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Primary 7

At the end of this week it will be the summer holidays !! On Thursday we got told that we were getting Mrs.Roberts and today we went to our new class. We had to write our strengths and weaknesses then once we had finished that we had to do a maths sheet that we had been given. While we were visiting Mrs.Roberts her class was playing rounders outside and Mrs.Vass was with her new class. When Mrs.Roberts’ class came back we went back to our class and that was the visit with Mrs.Roberts.   PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS!!

Calendar house !

On Friday, we went to Calendar House as part of our topic. When we got to school in the morning, Mrs. Vass gave us either a red, green or black sticker (that would be our groups.) I had a red sticker! We waited until about 9.35 then we went to the bus. When we arrived at Calendar House there were two Victorian ladies – one was a laundry girl and the other was a cook. My group and some other people went to the laundry with the laundry girl. The lady started to tell us about what the laundry girls had to do, she also told us about the tools they used. After she told us about that we got a shot at using the tools. The laundry girls don’t only have to wash and dry the clothes but they have to iron the clothes too! If you were ironing fragile clothes with parts of silk then you would use a lighter iron than what you would use for ironing thicker clothes like curtains. We also got to look at rich Victorians clothes that only some parts maybe not even that could get washed. After a while we went to a kitchen and made a recipe (I Can’t remember what it was called.) We added almonds, cream, lemon, rose water and lots more stuff. Once we made it we got to try it, I thought it tasted OK. After we finished we went to the back of the room and discussed about tools we use in the kitchen nowadays. Then we made our way outside and when we were waiting on the rest of the class we ate our snack. The rest of the class came out after a couple of minutes the rest of the class were out we got back into the bus and went back to the school. plz remember to leave comments xx

My Treasured possessions

I have lots of treasured possessions from all throughout my life but the ones I have chose to write about is an advanced level pass (my 1st one) and two gold medals that I won in Sheffield for being Brittish Champion. One of them I got was for coming 1st in my league against girls (the same age as me) from all over the uk, the other one was for a pairs league that I done with another boy and we won 1st place!!!


This my 1st advanced level pass for Tae Kwon Do!!

These are my two medals I won at Sheffield for being Brittish Champion!!!


Please leave comments I will upload my other ones soon!!!! xx

The weekend!!

At the weekend Robyn C came over to my house for a sleepover. Her mum brought her round about 3.15 on Saturday afternoon, when she arrived our mums were talking so we came into my room and we were getting all her stuff sorted and I was showing her my new hi tops I had got earlier that day. When my mum came back in we were on my laptop and she told my little sister that her friend was coming for a sleepover too, so my little sister was hyper!! My mum went away to asda and Robyn C and I stayed in the house with my dad and little sister Sophie. When my mum came back my dad went to the gym and me and Robyn C went to the chip shop and got all of our tea, (by this time skye, my little sisters friend was over!) Once we had finished our dinner we went to Scotmid to get sweeties (even although we had lots in the house) and some ice. When we got back we went onto my laptop again and all we really did was be on my laptop most of the night infact we were on until about 11.00pm. Once my mum told us to come off we were just talking then  eventually we  fell asleep.

On Sunday morning got up at about .30 and went to get more water then I came back and went to sleep.Then Robyn C and I woke up at about 9.30 and started to chat for  half an hour. Eventually we got up and my mum made our breakfast, then we got dressed and I dryed Skyes hair and Robyn dryed Sophies hair we got dressed and my little sister went over to Skyes house and Robyn C, my mum and I all went to Stirling shopping! Robyn got her hi tops I got vestops and we bot got false nails!  (I can’t remember what else we got!) When we came back we done each others nails and then Robyn went home, and that was my weekend!!!! (It was good!!!) xx


Hiya everyone, I was on imagechef and seen this I really liker it so I thought I would add it to my blog. Do You like it? Leave a comment and let me know!!! 🙂    🙂    🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂    🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂    🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂    🙂    🙂   🙂

my pet!

Heeey everyone like it I got it on awebsite called bunnyhero labs! You can get lots of diffweretn things on!!!
If you want to try it out click
HERE !!!!
Pleazz leave comments and tell me what you think!!! x


Today at school all the p6’s were outside in the playground. We were playing a game when there was 3 teams (but in total there was actually 6) and whoever threw the rocket the furthest was the winner. There was a group of boys, a group of girls and a group that was boys and girls. The boys group won but when the last three people were about to take their turn two big massive swans came thundering down from the sky, everyone got a fright and Mrs V said “everyone quick inside!!!” So everyone ran inside and was looking out the window and Miss M stayed outside to try and guide them across the other side of the playground so it was safe for everyone to go home from school! When we were inside Mrs V told us we had to write a description of what it was like, she also wanted to take a couple of photos but as far as I know we didn’t manage to take any! 🙁   When the bell went everyone ran outside and was standing on big piles of snow and ice to see the swans on the football pitch. Mr A was on the phone (I think it was the RSPCA) and Mrs N was feeding them something to keep them occupied. It was freaky!!!!

Here is a picture of two swans that were similar to the ones we saw!

