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My Fantastic Holiday To Turkey 25 of June – 7 of July (11 days) the trip

The Trip

I couldn’t stop dreaming about it as it was stick in my head. When I woke up, my family had totally no chance of sleep. I burst through into my parents room, still thinking about my holidays. My mum and dad didn’t care much about me being up early. Strangely I can kind of tell that my mum will get short of sleep and fall asleep the whole way there. My sister must have heard me because she stormed into my room reagent about me waking her up. Here entrance into the room was very funny but she didn’t think so. She just stomped in, ignored everyone, and headed for me! It was still drama of the day, the time came, she started trying to punch me. but I just stayed where I was because I was enjoying the free sour massage. (I’ve still got the broses yet!)

Downstairs I had my breakfast, (A bagel with butter and jam) My mum and dad hat toast and my little sister (Molly) had bread and pate. Then me and my sister had a conversation about Turkey. Molly was determined that she’s meet a friend before me and that not like me. She also said “I’ll definitely meet more friends and better ones” (More on that Later) I disagreed so then we ended up making bets. I said ” I’ll give you 10 mints in that case” (As I’ve got loads) I was kind of hoping that hers was 2x as good but … It was 2 mints. I said deal. Funnily enough it turned out to be cool in the Morning because I got a few stuff to finish my backpack that weighed 12 kg. That’s 2 kg over! Molly’s was 9kg which is 1 under 🙁 At 11:15 me and molly came up with a plan on going early, that was that we’d beg until we could get changed and clean our teeth (ect) That meant that we’d be ready to go earlier 🙂 Before we went to beg my mum came and waisted the plan. She said “Teeth Ki Ki and Moo Moo.” Anyway me and molly rushed into the bathroom to clean our teeth whilst my mum put the last few bits and bobs in the suitcases. my mum is very sneaky because she sneaks cereals, pop tarts (ect) into the suitcase. I said “mum just buy them there mum because they’re cheap.

We we hanging about then my dad said “Come down here, look at this” Knowing my dad it’d be something very stupid! But it wasn’t it was a bird who flew in. It was sunny so it wasn’t the weather, Aha! I yelled, it is injured. We still didn’t know what to do so I went to see it. It flew out. I ran inside screaming thinking it’d get me! I was screaming like a girl. My dad my mum and even Molly was laughing. It was embarrassing. By the way the money in turkey is called lira and it is the 3rd cheapest money in the world! and the 3rd hottest country in the world!

After the embarrassing bird incident, the time came, we were about to leave. Just a few things to say :- We went for 11 days because of my cousins 21st. We dropped my dog off at my dad’s friends house but even he got 14 days 🙁

We put all the suitcases in the boot. It is totally miniature but when you put stuff in it it looks humongous! Next my mum said “I need to go to my shop (Charlie sisman’s newsagents, my granddad’s shop who’s dead now :() Now my mum owns it. We came in and my auntie was in, working. She said ” Hi kids, pick a sweetie to go on your holidays and I picked toffee chews and 2, 5p vimto fizzy lollies. I put them in my rucksack beside my other 5 million (not literally) sweets in my bag. Then we went to get petrol in the car and that was the last stop until the airport. I swear my mum was out in 2 clicks of the finger. When we left to go to the airport me and molly made up for our about our 5 million fall – outs ever (really literally!) By the way we left at 1 pm! When we were on the motorway and in Bonnybridge Molly kept on laughing. Are you wondering why? Well, I kept on getting swept over to Molly in her car seat and kept banging my head of her car seat. At least once every minute you could hear laughing and the word “AWWW!” I was thrilled to get to the airport. My head had like 100 little boozes. At our carport we dropped the car of (obviously) and got out. We walked miles and I toed 2 cases! Luck Molly and my mum never had any to toe! We waited 15 minutes on a 2 minute shuttle bus to the airport. It wasn’t busy or anything like that. We went with park safe and all the other buses kept going! For the first time today I actually managed to stay patient (not) I was panicking mad saying the same sentence, “Hurry up bus, we’re going to be late 🙁 🙁 🙁 We all went to the toilet. When the bus came we jumped for joy!

