Update and Quiz..

Update- Heey!!!! so right now it is 16:21 friday! ok soo!! I had school today, yep we moved seats ūüôĀ


please post your answers in comments!! ūüôā

1). Whats my name?

  • Emma
  • Sarah
  • Jaimey

2). Whats my fave colour?

  • pink
  • orange
  • Idk..

3). whats my sisters name?

  • Lucy
  • Anna
  • Carys

4). whats my lucky number?

  • 102
  • 82
  • 6

5). whats my fave band EVER!?!

  • Kings of leon
  • Paramore
  • The Wanted

Ok so thats all i can think of soo…..i’ll post later! xxxxxxx ūüėõ

is sorry :\

OK…I’m really really really sorry i have not posted in ages!!!!!! :\ I’ve been soo busy lately with my school work and my guitar playimg because i really want to get good at it!!!! I’ve grown an addiction to facebook!!! I feel really really bad cos im on that 24/7!!! i pinky promise i will post more often!!!

new blog!!!!

I just made a new blog

link: jaimeyp.edublogs.org

make sure to comment


Ok, every¬†Tuesday¬†I¬†go to guitar lessons, for 30¬†minuets. My teacher is called Pete. there is 3 people in my class¬†Keith, Sam and Me, well 4 Pete. I’ve been going for 2 years now! I know nearly all the chords. Next week im going to learn Radioactive by Kings of¬†Leon!¬†I cant wait for next week!





Just a short or long update on whats happening!!!

So im at my gran’s house! Just went in the shower! My cousin Lucy is away to glasgow to¬† audition for this show or something!¬†My Gran cousin Ben and sister Carys are planning to get a BUS and go up the town!!! I dont want to got beacause¬†I HATE BUSES!!!

Ok sooo i need people to help me!! i never know what to post about! comment what i should post about i can be any thing in the world!!!!!




this is my weemee i dont know how to get it at the side like everyone elses


So you may have seen X Factor last night and the night before! I an so so so happy One direction went through! And i love Cher Lloyd! I’m sad that F.Y.D went out because I liked them Wagner should of went! DIVA FEVER are¬†hilarious! when they like took of there trousers my sister was like hahaha! YEH not that funny!

Ok moving 0n my dads coming home today! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! I’ve not seen him in.. 2 week but thats ok because before he was away for 8 weeks! OMG oh oh oh oh oh oh OMG! But hes only coming home for a week! AW!

ok i need to go

bye bye!


xx ūüėõ


I just made a dailybooth account, and i have no idea how to work it!!!!¬†POINTLESS!!!!!!!! Anyway if any of you have a dailybooth and know how to work it plz tell me!! Well i got a profile picture up! Thats good enough! lol! :P!!! I realy want a facebook! Im gonna¬†persuade my mum but its pointless cos ive asked her a million times! Well i wouldn’t blame her i hog the laptop enough, we had to get another one. Well its an ipad! OMG you cant talk to a cat and it talks back! OH im sad talkin to a virtual cat!!!! Anyway I cant use it cos my dad took it to sweden with him (hes workin there) i miss him ūüôĀ ¬†Anyway i just went totally of subject, so if you have dailybooth ¬†plz tell me how to use it! ūüėõ


I just went for dinner to Kincardine Way, with my mum, sister, auntie, and two cousins Anna and Amy. For dinner i had a bqq chicken baguette and Irn Bru them for pugging i had a chocolate brownie but it was horrible so i gave it to my sister and it was gone in seconds!! Now I am in my house on the computer my cousin Amy is sitting next to me looking fascinated because letters come up on the screen( shes only 4) lol. My sister and Anna are up the stairs playing a load of rubbish! lol and my mum and auntie are in the kitchen talking!!:P

Next door are having a party! they are so loud and i have music full blast!:P

my official top 40! :P

ok no ones made a comment but i had a great idea! Just wait and see lol! ūüėõ

40. somebody to love-justin bieber ( i just need somebody 2 love!)

