Hey there

Oh yeah it’s been like a month, but thats still better than the usual year. Well the reason I’m on this is because me and Abbie are at ICT and are bored out our trees so yeah hi. and also Abbie says hi cause she cant log in xxx


It’s been like a centry since I was last on this so I thought I’d just say Hi! I’ve got loads of comments for starnge randomers but yeah thanks for commeting on my blog, which is exremtly boring might i add, I mean I was just reading through some of my stuff I wrote and I’m like “Why did I write that!?” or “Omg that’s boring, why did i write a full post on that!” I know, I know! So yeah I’ll say hi again in like a year probs because I’ll have forgotten about that and then be like oh i rember that! bye

12 DAYS!

Ok I’m so excited for Xmas. The beginning of this year has flew by! I’m so excited for what lies a head in p7  like topics,(A.K.A World war 2) our new subjects and other stuff. We’re learning about Natural Disasters right now you know like Tsunamis, Tornadoes and Volcanoes. Oh yeah my mums out the house so I’m with my big brother and his best friend and we’re playing with the presents underneath the tree, because in our house NOBODY’S aloud to touch the presents apart from mum. I don’t know why but if we at least touch them then we get a row. Although now mums out we can play with for a bit not long though because she’s just round at the corner shop! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

32 DAYS LEFT!! (i think)

Sappnen ma peeps? yeah ok I think don’t quote me on this but I think it’s 32 days till Xmas. I’ve just fallen off my chair with my cair in I.C.T and now my tail bone is in aggony. we’ve got to leave talk to yous later on bye.


So yeah I’m in P7 now. It’s good fun but we have to do a lot of work for the high school. Art club is still going and it’s great fun. Last Tuesday I got 2 gerbils. One bit me today it was mums one and it’s a little CRAZY!!! It climbs along the cage (which is normal) but it’s so fast and it always doing something. I know this is short but I’ll write when something exciting happens I promise. 🙂

Last day of school

Today was the second last day of school. Mrs U taught me how to make these awesome friendships bracelets because we only know how to pleat (braid) twist it  or finger knit a loop so now I can make proper friendship bracelets. We (Me,Chloe,Aleena,Max,Ross and some others) started up a stall selling bracelets, Necklaces, anklets, keyring, rings and some other things too. They weren’t any more than 5p but the special edition bracelets, hippie band and hair band were 10 pence. We put the money together from Olivia, Aimee,Ellie Owen b and Blair’s  stall that was making bracelets as well and sent it away for the African children in Sierra Leone. I don’t really know how much money there was together at the end.
I’m quite excited for p7. Our new teacher is Mrs.R which means we’re leaving Mrs.V 🙁 🙁 🙁      I’m excited for visiting the high school because it’s probably changed from the last time Frazer was there which was 2 years ago.

Worst Week Ever

For a week I’ve been ill. I went to school on Tuesday because I felt all right but when I got home I was sick again. Now it’s Sunday and I’m so bored my throats really red, my ears are sore (I’m practically deaf), I’m sleeping for hours on end which I never do and I’ve got  constant migraines. I’ve not ate any thing for 4 day a part from water (but that’s not eating) and half a yoghurt but I’m not even hungry.
Then yesterday my mum made me go to my second cousin’s 40th birthday party ( who I dislike). She has three children the oldest is Rebecca (she 16 or 17) Then there’s Alan ( he totally Emo) Then there’s Chloe ( she a few months younger than me). I dislike her soooooo much.
P.S I dislike Chloe my COUSIN. Not my friend.

3 things to tell you

1.Tomorrow I’m having the whole day of school because the Olympic Flame. My mum is taking me to the watch it go by. I’m really excited.
2.Me and Frazer have just finished eating a 16 inch pizza by our self and we left 4 slices and Frazer said he’ll have them for his supper.
3.OK it’s been three months since Frank (my step dad) died so I thought I’d tell you. Erm well it happened 5 days before my birthday and that was about three months ago but theres not really much more to say about it so bye.

In the computer

Chloe is talking to me about the song that’s stuck in her head its “Your Song” … and I’ve got “Our song” stuck in my head because she had a similar song in her head. Which has got this old song out of my head.