Then everyone came 🙁 2 mins later we arrived. Being Glasgow it rained so My dad went to get a trolley to put our very heavy suitcases on the trolley. Poor dad had to push it. at our section of the airport we went into the Que to get our luggage weighed. They were all over. We were very worried, so, we looked to see the strictest. We got called over and our luggage got put onto the plane. We got away with it! We celebrated quited. It was saving us an astounding 50 pounds! So we went to a place in the airport called Fresh Food Central. Me and my mum had a fish supper and chips, what shockingly added up to a tenner. My dad wanted nachos which were 7 pounds 50 pence. My sister was very grumpy so we didn’t want here to go on a rage cage so we let her snack. My dad waited a hour on nachos and never got them. He went to go and ask about them and they’d been left in the oven all burnt. He took them anyway! Inside he was furious. We then saw that it came up gate 37 to Dalaman Turkey airport. We walked round and sat there with a few sprites and cokes. My mum’s best friend Jennifer and her husband were on our flight. They have a little boy smaller but older than me! Jennifer’s husband (Danny) had a pint of beer. The gate changed to gate 31. We then seen, boarding plane. we still stayed. 5 minutes later it came up last call, then we went.

There was a que so we were in luck! We showed the lady our passport. I kind of held the plane up. I was playing in the plane out the plane. Our plane was bug but when we sat down there was no room, according to everyone on the plane. I was very exited when the plane started to drive slowly. Then the lady went through all the boring but life saving lives. Me and my dad then just spoke about what could go wrong. For instance, the plane couldblow up, a bird could hit the propeller, breakdown, crash, land in water and loads more 🙁 🙁 🙁 My dad said that his friend used the life vest and told me about them. Me and my dad are scared of heights so we weren’t looking forward to going up. The plane started rising I was very scared and could hardly breath. My tummy felt weird and my ears popped. I was 100% relieved to be up in the sky. At least I cold now play my electronics now. I played my ipod for 30 minutes straight then my other electronics for another hour. I thought that the light was 5 1/2 hours but it was only 4. at 2 hours we got our meals. They were nice but everyone else said they were horrid. My mum payed 50 pounds for them. I knew what country we were in by looking down. I knew we were in Greece which is right above Turkey. I just watched that for hours. Molly met a friend on the plan 🙁 1-0 to her. Eventually, we got signaled to put our seat belts on. We went down in a flash.

At the airport we stood behind a red line. When you stepped over it accidentally the Turkish police yell at you. The Turkish language is awesome. Police is polis. The Turkish are friendly, More later. We went to pick up our luggage, It was 2 lira for a trolley. My mum said “We haven’t any when we had loads. We got away with it. We then went outside. I yelled YES! when we took our first steps. It was 28 degrees celsius at 12 : 30 at night! We went over to the Thomas Cook representative and asked where our bus is.

It was absolutely massive. It was a 5 star but the TVs never got switched on 🙁 🙁 🙁 We had to wait 40 minutes for the bus to fill. Molly slept the whole plane journey and on the bus. The bus went, The representative wouldn’t shut up! Eventually she offered us Ice cold water. It was boiling as there was no air conditioning until she said how they work. It was 28 degrees Celsius outside thatmade it worse. In the but there is ment to be a bit in marmaris, our town, where you go up a mountain on a road then at the top there’s no edge and the driver shakes side to side pretending that we will fall of, not pleasant. That was the 2nd scariest moment of my life. My first is when I san in front of the biggest road in Amsterdam. It was 2 o’clock and the bus reached our hotel Club Exelsior. We went into our hotel and I was determend that it was the wrong one but it wasn’t. We got to our apartment and it was cool. You put like a card into the door to get in. Then we looked around. The kithen/Livingroom/beedroom was cool. The couch turned into a bed. The was a desk with 3 seats a massive fridge/freezer, a panasonic tv with english chanels, air conditioning, kitchen equiptment, sink, loads of shelves and cupboards, wardrope, a mirror bit which was Mollys, loads of room and a microwave. We had a balcony. It was on the 4th floor which is the top floor, it is situated right in the middle. Our balcony had the best view in the whole site. My mum and dad’s bedroom had a double bed, a mirror, air conditioning, tv, drawesrs, shelves and a wardrope. And the bathroom had a bath/shower a toilet a sink, a towel rack and a rug. It had a big tabe with drawers and on the wall was a mirror. At 3 am we sat on the balcony and ate pringles. That’s called chillin’. After that we came in and had a little chat. It was still extremley hot. I got to sleep in the big double bed the first night because my mum thought I wouldn’t be comfy. I had to take the opertunaty of sleeping on a nice comfy bed.

