Going to Mrs Roberts class

Today we went to Mrs Roberts class.When we were at the door Mrs Roberts told us were to sit then Mrs Roberts said what she suspects from us in P7.Then we done our strenghts and weaknesses then we did maths then we went to our class again.


my pet!Hi everyone now I am  going to tell you about speedy my other fish here is what he like’s.Getting fed,speedding around the tank and anoyying other fish.


my pet!Hi guys i am going to tell you about my gold fish Goldy here it go’s.He’s 1 years old and dos’nt like my friends.If you get a fish remember to fed it and check if it’s ok.


Hi guys this is my new header.HOMER SIMPSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Please tell me if you like my header by leaving me a comment.

My school trip to Callendar house

Last friday my class went to Callendar house to learn about the Victorian’s.We learned how to make snow cheese, using almonds, sugar, rose water, biscuit, cream and lemon juice it was very nice.

We also learned how the Victorian’s washed their clothes using a washboard and soap, we washed a bonnet and an apron it was a lot more work than putting on a washing machine, but was also a lot of fun.


I hope you like the post bye for now.

MY TEDDY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are two of my teddy’s when I was born.

I still have them today!!

Me ready for bed.

This is me ready for bed but it is not my first bed time.


 My first bed time was on the 30/01/01, which is the day I was born.


I first went to bed at home on01/02/01 it’s that date because that is the day I was sent home by the Hospital.

My first bath

This is me in my first bath.

My photo book

This is my photo book.It’s full of pictures of me when I was young.

Treasured Possessions

1 – My two Teddys called Teddy and Ted

2 – The match ticket from my first Rangers game I went to

3 – My first Rangers top

4 – My pet fish – I share four with my little sister!

5 – My Grandad’s pocket watch and bowling medal

6 – My Ipod -I love music and games!


Hi everyone today I will do a book report on Horrid Henry.I have reid all the books my favorite book is Horrid Henry.So here’s my book report hope you like it.

Horrid Henry is a very good book my favorite bit in the book is when peter ( Henry’s younger brother ) tried to throw his dinner at Henry but he missed it hit his mum and peter was sent to his room.




Hi GuyS At IcT HeRe Bye.


For the last 8 days ( Well actually 14 teen but I am not counting the weekend) well here i go.


On Monday I got out of bed and got my cereal.When i was eating it I heard my Mum saying school was off i was over the moon.When i was finished my cereal it got dressed and went for a walk with Cameron B dog.The snow was very deep and I slipped and hurt myself.Most of the day I just played my xbox.


On Tuesday I got my breakfast then played my xbox and went out to play.When I was out I went in my friend Stuart and got lunch and played games.Then I just played my xbox.


My Mum’s friend came to our house to look after myself and my Sister as my Mum had to go to work. We played games inside for most of the day, we played with games and drew pictures, and the little ones played with Play Doh. I went outside to play and I went sledging with Cameron B. Ryan L. and Stuart M.


I went to my friend’s house in the morning with my little Sister as my Mum had to go to work again. We played on his computer and his xbox and also played some games. I went out sledging again with my friends after lunch. We went with his Mum and Aunt to the garden centre to pick a Christmas tree for them.


Two of my friends from my street came to my house to be looked after by my Mum, as their Mum was working. We watched a DVD in the morning which was a Christmas film and it was fun. After lunch we played Ker Plunk and Don’t Wake Dad and some more inside games. I went out and had a snowball fight with some of my friends from the street where I live, which was good fun, although we all got really wet.


My little Sister had her dancing exam today, my Dad and myself dropped my Sister and Mum at the dancing practice in the morning because the snow made it hard to park, we then picked them up after we went to Asda. We drove over to Grangemouth where the dance exam was taking place, she danced really good and passed her exam. When I got back to the house we got our Christmas decorations and lights out of the loft, I helped my Dad put up the outside lights, and my Mum and Sister did the inside. My Sister’s friend Sophie came to our house, and Garry came over to see me. Sophie and Garry stayed for dinner at our house, we got food from Chillies.


My Mum and Dad went to get some new Christmas lights today and I stayed at Stuart M’s house where we played on his xbox. My Mum and Dad ended up having to go to Linlithgow to pick up lights for outside the house, when my Dad got back I helped him fix the new lights to the outside of the house. 