The Park

Aleena also did a post on this check this out. We wrote this post together. On Friday we (Me, Chloe, Aleena and Faiza) went to Burnside park.When we  were there we played with Vania, melissa and Owen B. After a while Vania had to go home so we played football, all the girls against Owen B. It ended up 1-1. Like 45 mins later Ross, Ellie, Hannah, Aimee, Adamw and some folk from next doors class came. Then  we span Owen B and Ross in the bowl thing and Owen B had to go home because he felt sick. Then after a while Jake and Owen L came. We spun Owen L and Ross in the bowl. When they came out they walked as if they were teenagers that had got drunk in the park.LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Later on we went to Gairdoch Park and it was boring so we went home.

Friday and Saturday

On Friday I went to Aleena’s house and managed to get her new pet mouse on my hand some how (it’s soooooooooooo cute!!!) then we threw a ball into the neighbours garden. Luckily they had gone out for the weekend so we creeped inside and then played on their massive trampoline, but then we had to come out and we grabbed the water guns and started squirting each other. I had two small ones, Aleena had a big one and Faiza had a big one. We ran to where Aleena’s brother was playing with his friends and soaked them and then I had to go home.
Saturday: So yesterday I put up a tent, without anyone helping me (that was really because no-one could put it up) in the front garden then I had to move it and put it out the back garden. I slept in it with the dogs but even the slightest sound made them bark. Once I had eventually got to sleep Frazer crept inside and scared me. Earlier on me and mum started to talk about Phonetic Alphabet. I know every single one apart from M
Alpha , Bravo, Charlie,

Delta,Echo, FoxTrot,







If you know m please tell me I think it’s mike but I’m not sure.What your fave mines is Delta, Sierra, Lima, India and Foxtrot

Tkd and a little info on Frazer

When I was at tkd last night we did some racing to warm up. Ok my mums making me listen to this song called Whistle by flo rida but let me carry on with my story, so I was partners with Aleena and the first race we both had to sit down with our legs crossed, one of us (me) had to sit against the wall, and the other had to sit about a meter in front of us.Then when MB, (He’s my trainer but I don’t want to say his name) shouted we had to dive up and catch our partner, then we changed over. I never caught Aleena on the first round because someone sat on my suite but she caught me. The second time we had to lie on our tummies and then when MB shouts get up and do the same but I just missed her and then she just missed me. The third round we lay down on our tummies then MB shouted and we had to roll to the left and get up and that time I got Aleena, but when she had to catch me , as I was getting up I looked behind me and saw her just starting to get up so instead of running straight I ran in a zig zag so she couldn’t catch me.
When I got home Frazer showed me his gas mask and then he showed me how you put it on, but it would get caught in my hair so I wasn’t allowed to put it on. Then Skye (she the youngest of my dogs) started to bark at him with it on.
P.S Frazer left the Army because he went to an Army collage, which meant he had to do school work as well, and he hates and I mean hates school, so now he has joined the T.A. which stands for Territorial Army which is part time.

MarioKart 7

Today I’m going to get Mario Kart 7. It looks so koool. I can’t wait to get it with my birthday money. Later I’ll wright a review if I stop playing but that might be impossible because it looks so good.

Outside Activities-Art Club Part Two

I’m doing the post from my house so I cant use the photo but I thought I’d let you know how we made the 4 seasons picture so… we used felt for the autumn leaves and sewed gold thread to make the veins and the stick through the middle, then we used sequins and glitter glue.The next week we made the summer leaves which were a kind of martial I don’t know the name of but I sewed that and added nett, sequins,glitter glue and another thing I forgotten the name of. We split into small groups and we do different things. 1 small group made the blossom, some people made autumn leaves one week then green ones the next (that was me,Chloe and Aleena) and some made flowers.

Outside Skoool achivments

Taekwondo- Taekwondo is very important to me. One of my best pals is going for her black belt.I’m traveling all over the world to earn titles and maintain titles

Keyboard- DFor Xmas I got a keyboardmy mum is teaching me because she used to play the piano.

Inside Skoool Achivments

Art- Art Club has really boosted my confidence in art. It’s also showed me my limits in art, so hopefully I’ll challenge those limmits and see where I end up in a year or so. This is a picture called the four seasons copyright.


P.E- I’m not that confident in P.E.For some strange reason I can stand up in front of thousands and perform Taekwondo but not my class but lately I’ve felt very confident.