The Trip

I slept for a while then at 11:15 am this song called good morning came on and woke us all up.

Betting Is Back With A Twist

Hi betters, You’ll be happy to hear kianbrokes is back !!! Yip, it’s bigger and better. To play you have to say the team you want, who they play and it’s as easy as that. Win mints for bets. You can only bet 25 times in 8 days ! If you want, you can vote in person if you go to Carronshore P.S.

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

Bon Voyage

Goodbye mrs Vass, you have been a great teacher this year and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have experienced so much. I think you have been exeptional, expecially on the PC. You are my favourite ever teacher and I will miss you. I have also moved up from level C all the way to level E in maths. I have also improved in other topics such as language, comprehansion and also more. I have strongly improved on the internet. (How do you know every website on the web :)) I have to praise you for all the hard work you put in to our blogs, ePortfolios (ect) Oh, one more thing, I have vitally improved in my script work. Goodbye 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

m vass.png

My Trip To P7R

Mrs Roberts is nice if you’re nice to her. We got a piece of paper and had to write our streinghs and weaknesses. Then eventually it ended we had to then write maths. I got to my 2nd page.

Our Internet Safety Information Evening

On the 2nd of June 2011, we held a internet safety information evening. We had to arrive at 6:15 pm and got all set up. There was shockingly only 18/30 people came. 50 parents came and the owner of CEOP apparently. Unfortunatley the police couldn’t come as they were on juty. At 6 : 30 the whole thing kicked off,(it was supposed to last 1hr)  Andrew and Natasha hosted the evening. Kyle and cameron B were going to talk about our glow blogs. Then Lucy K, Eilidh and Natasha were talking about some of the tools we use. It was nailbitiing because I was up after Jay and lewis, they were going to talk about our audience. When Mason called out The Sunday Post. I stood up, was calm and just focused. And then Elisha, Lucy N and Jennifer. I, andrew and Jack talked about ePortfolios. Then a few other groups spoke about the internet.

Knowledge On Geography

If  you know me I love to do geography. So I thought that I could be geography genius and you can ask me anything about Geography.

Or For You To Win Mints You Just Need To answer these 4 questions correctly.

1. What Is the capital of Afghanistan

2. Is Africa a continent or country

3. Is easter island a real country

4. What is the capital of Croatia

My Group At School

Hi, Kian here, This is what everybody at the group is. Hope You get to know a bit more about my group.

Funniest – Elisha

Smartest – Andrew

Quietest – Elisha

Loudest – Jack

friendliest – Andrew

We are called the Gummy Bears.


Thanks for taking the time to read. Are you offended by this ? Comment why, also tell me all about your group and maybe your group will be up there.

OH NO !!!

Oh no, you’ll never guess what, the volcano. It erupted very near Eyjafjallajoekull in South Iceland. The lava began to pour out at around midnight (The volcanologists that study volcanoes may be exadurating !) The ash clouds are devistatingly 100 meters thick and it hit Scotland hours later 🙁 The News men say that the ash may last weeks on end which sucks. I leave for My Holiday in 5 weeks incase you were nosily wondering. Please leave a comment saying how long you think the ash will last.


Hope You enjoyed it and that the ash clouds go away ! 🙂

Jack’s Camping Trip

On Saturday 21st may I was going to Jack’s Birthday Party, We were Camping In Callendar. Jack D, me, Angus M and Cameron G. I woke up at 8 Am I was quite exited. My first movement was packing. I packed 3 different sets of clothes as we live in Scotland the coldest place on earth to me ! I had packed a PSP with my 4 games, Fifa 11, World Cup 2010 South Africa, Buzz and also Football Manager Handheld 2011. I also packed my Ds, My awesome phone, also my Ipod Touch 4 worth £195 ! My mum woke up to get changed for her work at 8.30 Am and she gradually came downstairs bothering to much about her stupid Make-Up (She is a tomboy as that is the only thing she likes) She had made me a bagule with butter and jam. She left at 8.50 Am. My dad woke up and said that I have to amuse myself utill 12 o’clock. That’d be really easy.