My new header!

Hiya everybody do you like my new header? I used paint it was quite easy!!! plzzzz plzzzz plzzz leave comments!!! xx





Winter is here!!!

Hi everyone I have not  been able to do much during the unexpected break we had because it has been so cold but I will tell you about what I have managed to do though.


Well on Monday morning I had my clothes on and was eating my breakfast when my mum got the text saying that the school would  be shut, so when I finished my breakfast I went to put casual clothes on. That day my mum was supposed to be going Christmas shopping with my gran and grandpa so obviously she wouldn’t be going anywhere and the snow was that bad my dad didn’t even get to work, so it ended up my mum, my dad,my little sister and I were all in the house and were not able to go anywhere. So later on in the day my dad, my little sister and I all went out the back garden to make  snowman. (He was massive!!!) We came inside for a while and had a hot chocolate (yum yum) then my mum took us to the park and the snow started to come down really really heavy so we were not down the park that long.


On Tuesday my dad went to work and so did my mum so my little sister and I went to my gran and grandpas house. My grandpa could not get his car out of his garage so we didn’t go anywhere but we did go out their back garden and make another snowman. (But he was not that big!!!) When we came back in we were freezing so we sat by the fire and soon wwe were warm. My mum phoned about 3.00pm to say that she was just leaving her work and woudn’t be long. When we were all back home we had to go outside and feed my rabbit and the snow had went into her hutch and she was eating but when we gave her food to her then she was fine.


Wednesday I can’t remember what I did (oooopppssss) sorry!


On Thursday my dad went to work then about 10.30 he got sent home because the weather was getting extreme again, so we stayed in the house with him! We played the wii, we Played the play  station 3 and even some board games it was fun!!! Then later on we went to the park and we could barely walk in it because the snow was so deep!!!


On Friday my gran and grandpa came to my house and took my mum, my little sister and I up the town! I got some new clothe and I got my Christmas party outfit. My little sister got a dressing up outfit and my mum got a new jacket! After that my Gran came Tommy house for lunch and about 5.00 we took her up to her own house!


On Saturday my little sister went to her dancing at 9.45 to 10.30. When she came back we made cakes they were delicious!!! Our friends came for us so we went outside and played with them it was fun!!!


On Sunday I got up at 11.30 because the night before I was up very late! We went outside for a little while but it was too cold so we came back inside and had a hot chocolate!!! (It was fab! That’s what I like about the cold weather!!!)


Well it was Monday again and as everyone thought school would be back open again but it as snowing really,really heavy!!! My little sister and I still got ready for school because my mum didn’t get a text! Then when we were dressed and ready to go my Mum got a text saying that school was closed! Then later on my mum got another text to say that the Christmas carol concerts were cancelled and so was the Christmas lunch! When I was having my lunch Tommy M’s big sister Chantelle came to ask me if I wanted to go and help them build an igloo and I went out after my lunch! We made a plan but it actually turned out to be a big snowball fight instead! Then we went sledging at Gairdoch that was fun and all of us were absoloutley saturated!!!


 On Tuesday my Dad went to work and got sent home again then someone phoned him saying that it was ok for him to go to work again. My mum was already at work o my little sister and I were up at my Gran and Grandpas house then my Gran was on the phone to my Mum when my Dad had got sent home again because the weather was getting worse again so they were shutting roads so my Dad’s boss told him to go home so he didn’t get stranded!!!


On Wednesday the same happened againwith my Dad so we ended up going shopping for my Gran and Grandpa! Then we came home and we were watching lots of Christmas DVDs!!! Then later we had to go and collect my mum from herwork!!!! 


On Thursday we were back at school!!!!!

 Please, please, please leave comments!!!!!!!!! 🙂  



At the weekend I went to buzz coz it was my little sis birthday on thursday it was really good! She had a themed room and it was under the sea! When we went in all of  her little friends arrived, then my friend hannah G came and her little sister came aswell. We all stayed upstairs to get some juice and made sure everyone was there  and when we went downstairs everyone was running everywhere in the play area! (It was crazy!!!) Hannah and I went to get more juice because everyone was really,really warm so they were drinking loads and loads and loads!!! My mum told Hannah and I that we could be charge of the juice so we were running about the place  trying to get more juice for everyone it was quite funny actually!!! Soon it was time to get fed most people had chicken nuggets they were good and again Hannah and I were in charge of the juice and we were in charge of the tomato sauce but that was easier!!! lol! After we had our meal the birthday cake came out it was Hello Kitty and it was very delicous too, but in the party bags everyone got a bit of chocolate birthday cake it was very good too and we got other things in the party bag too!!! When it was time to go home everyone went away and we had to bag up all the presents there was loads and we could hardly fit three into a bag as they were all that big but we eventually managed!!! lol! When we got home it took us 1 hour to open all of  the  prezzies it was fun coz I got to open some too lol! xx plzzz leave comments xx


Hey everyone sorry nobody has been puting  just as  much things on their blog lately. 🙁   It is because we have an assembly  this Friday and everyone has been busy working on little scenes we’re doing and learning our parts we will be blogging a bit more after Friday (maybe if I ask the class we will be back blogging before then) bye for now remember to leave comments!!! x