Talking out loud – Before I came to p6 I was very shy about speaking out loud but as seen as we do a lot of presentations I’m not as shy.


I feel like crying 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 The movie I’m desperate to see (SAFE) isn’t  out yet until the 4th of may:( 🙁 🙁 🙁 You see I’m the biggest Jason Statham fan EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve watched all his movie’s apart from Blitz but I’m gonna see that shortly and I really want to see the one that’s coming out (SAFE) coz it looks awesome and one of my fave movie’s is The Expendables and Jason Statham was in that and guess what… the second ones coming oot this year too!:) 🙂 🙂 but I’ll just have to wait for them to actually come out but I can’t wait. 🙁 🙁

My Awesome picture

First I don’t know if I spelt Awesome right coz I can’t remember and second I’ve not got a pic of my pic coz I left it in my hoose so noo I’m gonna go back hame then get the drawing and then bring it to skoool so you should have it by tomorow.Then You’ll see it. I looove it soo much and I’m pretty proud of it because I so intrested in art I drew the photo inside skoool but in my spare time. That’s why I go to art club well actually I was excepted into art club which meant I could do more art which made me want to go home and do crafts even more although I already did stuff at my hoose but you ken wit I mean.

P.S remember to look tomorow for the picture thanks!

Sorry :(

I know I haven’t been on for a while some folk know why but most don’t when I’m ready I’ll tell you what happened.Any way it was my birthday a few weeks ago I got a book about crystals ,  a book about angels, a book about spells (coz am into all that!) ,2 monster high doll outfits, jewellery a koool book mark, asuper cute wee teddy , a t-shirt,a monster high doll, perfume money and more.

Our experiment Colour Splash

Me, Chloe and Aleena are going to do an experiment and it’s called Colour Splash. Soon we will have a post all about it and how it works we are just away to research how it does work bye bye peeps. 🙂

OK I’m back we need…

  • 3 clear plastic cups
  • water
  • cooking oil
  • liquid food coloring
  • pencil
  • This is how colour splash works

  • Check with a grown-up before you begin.

  • Fill one cup about 2/3 full of water and another about 2/3 full of oil.

  • Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup. Leave space between the drops so they don’t touch. What happens?

  • Now fill the third cup about 2/3 full of water. Pour in enough cooking oil so it forms a thin layer on top of the water.

  • What do you think will happen if you add food coloring to this last cup? Make a prediction and then test it out.

  • Touch one of the drops of food coloring in the last cup with the tip of a pencil. What happens?

  • Here’s why this works. When you add food coloring to water, it mixes in. When you add food coloring to oil, it stays in a little ball and does not mix in. Why? Food coloring is mostly made of water, and water and oil don’t mix. Even if you stir them, the oil separates and forms a layer on top of the water. So when you add food coloring to the cup that has water and oil, each drop is coated with oil. That is why the drops sit in the oil layer. The oil is like a raft that helps the food coloring float. If you poke a drop with a pencil, the oil layer is broken. Then the food coloring mixes with the water and makes a cool design.

  • We got this from 


  • Aleena and chloe

    Aleena and chloe are my very close friends

    Leap year

    Today is a very special day it’s leap year. We won’t have another extra day for 4 year. So make the most of it people. I know what my dreams are for when I older. I want to pass all my exams get my degree in uniand work in the R.A.F as a soldier or a pilot. So see you later have a great special day!

    a holiday

    I went to the Canary Islands for a week. I came back yesterday at one in the morning. I had very good fun. One day I went inside these big blow up ball things and they pushed me on water and I had to run about on them like a hamster! LOL Then we had a Siamese cat that slept on our decking I called it Sydney Sonya Siamese. The pool was freezing one of the 2 coldest pools I ever been in and belive me it was as cold as Scotland!!!! There was a water park a attached to the pool. When we were about to get on the flight to come home and we had to come on this special life that was joined onto the plane and we were the only ones who used it then we came in after everyone. I had really good fun.

    My ancestors and family.