When the hand struck 12 I lept to the window utill they came, Jack was with his dad. Cameron lives around the corner from me and we picked him up. On the way we were just chillin’.

When we arrived at Cally camping park it was bucketing with rain. That was really bad. Cameron G had put the child lock on and couldn’t get the snib up. They all tryed but failed really badly. I got it on my first attemt. When we got to our spot we just ran up to the massively, awesome forest. We explored and ran. I then suggested that we play hide n seek in pairs and we did. We had to go in teams so I went in Jack’s team. We tanned them rotten. We broke the rules and bolted to the toilet. We did need but we walked back in slow motion. They had been told buy Jack’s dad Steven that we were at the toiled, we went mad. Jack had suggested that we get his football and take it to the goals. It was me and Angus VS  Jack and Cameron. They won 🙁 but it’s only a game !

We helped Steven put up the gigantic tent up. We went in and Steven made himself a little room. We all played our Ds’s against each other, Angus was adicted to this game named Scribblenaughts. Soon he left Camerons DS and then played a game called Stop The Bus. The rules are that everyone picks 4 catagories. Then someone goes through the alphabet until somebody says “Stop The Bus” Then you have 2 minuites to think of stuff begining with that letter under the catagories. I won by a mile and it was a great game.

We went outside to play in the forest for an hour. Steven said “If it clears up by 5 we’ll cook the hamburgers and sausages. At this time it was 4. we played 4 an hour at Hide and Seek in the forest. We were the best hiders ever ! We looked for the mud slide that Jack had built 2 years ago. Unfortinatley it had been wreked. Jack and the other family that were there last time carved a snake called the Snak Safara. We went back to the tent and it was pouring buckets. We had to abandon the idea of the burgers and sausages. We went to the chippy instead 🙂  I got a hamburger supper, Angus had a black pudding supper, Cameron had a medium fish supper and chack had a portion of chips as they had no chicken nuggets.

When the car got back from the 1 1/2 journey we ate our food, there were no left overs. Steven had brought Irn – Bru and we had loads of that. Shortly later we had crisps and a kit – kat, it was scrumptious. Cameron’s DS was still being used by Angus whilst he was playing scribblnaughts. It was a general knowlage quiz with animations and levels. We nosely went over and peeked at Angus who needed help. The question was who hasn’t been around for long. We couldn’t get it so Steven went on his iPhone and got us the impossible question answer. It was a small – man.

Steven gave us a little while to play football then change into clean clothes.

We played a game on the blow up bed, the aim was to take turns at boucing on it. Cameron sat on the blow up bed and we all jumped on it, he went flying. We done it with Jack, he went flying to. Me and Angus went nowhere of the ground.

We went to clean our teeth and had to run to the car, Jack ran from the tent and ran. We went to the toilet and cleaned our teeth, I came racing out and was alone in the car. Angus and I had a chat and I decided to put toothpaste on my face and I drew a mustache.

At bedtime we got into our sleeping bag and told ghost stories and had a chocolate feast. Steven then gave us a trivia. One of the questions was who is the best looking girl singer. They all said Katy Perry but I said Jennifer Lopez.

We all had to get to sleep but jack disobeyed that and talked we got 10 minuite talk time. After the time we talked but jack got sound. He kicked, snored and all that sort of thing. He is a nightmare to sleep with

When we woke up it was 7 am and I only got 4 hour sleep. We ran to the toilet and it was surprisingly sunny. We quickly ran back and got a bowl of cereals (I had coco-pops) then we cooked pankakes, I had 3 and the others had 2.

We played the usuall stuff and came back to play bowls. I won then we done tours of the place for our famalies.

That Was My Fantastic Trip



The Animals collide

Meet the characters :-

my pet!

my pet!

my pet!

