The Animals collide

Meet the characters :-

my pet!

my pet!

my pet!

Once upon a time there lived the last animals on earth, Hamish The Highland Pig, Finney The Ferret and last but not least Pepe the Spanish Warrior.(If you’re wondering why there are only three animals left,  The sqeakish bang happened and killed every animal on earth died :() They heard that the king of the devils was planning on hunting them down. He owns the land and is the animals evil owners. As Irn – Bru bottles are big in Devildanian and are the only weapons. The most famous song in Devildanian is I’m Flying Through The Air. Anyway, the animals stick together. That Night they reached the capital of Devildanian, Irn – Bru heaven. Whilst lying on the Irn – Bru heaven pillow, they were arguing over who will die last. The devil overheard as the owner of the land and heard they thought Pepe the highland warrior.

The devils laughed, they went to see the animals sleeping. He set fire to the land, Hamish The Highland pig luckily woke up and smelt this horrifying smell. He screamed so loud he may of woken the whole country. Finney The Ferret dashed whist weeping on Pepe the Spanish Warriors back. They ran for it. DULP !!!! BANG !!!!!!! CRASH !!!!!!!! AWWWW  !!!!!!!!  Pepe’s down but nobody cared, they sprinted on panicking as Pepe is the strongest. They got into the devildanian palace …

There was the devil shocked and he was very, very, very furious. The devils were being evacuated out of no where in the devils angermania machine. They ran, the devil started to get evacuated. The 2 animals then started evacuating up. They were 1 mm from dying ……                    phew, from nowhere Pepe saved the 2 animals and just left the devil to die.


4 thoughts on “The Animals collide”

  1. What a great idea for a story, kian 🙂

    I’m very impressed! We’ll share this with the others in class and put a link to it on the class blog.

    Why don’t you put a link to it on our class twitter account as well? I think other teachers would love to read this.

  2. cool i love hamish he is soooooooo cute and i like the name pepe 2 wat made u decide to write about that bazzar idea but i loved the story anyway

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