The Teddy Travels The World !

One foggy day a teddy bear called  called Zac was in a little boys bedroom,he wanted to travel the world.So he asked his best friend ,a dinosaur,his name was stroop.That day they tiptoed downstairs and zoomed out the house.Zac rid on stroop and were on there way to England.(The teddies lived in Scotland)

When they reached Berwick  they they stopped to see the museam in berwick then Zac said “five minuites to england”! The next stop was Bolton,they went to the Reebok stadium to watch a Bolton FC play football.The next stop was Birmingham ,they went to a take that concert in the ACC Arena.The final stop in the UK is London,to see the :- Ivy, the london eye ,big ben,tower of london and towns of leyton and orient.In London they took the tube underwater to france then went from france to Italy

In Italy they reached lake garda they found lemons in lemione.In ten minuites they reached Verona they saw the Veronia musemina.Next came Rome and they had so much to see but they saw the colliseam.They took a long journey to Venice where they saw the famous bridge.Everything was water.After that they went to lazio where they saw Gazza.At the end of the time in italy they decided to go to napoi for famous statues.

Next came the Netherlands,the flattest country in the world.First they visited Alkamaar for cheese.the capital Amsterdam came next where the toys saw lots and lots of people.The most beautifal place is Delft where it is famous for delph blue items.Wassenaar was where the Duinrell campsite where they went on the rapids,weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!Last but not least was Den hagg where the main queens palace is,then one of the biggest beaches in the world,schavignen.They saw lots of windmills

 Next came france where they first visited Annecy where lots of  people thet go to universaty to a course.Next Lyon where they watched Lyon FC play football.Then marsellie where they ate snails and chocolate ants also trpe.Next came Lavender where they picked lavenders.Then Paris where  you can see the arc de treomph and lots of other famous lanndmarks.The Eiffel Tower has 1500 steps or a lift.

The next journey is Spain,they were watching spain win the world cup,that day they ran the Barcelona  marathon 25 k.In Barcelona they visited the second biggest football stadium in the world,the Nou Camp.Soon they headed for Madrid,the capital.they went to art gallaries.They could not forget the bueatiful Canary Islands,pasfect for a relaxing holiday.They visited Salou and Ibiza,very popular holidays.

After a 24hr journey the  teddies reached Australia where they met lots of friendly people who ended up joining the gang.First they came to the Sydney bridge,(the highest point in oceania)Then the sydney opera house to listen to Paul Puts and the location of the All Stars School.The capital canberra came next where they saw lots of insects and kangeroos.Then they visited Perth and got lots of sun.The sections of Australia are:-Western Australia,South Australia,Northern Territory,Queensland ,New South Wales and Tasnia.They went to Adelaide and Melbourne backpacking for 6 days.

Next they went to three of the hottest holiday places on earth.Tunisia,Turkey and Cyprus.First they went to the top of africa and visited Tunisia,(Tunisia is very popular with beaches and spas.They then traveled to Turkey where they went to lots of swimming pools.Everything in Turkey is extremley cheap.there currency is CHF.Next there’s Cyprus who have there own airline.

America,the most popular place in the world.Zac saw Miley Cyrus,Beyonce,Jason Derulo,Justin Bieber,Britney Spears,Timbaland,Justin Timberlake ,Katy Perry and many many More.They stopped and ate hamburgers.The most popular American foods are,Cheeseburgers,hot dogs,brownies,cookies and stickey toffee pudding.That day they visited the whitehouse,where Barac Obama lives.

Don’t forget An islan called Easter Island where it lies in the Atlantic.It is a part of Chilie but it got blown away in a big storm.The only thing on it is the Moami Statues,they are awesome.Never forget that story.

As they headed back a Lemon Shark came and ate them all up


The end !!!!!

4 thoughts on “The Teddy Travels The World !”

  1. Great story; clearly a football loving bear as well as a world traveller! I hope you’re going to post more of your writing.

  2. Hey Kian – what a great story. I loved the part about the AllStars in the middle – how exciting for us and clever of you 🙂
    Those teddies had an awesome adventure, you really do know a lot about geography!

  3. Hi, I really love your story and when I am older I want to be a author! I love writing and reading. I can type really fast and one of the best books i’ve wrote is called Back In Time, It had a 1,938 words. I hope you get your book published like I hope with mine.

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