39. acapella-kelis ( da da da da da da i dont know the words! PML)

38. airplanes-B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams (from paramore) ( i could use a dream or a genie or a wish(rap)( lol)

37. alejandro-lady gaga ūüėõ (dont call my name dont call my name alejandro)

36. i see you, you see me- the magic numbers ( love that song) (cos darlin when i see u i see me)

35. 5 rebeccas-the view

34. shock horror-the view ( just a little bot o shock shock horror)

33. the bucket-KoL ( kings of leon remember that)

32. don’t trust me-3oh!3 (303)( black dress wiv da tights under neath, i got da breath of da last¬†cigarette¬†on ma teeth)

31. sex on fire-KoL (woah ah oh your sex is on fire)

30. use sombody-KoL ( dont ya know that i could use somebody)

29. green light-roll deep ( you all ready gave me da green light baby

28. yore not alone- tinchy stryder ( you rnot alone im here till the end of time)

27. same jeans-the view (ive had da same jeans on for 4 days now im gonna go to a disco in da middle of town)

26. tik tok-ke$he ( tik tok on da clock dj blow ma spekers up)

25. take it off-ke$ha ( there a place down town where the freaks all come around it a hole in the wall its a dirty free 4 all)

24. kiss’n’tell-ke$ha ( kiss and tell, yeh u really should of kept it in ur pants hearin dirty stories from your friends)

23. all night long-alexandra burke ft. pitbull ( all night long so tell the dj play it)

22. all the lovers-kylie minogue (all the lovers they dont compare to you)

21. anmal-ke$ha ( this is our planet so this is you chance cos the world is spinning at the speed of life)

20. dont stop me now-queen ( dont stop me now i havin such a good time im havin a ball!)

19. dakota- steriophonics ( u made me feel like the one)

18. blah blah blah- Ke$ha ( blah blah blah talk talk talkin like blah blah blah not in the back o ma car car car)

17. california gurls-katy perry (california gurl were undeniable daisy dukes bikinis on top)

16.  club cant handle me!-flo ride ft.david guetta  ( u know i know how to make em stop and stare as i zone out)

15. kickstarts-example ( and the love kickstarts again, starts again, its the same old u the same old me)

14. missing you-the saturdays ( i miss missing u some times i miss hurting u till u cry)

13. on a mission-gabriella cilimi ( i am a woman on a mission)

12. do you remember- jay sean ( do u rememder do u remember do u remember all of the times we had)

11. up- the saturdays ( i only go up  up up)

Now for the top 10! lol ūüėõ

10. please dont let me go-olly murs ( oh baby please dont let me go oh baby plz dont me go oh baby no no no no)

9. looking up-paramore (things are looking up oh finaly, i tought id never see the day when u smiled at me)

8.teenage dream-katy perry (u think im pretty without any make up on u think in funny when i get the punch line wrong)

7. decode- paramore (how can i decide whats right when ur clouding up my mind i cant win ur losing fights all the time)

6.higher- the saturdays ( so when i speak listen this is my decision, and u keep on messin up da words oh oh oh)

and the final 5! ūüėõ

5.ignorance-paramore ( u treat me just like another stranger well its nice to meet u sir i guess ill got ill best b on ma way out)

4.start without u- alexandre burke

3.all i wanted- paramore ( all i wanted was u, all i wanted was u)

2. brick by boring brick- paramore ( so go get ur shovel and well dig a deep hole 2 bury the castle bury the castle)

DRUM ROLL!………………………………………………………:p………………………


ok so that was my top 40 make ur own comment to tell me and ill comment to u! lol ūüėõ


x ūüėõ x

request! :P

hey! Ok i¬†usually¬†don’t¬†know what to post so i decide to ask if you could request what i should post about.

For example you could comment: i really like football what do you know about football?                                                                        Then i would make a post about football

I thought this would be good for other people to response to what i have posted or and more in a comment!



x ūüėõ x

homework! :P

In primary 7 we get loads of homework! Like learning logs every week with 2 full pages! We also get maths homework every week this week we had to do long multiplication! URG! :P, and we get spelling home work every week but that is easy!

It takes a long time (1-2 hours), but i get through it!! L0L

This week we are getting another learning log wish me luck!!

make a comment of what home work you get!


x ūüėõ x

about me!!

hey again!

about me..


hobbies: blogging. playing guitar, listening to music all day,

friends: Emma, Caroline, Rachel, Sam, Marc,  Jack, Kyle and Ronald.

primary: 7


fave band: paramore duh’

fave song: where the lines over lap by paramore duh’

ok so that pretty much it as you can tell im quite boring!

and i <3 rock music




hey!! Welcome :P

Hey, my names Jaimey, and this is my new glow blog! I’m so thankful to have one! I really enjoy reading everyone¬†else’s¬†glow blogs. I have another blog. Ok i have to go but i will be back!




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