (RDR)

I would give Undead Nightmare 10/10 if it made sense.On Read Dead Redemption (Single Player) you die at the end and play the son, Jack.But on Undead Nightmare randomly John is alive…and NOT a zombie!Considoring from that I recomend it.8/10.

Fifa 11

Fifa 11 is 100% awesome!New be a goal keeper is like be a pro…except a goal keeper.One thing is if you have to much data the NAMES on the bottom right or left corner are random.As in torres could be torino or something along those lines!

Charlie and the chocolate factory AR

January 15th, 2011

When I was out picking a book, I realised all the good books are to low or high a level for me!So I was looking around and suddenly I caught my I on one of my favourite films of all time!Charlie and the chocolate factory!I picked it up and saw what book level it was and it was 4.8!Perfect as I’m 4.8 – 4.10. Suddenly I thought “Is it the old one or the one with Johnny Depp?”So I opened it near the middle but I couldn’t find anything that had differences if you know what I mean.So I eventually said I’ll just read it.And is great.It even has songs in it.I’ll tell you a bit about it if you haven’t read/seen it.                 OK ,  Charlie Bucket is a poor boy and every time he goesto school he walks past a chocolate factory.He asks his grandpa joe about it.Mr Willy Wonka (owner of the chocolate factory) put 5 golden tickets in 5 of his chocolate bars.The people who reicieve get to go in the chocolate factory with Willy Wonka himself, as people have not seen him for 10 years.So charlie gets a chocolate bar for his birthday and he hopes to get a golden ticket.He doesn’t so the next day grandpa joe gives him 50 p to get another one.Again he doesn’t.So he becomes really skinny because it snows and his dads work (a tooth paste factory) is shut.So he has to clear the roadsfor change.He can only aford one tin of cabbage soup a day.Eventually he finds a 50p coin.He buys a chocolate bar.He gobbles it in no more than half a minute.He must have bought a cheap chocolate bar because he still has enough for a second one.And…a golden ticket.The shop keeper shouts “the last golden ticket!!” and dozens of people ask him for it for money.The shop keeper grabs his arms and helps him through the croud.The shop keeper then gets down on his knees and says (no its not a proposal!) “run home as fast as you can and dont lose that ticket!”So he does and he then realised the competitions tommorow.The dad walks in and is happy as well.Grandpa Joe sttarted to dance!They decide he can go with charlie.So they do.Did I mention the 4 others.One always gets what she want.One always chews gum.One eats all day(a german).And one watches tellevision all day and loves guns.So they go and the one that eats all day ,augustus,gets stuck up a pipe from the chocolate river.Im at the bit were they’re in a boat made out of hard boiled sweets.The one who loves guns,Mike, gets a row for liking the boat.


Fav animals

January 10th, 2011

I dont know much of the fav animals but I do know

Anna = Frogs



Robyn = Monkeys

Alyson = Zebras

Hayley = Dolphins

Cameron Bell= Dog



Liverpool strip

November 11th, 2010

custom imageThis is my football stirp.LIVERPOOL FC!!!!

Hi everyone

October 19th, 2010

Hi people of earth I am in class at the class computer.Im with Lucy N,Sean and Hayley.Everyone is crouding!Bye!


October 8th, 2010

I am going to tell you Australlia’s 10 most dangerous animals.

1.The box jellyfish is very dangerous.It can kill you if it stings you.If you dont die you should still put vinegar on the sting for 30 seconds.But still you need to get it sorted at the hospital.

2.The taipan is a large,fast and venom spitting snake.It would be found in Quensland and Western Australia.It would be in sugar fields were it hunts for rats.

3.Number 3 is a good member of Australia.The saltwater crocodile.It can go up to 18 feet.It is actually the biggest reptile/crocodillian known to live.Its found in Thailand, Vietnam and Northern Australia.It is usually well camouflaged both underwater or on dry land and strikes at an amazing speed.

4.Another serious threat for those that wish to explore the waters of Australia is the blue-ringed octopus – one of the most toxic sea creatures in the world found off the coast of Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Even though the octopus is only the size of a golf ball, there is no known antidote for its powerful venom. It causes motor paralysis, eventually leading to cardiac arrest. First aid treatment consists of pressure on the wound and mouth-to-mouth breathing that can last for several hours

5.Its the most venomous fish in the world…the one and only…Stonefish!The stone fish lives on the bottom of the reefs, camouflaged as a rock. It lives above the Tropic of Capricorn but can be found in the Queensland Great Barrier Reef as well. It’s venom comes from the dorsal area, that is lined with 13 spines, causing shock, paralysis and tissue death depending on the severity of the sting.When stinged by it put a bandage over it and then put a hot compress over it.The pain is said to be so excruciating that it lead to amputating the affected limb.

6.Six is a deadly spider called the red back spider.This species found all over the continent is Australia’s most famous deadly spider. The red striped spider has a neurotic venom that induces severe pain, however, deaths are rare. Thousands of people are bitten but only approximately 20% of the victims require treatment. Generally, the children and the elderly are the most exposed to the spider’s threat.

7.Theres alot of different kinds of the next one but the Pseudonaja (By the way I copyed that pseudius thingy ma boby) is a brown snake who is found all over contenints of Australia.Known as one of Australia’s most deadly creatures, the brown snake has a venom which quickly kills if it goes untreated.