Today Cameron B and his brother Luke came to my house to go back to school. My Mum got a text at 8.45 to say we were not to go back to school because of the bad weather, she had to cancel going to work and stayed home to look after us all. My Dad got stuck in traffic coming back from Glasgow where he works, but he was luckier than one of his workmates who was stuck in his car for 21 hours. Because of the weather we stayed inside and played between my house and Stuart M’s, we played the xbox mostly.


My Dad never got through to Glasgow today because of the weather he had to leave his car there yesterday as he could not get it out of the heavy snow. My Sister went to one of her friends houses to play and my Dad and I went out in a van which his company had hired. We did some shopping, went to the dump and did some work about the house. In the afternoon we picked up my Mum and one of her workmates from Work, we went in my Mum’s car.


My Dad got back to work today although it took him a lot longer than usual and the temperature was minus 20 on the way to work.  I went out sledging with my friends during the day my Mum went back to work today and my Sister and I went to Cameron B’s house. We played on Cameron’s computer and inside games the rest of the time.    


1 Rangers

2 Scotland

3 Holland

4 Arsenal

5 Falkirk


Hi everyone today Andrew (my friend) helped me to it.It is quite hard but I got the hang of it in the end so I hope you like it.BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi everyone i am at the computer with GaRrY,LeWiS AnD RyAn I know it is short but PlEaSe leave comments. ByE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are in the UK you will know HALLOWEEN was yesterday I am going to tell you what happened when I went trick or treating.Last night I went trick or treating with CAMERON B,RYAN,JACK M,LEWIS,MASON,ROSEY,MITCHEL AND STUERT.It was so fun because we got to eat are sweets when we were walking round the street.The best thing was ……………My friend gave me a TOFFEE APPLE.


This is BLING




This is my hat from imagechef.


This is my AWESOME number plate.


Ayres Rock

Ayres Rock is called Uluru in the Aboriginal language it is named after the Chief Secretary of Australia at the time it was discovered, he was called Sir Henry Ayres. There are many tourists visiting the rock every year which is good for the economy of the nearest town – Alice Springs.

Sidney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is most famous nowadays for the New Year’s celebrations where the fireworks are set off from it.

 The Bridge was declared open in March 1932 an a man on horseback rode forward and cut the ribbon with a sword before the official opening ceremony and got arrested.

Sidney Opera House

  The Sydney Opera House has a very famous shape which makes it stand out in photos and is unmistakeable and is a recognised world heritage site. It cost $102 million and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of Australia and Britain) in October 1973.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system in the world and is made up of nearly 3000 individual reefs and 900 islands. The Reef is a World Heritage Site and supports a lot of rare species including coral, whales dolphins and porpoises.



 Bondi Beach is in Australia.Bondi Beach is in Sydney and lots of people go there every day. The population is 10,373 thats a big number. Bondi Beach became a beach in 1851, and a swim club was founded in 1929. This is a picture of the swim club now.

This is north Bondi.

Lake Eyre is a very big lake you can see it from space. Lake Eyre is in South Australia. The Yacht club is a group of sailors who go on the lake floods and sail.

This is a land speed record attempt which took place on the lake.

This is Lake Eyre in dry season.

Lake Eyre in rainy season.

Alice Springs


Alice Springs population is 27,418. The mayor is Damien Ryan. Alice Springs is the second largest town in the Northern Territory. The aboriginal people have made their home in the central Australian desert in and around the site of the future Alice Springs for more than 50,000 years.


1 Dynamite by Taio Cruz 2 What If by Jason Derulo 3 Solo by Iyaz 4 Ridin Solo by Jason Derulo 5 OMG by Usher 6 We No Speak Americano by Yolanda 7 Wavin Flag by K’naan 8 We Dance On by N-Dubz 9 Frisky by Tinie Tempah 10 Replay by Iyaz 11 In My Head by Jason Derulo 12 Playing With Fire by N-Dubz 13 Baby by Justin bieber 14 Don’t Stop Believin by Journey 15 Young Forever by Jay-Z 16 One Time by Justin Bieber 17 If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland 18 Look For Me by Chipmunk 19 One Less Lonley Girl by Justin Bieber 20 First Dance by Justin Bieber 21 Beat it by Michel Jackson 22 Bad by Michel Jackson 23 Smooth Crimial by Michel Jackson 24 Triller by Michel Jackson 25 Billie Jean by Michel Jackson 26 Black or White by Michel Jackson 27  Written In The Stars By Tinie Tempah 28 FireBurning By Sean Kinston.


This is my cool picture.

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