Hi everyone this is from imagechef if you like it or want to use imagechef click on the picture and it will take you to imagechef!x


Hi everyone Mrs V made us all wikispaces they are so cool and some people are writing their stories on it but i’m not i’m going to finish mine first.Hayley and i are doing our story together but i can’t tell you what it is about. Click on the picture to view my wikispace (i don’t have alot on it) and click HERE to view hayleys blog. bye for now. Plzzz leave comments!xx

Max in the Middle

All of last week starting from Monday 20th September we had a project called Max in the Middle.There was two people came one Ash and one Lawrence  to help us during the week.It was all active things and we had a day of cooking we had lots of fun and  now i am going to tell you all about it!


Monday was called Meeting Monday.We got together and to start off we played a few games,one of them was the ‘The Zombie Game’ and Lawrence chose someone to go in the middle of the circle whoever was in the middle walked towards someone else who was standing in the circle that person who was getting aimed to had to say the person across the circles name three times then the zombie would start aiming for that other person but if you were caught then you would be the zombie.We played that game for about twenty minutes.after we played that game Ash played a game with us called ‘Funky Chicken’ this was my favourite game.It started off by everyone marching and saying “left,left,left,right,left” two times then we would stop and Ash would say “show me your funky chicken” and we’d go “whats that you said” she would say “show me your funky chicken” and we would say “whats that you said” then she would say “i said”then she would make up actions for it and there would be different sayings and different actions each time.(That was my favourite game.)It was break time and we were all exhausted !:) After break we went into the small hall and we had to get into our groups in my group there was Brooke ,Ryan,Cameron and me we had to make max shapes out of the people in our groups Brooke and i done the M Ryan done the A and Cameron done the X. We had to make bullying scenes in our group and we done ours on a sweet that someone gave someone a sweet but the other person didn’t get one and there was a very strict teacher so we had to watch out.In the afternoon Ash helped us to make up a dance it was tireing but fun!


Tuesday was called Tasty Tuesday. When we went into school in the morning we went straight to the hall and practised our dance until playtime.After playtime we were making food so we got put into groups of nine or ten then we  got told what we would be making one group made salmon boats another group made cheesy oatcakes and the last group made fruity crumble tumble.Each person had to challenge theirselves to try everything and most thought it would be disgusting but then they tried and they surprised theirselves because they liked it.We done that until lunchime and after lunchtime we practised our dance and we even had time for Ash to help us make up another dance again it was exhausting but fun!


Wednesday was called Workout Wednesday.All day we were acting dancing or talking about things for our show.First we finished off our first dance and our second dance aswell so we had to keep on practising both of our dances and doing other things too.We had to get into our food groups and make an act about th type of fitness we got my group had staminer and strength we had to perform that to the rest of the class.We had to make up a scene in your food groups and ours was Cafe Max brooke and ryan were tables, sean declan cameron and i were all customers, Robyn and Natasha were waitresses and garry and ryan were chefs i liked doing Cafe Max it was funny! 


Thursday was called Thinking Thursday because we had to organise everything for our show and make sure that everyone knew the two dances.Everyone was being noisy so it took us ages to put everything in order when we knew where everything went we rehersed it and it was quite confusing the first time but the second time round it was alot easier.For the second dance we were allowed to make a freestyle bit up for it and we got to choose the steps and the people we wanted to do it with.Hayley,Jay and i went together in a group we used one of the steps from our dance that the class were doing all together and the other two steps they just randomly came out of our heads.I liked that part! 🙂


Friday was called Finale Friday.In the morning when we came in we went to the big hall to reherse everything it took up some of our playtime but it was better that than us making a fool of  ourselves in front of our parents and our buddies and some of the teachers.The show made me nervous but i was still excited at the same time! 🙂

My comic life! :)

My comic life. You should use comic life because it is really good and fun you can do loads of things on it.This thing i made on comic life is all about my friends who are Hayley M and Brooke A.I have also got my rabbit Roxy and a horse that Hayley and I named Tara! 🙂 🙂 🙂

my football top! :)

I made this on imagechef it’s so awesome!If you like football you should go to imagechef and you will find it you can get lots of different designs.It’s smart!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

hey i made this quick! :)

 Hi I made this at 2.56pm but I still got it on my blog!This is comic life i think you only get it on certain computers but still if you can use it use it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is so smart!This is from imagechef too. I was exploring in the website and i found you get lots more!!!:) 🙂 🙂


Not this Wednesday but next Wednesday it is my Birthday I can’t wait! I want lots of things I just hope I get them all!!!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="480" height="312" allowfullscreen="true" /]


This is a picture of my rabbit roxy but i changed it into this i found it on luna pic! Remember and comment!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

welcome to my blog

This is my blog welcome! 🙂





This is cool!

🙂 🙂 🙂







This is a picture of my rabbit roxy!!! 🙂
















Today at school i learned how to put pictures on my blog as you can see i have added a few! 🙂



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