My Car Run In The Dark

Today, Friday 24th September my parents took us out chips.We went a long run too.First my dad drove to Bannokburn but got lost.He had to make a phone call to someone at his work. On the way back I had too look for a chippy but wierdley there was none. My dad then took us too Linlithgow for The chippy, the chippy is called Golden Chip. So we sat in the car and ate our delicious chips. I got a hamburger in crunchy batter with chips. My sister Molly got fish and chips, a very traditional dish in Scotland. My mum had a Black Pudding and chips. Don’t forget my dad who had a king rib also with chips. My sister wanted to go to the swing park and feed the ducks but we weren’t able to because it was pitch black and also boltic.We then went down little back roads and spooky roads too. Alough I am good at geography even I was lost. Eventualy we reached the carpark next to the Falkirk Stadium.Then I knew where I was. My dad took lots of wierd roads to try and get me lost but it was a fail. I told him where to go. He thought he was so smart he would go to Grangemouth and try and lose me but no still a fail. Soon we went on a bridge where we could see the whole of Grangemouth. We even saw chemicals getting made. We then headed for home. We left at 7 : 30 PM and we were only ment to be going out untill 8 : 00 but no we were out untill 10 : 30 PM. I was going to watch  TV but I was too tiered. My mum said I could do anything in bed. I got to bring up Penn State Pretzels and I recomened them to anyone. I only ate 3 untill I fell asleep.

4 thoughts on “My Car Run In The Dark”

  1. Wow kian you have made me quite envious with your excellent description of your run in the dark! most of my happiest memories as a child were going on runs like that with my family especially if visits to the chippy were involved! I am looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  2. Your Dad sounds great, taking you out for adventures disguised as a run for chips! I bet he’s really proud of you because he couldn’t catch you out on your geography of Falkirk.

  3. Hi Kian,
    I have been lost driving round Falkirk in the dark. (I was going to meet Mrs Vass).

    Great post, I love how you make a list of things eaten more interesting by including extra detail.
    I also like the fact that you explain about fish and chips for a foreign audience, this is important when blogging as you do not know where your readers will come from.
    A blogging tip, miss a line to break up your writing (for example after the chippy). This will help people reading in a web browser.

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