    Ok this is a bit random but I thought I would tell you about my ancestors and my family.
    Mum: fave colour green is always drinking tea (now this isn’t a joke she has about 20 cups a day!) and eats rice. (All my mum really lives on is rice, tea and cola.)
    Frazer: a pest, not the brightest but hilarious. Fave colour purple.
    Frank: fave colour black (not very bright) and sleeps
    So now you know about some main characters in my life now time to talk about my ancestors. Today I said my poem in front of everyone in the class. I said the Banks o’ Doon  the reason being is that the village the doon is in is the village my mum grew up in and her brother. My mums mum (my granny) was called Annabel MacDonald. Some people may have heard  this but if you haven’t then here. Age’s ago there was a family called MacDonald and a family called Campbell. The Campbell’s were sent by the king to kill the MacDonald family. So they pretended they were homeless and the MacDonald family let them in fed them watered them and cared for them. Until one horrible night when the Campbell’s murdered  the MacDonald’s whilst they were sleeping. One MacDonald escaped and went to Dalmelington. If you went into the house you would see the people lying in their beds. That was a true story so yes my ancestors were the MacDonald family. Well there you go. hope you had a good time.

    Aleena and Faiza

    Aleena and fizzy pop came over to my house last night. We played with my monster high dolls, I played my keyboard and I also watched corrie, EastEnders and emerdale. I had good fun.

    My New Suitcase

    Well I came home from skoool and I opened my room door then… suspense o sweet suspense…a new suitcase.It’s pretty obvious that it’s that because of the title.Anyway it’s for tkd comps and going on holiday.Not that I’m going any where just that it was at a good price.It’s one of the lightest things and they’re usually £40 or £45 well mines was £30! I found a padlock but it goes on as hand luggage on a plane but I can still use the padlock.There is also a thing where you hang a keyring.It’s only small for a keyring not the tags and they go on the handle. I tried to put a Winnie the pooh in a sun shine on it but the sunshine might slip off because you can take it off.So I ended up putting a white bear just a bit bigger than size of my palm wearing a tartan dress and a tartan bow with a diamond on her bow, ear and 3 on each of her front paws and 4 on each of her back paws on it. The last time I had a suitcase I was really young and I used to ALWAYS ALWAYS put my pink blanket and princess pillow for the plane.It was only small and it was forever friends. The bear was hugging a pink heart.All I need to do now is nip my mums head for a holiday!!!!:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D:D

    My Keyboard Book

    Yesterday my mum bought me and music book. It’s a part 2 book.Mum said she’ll buy the first one when it’s back in stock.The one I have is the only one I have. It comes with a cd and it teaches you nursery rhymes. There’s nursery rhymes I’ve never heard but who cares. When I opened it up I thought it would be hard but not as hard as it was but I did pick it up quickly.Do you play any instrument? You do leave a comment and tell me. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Back To skoool! :) And Frazer back to the Army:(

    There is a sad face because Frazer is back to the army 🙁 and a happy face because we’re going back to skoool 🙂 I wrote something down and my hand writing was better. It must have been because my hands got a rest 😀
    Frazer went away today.I got him a pot-noodle cup, a pot-noodle and a pot-noodle fork that when you press this button it spins round so you don’t even need to move the fork for Xmas 🙂 When we left Frazer found something lying on the floor and he said “Wait, why is this here! It’s a good that I found that. I would get charged £1,000 for that.” “How what is it?” I asked “It’s a piece off my brand new gas mask and I didn’t even bring it home!”

    Hurricane Anna

    I am stuck in the house looking out my window seeing my mum out the street trying to find our bin. Now she has came back inside. What’s been happening is a really bad storm worst than the last one. My mum knows a friend who owns a club and it’s alarm is going off because the roof is lifting up. We have two sheds our small one’s roof is lying in our neighbours garden. Our bin has flown up the street and our lights are twinkling like mad!!! It’s like a horror movie the hall lights have cut dead, bathroom, mums room and Frazer’s room all that’s left is my room which has just gone dark so now the only ones are the kitchen and the livingroom. Have a good day(!)

    The New Me

    Don’t worry I’ve not had surgery or anything like that! All that’s happened is I’ve changed my fave colour and stuff.
    My new fave colour: Purple
    My new fave day: Friday
    My new fave singer: Alicia Keys,Shakira
    My new fave food: Rice
    My new fave drink: Irn-bru
    My new fave best place to eat a part from my house: Aleena’s house! LOL

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