Once upon a time there lived the last animals on earth, Hamish The Highland Pig, Finney The Ferret and last but not least Pepe the Spanish Warrior.(If you’re wondering why there are only three animals left,  The sqeakish bang happened and killed every animal on earth died :() They heard that the king of the devils was planning on hunting them down. He owns the land and is the animals evil owners. As Irn – Bru bottles are big in Devildanian and are the only weapons. The most famous song in Devildanian is I’m Flying Through The Air. Anyway, the animals stick together. That Night they reached the capital of Devildanian, Irn – Bru heaven. Whilst lying on the Irn – Bru heaven pillow, they were arguing over who will die last. The devil overheard as the owner of the land and heard they thought Pepe the highland warrior.

The devils laughed, they went to see the animals sleeping. He set fire to the land, Hamish The Highland pig luckily woke up and smelt this horrifying smell. He screamed so loud he may of woken the whole country. Finney The Ferret dashed whist weeping on Pepe the Spanish Warriors back. They ran for it. DULP !!!! BANG !!!!!!! CRASH !!!!!!!! AWWWW  !!!!!!!!  Pepe’s down but nobody cared, they sprinted on panicking as Pepe is the strongest. They got into the devildanian palace …

There was the devil shocked and he was very, very, very furious. The devils were being evacuated out of no where in the devils angermania machine. They ran, the devil started to get evacuated. The 2 animals then started evacuating up. They were 1 mm from dying ……                    phew, from nowhere Pepe saved the 2 animals and just left the devil to die.


Sorry But Good News

I will hopfully be able to write a blog post every week, yey !!!!!!!

My School Trip To Callendar House

On March the 4thMrs V our teacher took our class on a school trip to help us with our Victorian topic. I missed my main school trip because of a wedding. We went because we were doing a topic on the Victorians, anyway here is a short report on what we did there. You should go, it’s reccomended  !!!!!

The Trip To Callender House

Our class got divided into 3 groups. I was hoping that I was in the same group as Jack. 5 mins later I was gobsmacked, Jack was in my team. We then obviously went partners on the bus. We listened to his ipod, played his PSP and also his DS. He is handy for his gaming. Soon we arrived and we we discussing what it will be like. I couldn’t decide if it would be fun or boring (If you read on you will see if it was boring or not) We went out and a Victorian lady called Marie and our teacher for the day Jennifer gave us a tour round.  


We were divided into 2 groups and the green group was split. But I was still with Jack D. We went to the kitchen and we made a Victorian meal. (By the way we made Snow Cheese) I can also tell you that it smelt like Mini Chedars  and it tasted very sweet. As it was sweet it  was quite sickly so I couldn’t finish it. It was okay but not the best. Then Jennifer told us and also asked us what we knew about Victorian common kitchen items. 

Laundrury  room    

In the laundry room wee went in and I saw loads of cleaning tools. I enjoyed plunging the clothes with Jack D ,Jade S and Charlotte M. We then got to feel the clothes the the posce and rich would wear. Then we each got a tool and they gave me Jack D and Jade S a strange and the hardest too. It was to help clean buttons

If You Read it and never scanned through it you would know that I enjoyed Callender House. The best and only P6V trip for me.


WONDER ???                                                                                                                                                                            

The Basics Of Geography

This is a Powerpoint on Geography

Click on the link to see it !!!!!

Geography powerpoint


Awwwwwww !!!!  On Sunday the 23rd of Febuary 2011, I was happily playing with my sisters birthday balloons and then I went to rum upstairs to tell my mum something but then …

I missed he step then I landed on my ancle. I couldn’t move it at the time. I was lying in pain and then I had to rest it 🙁


The next day I got up and still couln’t walk farless run so my mum made a decision that I’d be able to stay of school. Now I don’t know what to do.  I wish I’d not injured myself and want to go to school but I can’t. I may not be able to go to football training on Monday

Award Ceremony

Last Thursday I thought our class could have an award ceremony. I asked Jack D if he’d like to host it with me, he obviously said “yes”. Jack reminded me that you can make certificates on DLTK (Which in our school I descovered first and which we used I Computer Club. So on Saturday Jack kindly offered to take me to the football. In his car we had a discussion about it. Ad then at night I saw that he was on Facebook so I told him the award and he said who’d achieve it. After he named one I would jott it down in my Pukka Pad. On Sunday I made them and will Bring in On Monday