8.Number eight is another snake called the Tiger Snake.The tiger snake is another of the many venomous snakes found Australia, particularly in the south bit of it.I don’t know where that is.The striped snakes are not generally aggressive and retreat whenever they have the chance. The tiger snake is known as one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Although anti-venom is readily available, mortality rates are around 45% if the bite is left untreated. Suposivly it is found in America and if you attack/kill it you will be sued $4000 or something like that.

9.Nine is one of my favourite animals…the great….white….shark!This large shark known as the white death,is said to be the biggest oredator fish(except from the megalodon shark but that shark is ecstinct).They can be found in groups at the southern part of Australia and even though in the movies (Jaws and Mega shark vs Giant Octipus mainly) shark see humans as prey in Australia they only eat you if you look…a bit like a seal??? Humans are not a good meal, because of the shark’s slow digestion compared to the human’s muscle to fat rato (I have no idea what rato means by the way!).

10.The darkly colored spiders resembling tarantulas have fangs and chelicerae with ample venom glands, that can even penetrate fingernails or shoes. They can be found in the eastern coast of Australia, New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland. First aid consists of applying a bandage and wrapping the bitten limb. As with other spiders, the main treatment is the anti-venom.

By the way many thanks to the writer of this australian animal page.I only copied 4 and 10 because I didnt know what the words meen.The rest I changed the words but used some like the brown snake had a long name that started with P and obvoiusly a nine year old boy is going to know how to spell it when he has seen it.Heres a link to the website.

Now I am going to tell you about the opera house.It is in Sydney.In the film Finding Nemo they get caught in the great barrier reef and also see the sydney house for a bit.This is a bit of info I got of wiki answers:The Sydney Opera House which sits at Bennelong Point in Sydney, Australia, had its conceptual origins in the 1940s and was designed by Danish architect Joern Utzon in 1955. Work commenced on the Sydney Opera House in 1959 and was completed in 1973. The building was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1973. Thats some great info!

The boy who lost his face AR

September 30th, 2010

My AR book is about a boy  who hangs about with these bad kids.They attack an old lady (but he doesnt) and he’s the one who gets cursed.Everything that happened to her will happen to him.They smashed her window and then he accidently smashed his mums window.They tipped her rocking chair over with her on it.He fell off his chair in class.You saw her underwear and then in spannish class David’s fly was down.By the way David is the dude that gets cursed.There is a girl he fancies called…he doesnt know her first name so he calls her Miss Williams.He is scared he’s going to poor lemonade over her face because thats what one of the boys did to the old lady.It has some strong language in it but I’ve kinnda got used to that over P5 and 6.But I still think this is a great book.

Cameron B

September 23rd, 2010

Cameron B is a great dude.He sits at my table along with Garry,Natasha,Alyson and Charlotte.He can make things funny like once at the group I said Jordan is awsome along with Sean,Lewis,Garry etc. and he said whos etc.It was funny in his tone of voice.So…ye rock on Cammy!

Blog star

September 23rd, 2010

Every thursday I am going to pick a name out of a hat and write them on my blog.Kian was a test so he wont get one.Well maybe he will.You dont know so since its thursday the post above will be Cameron.But wich one.Mwahahahaha!

Max in the Middle

September 23rd, 2010

Max in the Middle is great!Tommorow is the show.We have 2 songs and about 3 or 4 acts in different groups.I hope if your a kids parent at CPS that you can come cause its awesome.My gran is supposed to be coming.

Cross Country 2

September 23rd, 2010

OK today at cross country we firstly played a game called wolf catches sheep or something like that.That was fun.Then we went out and had the first race.I came 7th.That’s ten places more than last week.Then the second one I came 23rd which was OK but not great.What place will I come next week…will I be able to go to the races…find out next week on…Mason’s Blog!

MJ forever

September 17th, 2010

This is the MJ album cover!HEE HEE!Rock on michael jackson.

Bring and Buy sale

September 17th, 2010

Hi its me again.I am at the ICT suite write now.We are supposed to be at the p7’s assembly at quarter to 2 but we have the greatest teacher ever who loves computers so we’re here!Earlier on after play time we went to the junior area for the bring and buy sale.There was practicly only about 12 things left.Thats what you get for growing up!

My friend Kian

September 16th, 2010

My friend Kian sits beside me at class.I am going to tell you some of his ideas.WARNING:The fowlowing section of writing is COPYRIGHT as it is Kians.1.He has made an online football betting section.2.He has his own radio club 3.He is making a comic and has a great one about geography because I see him write it alot at our table.So I would like to congradulate Kian for being the first guest on my blog.Click  here to see his blog

Cross Country

September 16th, 2010

Today I went to the cross country trials.I came 17th out of 46 on the first race but I don’t know what place I came on the second one.I think if I behave I will get in because today was just the trials.

The Adventures Of Captain Underpants AR

September 15th, 2010

This was awesome.It was about two kids who mess up a football game at their school.The footballers want to find out who did it.The principal finds out and…Find out the rest when you read it.It was by Dav Pilkey.My first 10 out of 10.I am reading the second one.Its called Captain Underpants and the attack of the talking toilets.I will let you know about that soon.