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Holiday Arrangements

Hi , on all of these eight weeks I will be at my mum’s for three weeks  then at my dads, at my mums , I will be having one week chilling , and lying around , watching TV (yes!!) and the second week will be holiday time! on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday i will be going to Hangers-on castle , and on Thursday , Friday and Saturday i will be at seat and sands (the holiday place) and then on Sunday I will have some rest. On the last week , weekdays I will be doing nothing, but on the week end me and my best friend (Molly H) will be coming with me to seat and sands , and also my dog Ben will be coming too.

Dad oh dad…

Today I was making a whole big square of   hama beads , i had finaly finished it ,  and it took ages! , bacause I never put any of two colours next , above or under neath  , so it took really long , just as I was about to put it on the hama beads box…”ACHOOOOO!!!” screamed my dad , and not one hamma bead was still on the template , my dad was laughing his head off  (and I was NOT too happy…) my dad said “sorry” but he still could not stop laughing  , but after a good ten minuates , i satrted to laugh , but by the time I started laughing ,  dad would not laugh , because he had to re-do it all!! , while he was re-doing it i had cake , and he is still doing it now!!  haha , that tought him…but beetween you and me , the next time he has coffe i will sout “ACHOOOO!!” and that will teach him , hahahahaha , hope you enjoed , good bye ( I  will tell you more when I get revange!!!) bye!!


click here to see my hamster…cartoonerized!

the unsespected

At School today we went outside to play before we went home and there were two swans in the sky then Anthany threw his roket and it hit one of them and that is when we found out they were in the sky then they both landed and one spread its wings and it was Magnifacent then it landed we were all screaming like it was going to attac us or somehting we all ran rappidly to the door and when half of us went in the door closed wich ment some of us were stuck outside and it was horofying! we aventually got in and then when we got in everyone wanted to see them and my seat was right next to the window, so i was getting pushed and shoved and i never really saw them but is was really Beatifull but really scary at the same time. the giniter had to go out and feed them to calm them down and we aventually got out school i wish my mum and dad could fo seen them (my stepdad and my papa picked me up) i dont think i will se anything like thast ever agein!

My snow experiment

Hi,today me and my dad wanted to find out how much snow fell in the last 10 hours,so we got a plate and put it outside,we started at 11:00 am and finished at 9:00 pm,but it only snowed untill mid-afternoon 🙁

1.this is the plate that we were using,it was really cold out there and everyone asks if i want to play outside no chanse! i usualy go on msn! you can still talk with out going out side,herd of it (joke), any way that is the plate we were using.





2.That is when we brought it in it was really cold!,so my dad went out to get it,because men should suffer (joke),anyway you should of felt it,i thought my dads fingers would of been numb!





3After that my dad Mesuared it with my sweet,not i cant eat it cause it is too cold but i can not cause i left it near the fire 🙂 (joke) it was something to do….and it was fun!





4That is how much snow fell!,and there was ice under it so it was more than that! so that is the size of a lid!,even more!,but thanks to dad for helping!………………..






5 if you look under the plate you will see that all of the snow has froze on it! that is how cold it is!it is that cold that dad had to borrow grans car because the pipes in his car have nearly frozen up!


 6.After that we had to clean the plate with hot water…..and it worked! (as you can see)we had to wash it in the sink because……well i felt like it! (in the bathroom)


7.And we could never forget Nut’s!,we took him out of his cage a i held him,we have loads of pics of him but this is the only one that he haslooked at the camera,cause it is so cute!






Hi,yesterday,the 26th of November,i went to see ponochio,if molly is reading please leave the room!

Iwent to see ponochio and it was awesome! there was the same people as last year,but this was better!,i am not going to tell you about it to much because you need to go!,it as at the Dobby Hall and you can go to the steeple to get the tickets

in the play there was snow in it! and when i fineshed it started to snow outside!,it was even better because we had to walk home!,it wasn’t really cold though,on the way home we got a chippy,then went home,it was the best day ever!


Hi guys!, i am going to tell you about nuts,up to mischive!