To Be Continued

My 8 Days Of School


On Monday when I Heard school was of I played my Wii with my sister for hours. (My mum got off work because we were off and too much would be in her shop) Soon after lunch my sister asked my mum if we could go outside. “Yes!” What a great Idea, she answered. I zoomed upstairs and got into some suitable clothes. So did my sister. When we got out in the snow I tried to make a snowman but an unsuccessful one it turned out to be. Next we chucked some snow from the back garden. We turned them into snowballs. (I sort of cheated because I used the icy bits from my mum’s car) My sister said that I should go to the Olympics and do a snow event, I soon said “Here’s a cheat use the cars icy snow! When we came in we watched some Television. Not much more to report on



 My mum couldn’t make it to her work because the snows the heaviest of the week. My sister kept nagging me to play the Wii. Soon she talked me into it. Again we played it for hours and we also played in the snow. Me and my sister Molly ran to our local tunnel and it was icy and awesome. There were icicles on the top. Soon we returned home soaking cold and also covered in snow. About 30 minutes after my mum played Buzz the sports quiz. Unfortunately my mum won I came second and finally my sister in last. Me and my sister had a sleepover.



My mum woke me and my sister up early to go to her work. We had to rush by get ready quickly. At my mum’s work I got breakfast. We brought a game along but my sister is such a bad loser she made us to put it away. We got to pick some sweets for out sweet tub at home. I picked 3/10 of mints and chewing gum for my mint bags. Right after my mums work I went to the Co-Op in Carron for some bits and bobs. Getting out of the car park was a problem. We had to get shovelled out. As it was the first of December I put up all my Christmas stuff. I forgot to mention that my grandma dropped my advent calendar off in my mums shop. I ate my number one chocolate whenever I got it. My sister was nagging my mum about putting the Christmas stuff up. We had to wait until my dad returned from work at 2 to put the tree up. I let my dad have a cup of tea and then he got the tree. We put the tree up and put candy canes and lots of decorations for the tree. I have a mini tree and decorations. I scattered mine on my floor because I put all my old Christmas pictures up. Because I want a PS3 for Christmas I took my PS2 out my playroom into my bed just encase I get a PS3. We wrote our Christmas lists but forgot to send them. Is soon put my own tree up and put my decorations on the tree. I nicked all the orange and lime green candy canes as Orange is my favourite and also Lime Green my second favourite. Me and my sister had another sleepover and had one the rest of the week.



Unfortunately I had to go to my mums work. I never brought anything with me as I was supposed to. When we got home I played football training with my sister. (WEIRD !!!! but fun) For dinner I had pepperoni pizza as it’s the only pizza I like. After Dinner I wathed Don’t Forget Those Lyrics



You know what I am going to say. I went to my mums shop, there’s a surprise. Me and my mum popped over from her work to go to Farmfoods. As I haven’t mentioned yet my mum works at Charlie Sismans, that’s my granddads shop. After that I went home to play my Wii.



I heard rumours that the Falkirk FC VS Raith Rovers game was on but no it was off. At 3 I watched Satanta Sports. After my scrumptious dinner I watched Don’t Forget Those Lyrics on Sky 3. After that came Harry Hill the 6th Funniest comedian around, well according to me. Finally the X Factor Semi – Final, it was great.



Great, another day off, nothing to do, boo hoo


                The Second Monday

Yippee, I got a  long lie until 11 : 30 am. I woke up and a disaster had happened. The M8 in Glasgow was shut and my mum ran out of papers. That day me my sister and my mum played MarioKart Wii. I won every time he he he


            The Second Tuesday

I had to go to my mums work again boo hoo. Home time eventually came. my sister seen little cuddly to, she named it Tootzy. She cried for it bud never got it.


            The Final Day

I can only report that I went to my mums work and heard we were going back to school.

Me And My Ambitions

                                    Being A Geographer

My main ambition is to be a famous Geographer. I know what it takes and what to do. I would need to take Art, Geography. You may even need way more. Being a Geographer is a dream come true to me.

                                            A Scientist

My second ambition is to be a super talented scientist. I would need to take Science, Chemistry, Biology and other types of science

                                 A Footballer

My final ambition is to be a famous footballer and play with Barcelona and Scotland. Then play with my favourite English team Aston Villa. I want to be the best player in the world and win Scotland the World Cup in 2022 in Qatar


                 A Reminder Of My Ambitions 

  3rd    .   A famous Footballer


2nd .  A Scientist


1st . A Geographer

Going To The High School

At 7 : 00 a school play starts, my cousin Dionne H will be in it 🙂 The play is called Summer Holiday from the 60’s. The person who played Clyff Richards was excellent. At the start they sung quite a few songs.

To Be Continued …


I love monitoring, and I always get the same class, P2C. I know all their names and they know mine. I love monitoring that class because they are usually as quiet as mice. They watch a DVD most of the time. I bring different people each time. That’s because I get to choose, Cameron L my original monitor quit. Now I have take, Andrew F, Garry C, Dylan M, Charlotte M, Kyle W, Ryan L and Elisha D. I hope to get that class next monitoring time o:)

The Computer Club

Every Wednesday me and 13 other P6V children go to the computer suite to help the P3’s and P4’s. I got a girl or as Jennifer calls them dudette :'(

The first Wednesday :

At 12 : 10 we went for lunch early and to eat quickly. I sat next to my friends Jack D and also Andrew F. Ten minuets later I was first to finish and went to the computter suite. At about 12 : 30 the teachers and students came and told us what to do. Soon they chose who I went with, I got a girl called Aimme :'( I soon got used to her and started to like her 🙂 She picked up everything as quick as you can say hi. She is probrably as smart as me now.  

The next wednesday :

At the same time as last week I went for my lunch, we had to still eat quick. I sat next too my sister Molly G and her friends Rachel L, Taliah L, Catlin W, Uzair K, Jenna B, Rebecca G, Rebecca K, Sophie J and also Elizibeth M. Soon I was off the bench, I got shoved off by Rachel L and my sister. A little while after I said goodbye and headed off to the computer suite. I got the same person as last week but this week we got much more done. We made a 3 page Comic Life. It was totaly AWESOME !!!!!! As it came to a close I got terrabley disapointed and can’t wait untill next week.

The Third Wednesday :

To Be Continued when happened

An Acrostic Poem About To Convinse People About Geography

Great to study

Enviromental focused

Obviously needs to be known

Good to be a part off

Really boring to people

Absolutley recomended !!!

Please try it

Have Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You better try it

My Space Project

Asteroids And Comets :-

On 2nd of March 2009 the 2009DD45 was 40,000 (forty thousand) miles away from Earth. This was expected to be an Asteroid or a Comet. It seems far but in space  a fingernail away.  Asteroids and Comets are similar. Comets are really cold ice and Asteroids are very hot . An Asteroid is 5 times hotter than the suns surface. An asteroid is expected to hit earth in 2029, 18 of May. Weirdly one of the biggest possibilities of the dinosaurs being extict was an Asteroid hitting them. An Asteroid is a big fireball. It has to be over 30 meters to be an Asteroid. So if a 29 meter Asteroid said he is an Asteroid he is wrong. The biggest recorded Asteroid is around 129 meters. A comet has not exactly really hit earth. If it did it would freeze anything nearby. Basically if you are within 100 meters of a Comet you are frozen. Nowadays Asteroids are used in television series’s like Tom + Jerry and also Scooby – Doo. On Tom and Jerry an Astrenoid hits Earth and has Aliens. 

Basic Facts :

1. The biggest star is the Sun !

2. Pluto is no longer a planed as it melted !

3. So there are actually 7 planets



Blogging Lottery For Star Blogger Of The Week

If you have time be sure too check my blog and every Saturday at 8:55. I will hold a lottery. Choose a number 1 – 40. You can vote and you could become Star Blogger Of The Week

I’m Sorry….

I’m sorry I’ve not been bloging lately. Ive been so busy Geography studying ,football and school.

But now I’m back and better than ever !!!

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