When my brother ,jamie, came to our house and we were holding him,then, when jamie sat down and he put him on his leg,he went on the floor,then we thought that it would be ok but, and there is a big but!,he (Nuts) ran so fast and we had to catch him and it was soo funny but we got him at the end!, we were soo lucky!

bst post of the week!

hi guys and welcome tho the bestpost of the week!Click HERE to see the winners blog!

the winner is natash with her post obout her operation once ahein!,2 times in arow!,she had a whopping………….16 comments!,well done natasha!


Hi guys,i am here to talk to you about my hamster!

Today my hamster was in bed then i thought i would feed him and when i did he came out of the cage (and the cage was on a table in the hall),and he (nuts,thats his name now!),nearly fell of the table,and i finaly cought him!………but,when i held him he jumped right out of my hand!,then i leaned on the side of the table so he wouldnt fall of and he cepy on squeesing and digging into me so he could go on the floor!…………but,i got him agein,yay!,then i put him in the cage safly!

After all of that,he tred to get into his house,and when he tred to get in his pouch was to big! so his face got stuck! so he finally got his face out but he couldnt get in so…..he lefted the house lid (well,not lifted but he got it open) then i shutted on him when he got in!………..nuts,oh,nuts!

The take-over (dun dun dun!)

Hi guy’s!,Today’s shoking news (dong!) Natasha M has token over the best post of the week!,i repeat!,Natasha M has token over the best post of the week compotition!,Click HERE to see it!,it is her post about her operation!,i am sorry Lewis C for the take-over ,bye!

My class

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The best post of the week

Hello!,welcome back to the best post of the week!,HERE is a link to the winner’s blog,The winner ia Lewis with his post about Admivore,with an aoustonishing,7 comments! he was tied with sean but he had more in his post!,sorry sean, the finalests were Brooke,Anna,Lucy N,sean Lewis,natasha,Ryan R and Mason,they wer eall great this week so it was hard,but only one person could of won sorry everyone!


I would like to dedicate this post to Anna F ,because she is frog mad ansd she has a frog school bag,a frog pencilcase,a frog packed lunck and a frog room,who know’s whats next,oh!, and she has done her personal project on it two!,She’ll probarly get a frog one day!,god bless her and the frogs! 😀

My top five

5.waving flag

4.enne meeni

3.Beat agein

2.Fight for this love

1.Calafornya Gurls

the best post of the week!

This is a link to the winners blog  Press HERE to see it

The winner is sean, with his awesome post about foot ball!,can anyone beat him?,i guess you will have to find out next week!

My Hamster Voki

[kml_flashembed movie="http://vhss-d.oddcast.com/vhss_editors/voki_player.swf?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fvhss-d.oddcast.com%2Fphp%2Fvhss_editors%2Fgetvoki%2Fchsm%3D3f3f613699eb949c0a8b27ff75e80db5%26sc%3D2983511" width="200" height="267" allowfullscreen="true" /]

Molly-click here

Lucy-Click here

my dog’s

This is ben!,i took this photo!,i gave him food  and after he ate it he liked his lips and i got it ha ha!,anyway,he is 2 and he is 3 on the 11th of december!,how cute!, and he is very jumpy! 🙂





this is tobby,he always leans on me and it is so funny,he is 9 years old and he is 10 on the 23rd on november his furr is very soft! 🙂





Halloween jokes

Hey guy’s,and girls happy halloween!,I thougt what is better than a halloween post?,Two halloween posts! ha ha!

what did the ghost say to the other ghost? get a life dude!,ha ha!

What tipe of witch can you eat?,a sand-witch,ha ha ha ha ha boom boom!

What’s a mummies favaroite type of misic,Wrap!#

What tops of a ghosts ice cream?, Whipped scream!

What did the dracula say after reading all of these jokes?, They suck!


Hey guy’s!,Now since i got a new hamter i still have to think of a name but i still dont know his full personality right now but this is what i know about him already!

My hamster is a boy and he loves to run!,He is so funny because when i was at Brownies and my dad was going to check on ??? (??? meanes his name but i dont know his name yet!) He heard the door chap and it was my dad’s friend so he went out to the garage,When he picked me up i went to chek on him and…. nearly all of his food was inside the hamster tube!,he done it all in one hour! it’sreally funny because he dosent know that we can see it because the tube is clear!,ha ha!,he also has to have all of his stuff in the right place! and he also moves arouned alot because when he was serposed to be sleeping he was sleeping on the second floor (There are 3 floor’s,top floor,bottom floor and second floor!) Then the bottom floor then the second floor then the bottom floor then the top floor then inside the tube!



2.Mr messy

3.Mr fussy

4. fidget (ha ha!)

Please leave a comment to telll me some good names for what he is like!

Good news and bad news…

                         Bad news

Today,my hamster died,i know i’ve only had him for 1 week and a bit but it is because he had a bad disease,i dont know what it was but i was just going to take him ti the vet,and my dad was going to put him in the hamster ball then he found out that he was….I was crying at first but im O.K now!

                    Good news

as soon as my dad found out he quikly finished his parsels (he works for DHL) and he went to pets at home in falkirk but i really diddn’t want to go there because we got sock’s there (my hamster,it sound weird right!) so my dad had a quik look and then he asked the man if there was one in Stirling and he said yes. So dad drove all the way to Stirling and when we got there we had a look at the hamster bit and we saw one i liked but i wanted a boy one and that one was a girl so i got a golden hamster and i dont know what to call him yet,but if molly had a hamster mine could be called mario and if molly gets a girl it can be called peach,but if it is a boy she can call it luigi!

                              i do miss sock’s but i try not to think about it,but since this is my diary thingy i decided to tell you all,i cant keep it to myself,that would just make me sad :(,i miss him!

The early birthday present (Very early!)

Hi dudes,how you doodeley doing?,anyway,guess what i got……………..a hamster!,i got it on the 20 of october and my birthday is on the 11 of Dacember!,the reason i got it really early is that i was despret for a black one,and black ones are really rare,so,My dad had a look when i was at school and he saw a black one,so,he took me to tesco to make it look like we were shopping (we were really!) then my dad took me into pets at home!,i never knew that i was getting it,so i got a really good surprise! He got it all boxed up and We got the cage and the cage is blue because it is a boy hamster and it has a hamster wheel in it and it is extreamley annoying when it is playing on it!, we got a little ball so he coald run around and we knew that it wont run away or hide! i am thinking of calling it sock’s because his feet are peach and the rest is black,i would of calen it boot’s but it’s a boy!,Thats his name for now,sock’s!

Today i wokeup and it was in it’s bed all day!, i know it sleep’s all day but he diddn’t get up ti’ll 8:00!,we thought we would put it in its bowl but before that all happenedwe got little thing’s for him. we got a little mniture teddy at pets at home and there is a big space behind his ladders so we got him a small play house, and it fits perfecly!,then we got back the we got him up at 8,i know you are not seposed to wake him but we did because his face got stuck in the hole for him to get out,ha ha,then we tok him out and put him in his hamster ball and let him wander round the house and while he was doing that he put in the new teddy ( wich he sleeps with now!),his small play house and lastly his new be (That he can get in and out!)

After that we put him on this stand that came with the ball so when he was trying to run he wasn’t going anyware,a bit like the wheel but in a ball,after that a started to hold him and he is so gentle,he wouln’t hurt a fly,h did poop on my hand twice but it’s harmless! Sock’s is so cool!


Hi guys,Imight be getting a hamster for my birthday and i was thinking of calling it peanut,or,Coconut,or biscuet or………Well theres loads but the are my three favaroite!

It might look like this

well,i have no idear what it will look like,All i know is that it is a syrian Hamster and i am getting it at PETS AT HOME  and i am getting it on my Birthday,do you have a hamster? if you do can you please give me some tips! dont tell me that you have to leave it alond for 2 days then talk to it quietly then start to put you’re hand in the cage because i already know! Please give me some tips!





Me and molly are having a super-dooper sleep over at my hose and i cant wait i thought that i would wright about it because……well,my blog is like my diary!


Hi guys,So it is nearly Halloween so i thought i would bring the spirit to carronshore!
Do You Like Halloween or do you hate it leave comments telling me if you do or not and why! and on halloween,i will count them all and the i will tell you who the winners are and i will read out all of you’re names!


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